What is Dropshipping?

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. People have been warning for several years something like this will happen. It's a setup. It's not a deadly virus. Only people already seriously ill are in danger. Most people don't have any symptoms. Some have mild symptoms that last a day or two. The only danger is the lock down, closing factories and warehouses, lack of distribution. Artificially induced recession. Global economic reset.

  2. Media Stop this panic! Its your fault why the grocery stores are empty. Can't even watch the news anymore. U people have the ๐ŸŒŽ in panic mode.

  3. If you think trumpโ€™s dramatic realization in just 24 hours that coronavirus is now
    a real threat, donโ€™t be fooled. He knows heโ€™s gonna lose the election if the
    virus is not defeated by November, so heโ€™s just switched tactics to save his own
    bacon. Remember everything is always about himโ€”never you and I.

  4. I work in the food industry, I live in a hotel and pay by the day. Now they're closing restaurants around the country, smh. I'm doomed

  5. In Australia bus loads of Chinese from the cities are hitting small regional towns buying out stock. I think we need a good old boy out front with a double barrel.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5zJKZy-nGk In these dark days. a song to help brighten your day if you are in isolation, quarantine or facing this awful Corona Virus. Hope my song will make you smile. Loretta Kay Feld. Composer/Author/Playwright

  7. You guys know that Wuhan was Quarantined since January right? When a country makes the decision to quarantine a city of 11 million, you know this is serious. Also, fringe cases were reported around the world before February. It apparent that our current situation was coming for almost 2 months. WHO failed all of humanity. The leaders at WHO were too cowardly to declare this a global pandemic when it was still small. All the world governments responded swiftly as soon as that decision was made to declare the sars cov-19 a pandemic. WHO should have declared a global pandemic in early February. Now we're paying the price.

  8. Can't believe Trump allowed all those people to return from virus infested countries.
    Looking at the airports from yesterday Trump might need removed…..

  9. So how's everyone doing. Enjoying your Netflix yet๐Ÿค”. Its all good people Everything is fine. Just starve and then wonder around fighting for food. Everything is fine. Enjoy your NWO welcome to the 2020.
    Everything is fine. The WHO said no need to stop flights.
    Everything is fine. Its made in China so it's cheaper.
    Everything is fine.
    MAGA = Manufactured Aggressive Government Agencies.

  10. SHAHID Buttar WON 2nd place in San Francisco and will be in the running against Speaker Pelosi in November 2020.
    ๐Ÿ’™ #ShahidVsPelosi #Bernie2020 ๐Ÿ’™ #ShahidVsPelosi #Bernie2020 ๐Ÿ’™ #ShahidVsPelosi #Bernie2020 ๐Ÿ’™

  11. They gonna pay the people's house hold Bill's? No pay equals vacate, they should suspend all house hold Bill's, rent and mortgages

  12. If the test is done in all toll plaza's and just by scanning the person driver license( how much contamination it is to grab pin tye paper then address date of birth any medical issues to old method) for the adults it will help to be fast and also reduce the risk of the tester personal

  13. The president predicts… what a joke! His initial comments were so dismissive. Now heโ€™s making warning people…. ugh

  14. Tests out today from Aust show humans start producing antibodies in two days of catching the virus which is good news in finding vaccines and treatments – it can also determine who serious each case will be.

  15. Like the man in the video said; donโ€™t stock up on the groceries just come back the next day!
    It appears that many American customers prefer to stock up on their groceries without any concerns about their fellow customers.

  16. Horrible news coverage. It seems you are trying to cause people to worry. Report the news and the seriousness without lies. The pettiness is sad. Coumo needs to do his job and stop crying, grow up and help your people. There is federal guidelines.

  17. I'm married to a Chinese lady born in Shanghai but grew up in Beijing. She is now an OZZIE citizen but very close to her family. Last night we sent WeeChat messages to see how Beijing is handling the panic buying crises effecting USA, Europe and OZ. The family in Beijing replied 'We got over that weeks ago. Here the supermarkets are running as usual. Virus casualties are falling daily.' Why can't we do that? in the USA, Europe & OZ.

  18. Great. So close everything but grocery stores, that way, everybody goes to the grocery store. But don't worry. Grocery stores are magical places where germs can't be spread.

  19. Leaders of the world, keep your distance!!! You guys are kissing each other every press conference. Lead the way. ๐Ÿ™

  20. How does everyone enjoy losing your 1st Amendment the Right to Assemble. Dont worry 2nd is after 1st and before the rest

  21. I give you a ten to Mr. President, Donald J. Trump. It was more than a week ago, that a older woman coming from Mexico asked to use my hand phone. I granted her permission and wipe, wipe went the virus. My wipes weekend the virus but now I have cold. It has been (2) weeks already.n

  22. Weโ€™re all gonna die stay safe and wash your hands cmon ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  23. But I have (3) new ladies angry at me because I can't pay their phone bills, (1) lives in Italy, another lives in Brazil, while just last night homeless woman invites me to a concert that has been cancelled. I am not well because in the middle of Fall Semester my stalking woman rn me down with her truck. I need a lawyer, a great lawyer. I

  24. Now, this coronavirus has come into full power, but my Veteran's education benefit has run dry. I can still only do the same truck driving part time gig since 8th grade.

  25. shame on the government and its corrupt representatives who ensure unlimited monetary aid to the wealthy classes, CEOs, and bankers in order to keep the less fortunate in grinding poverty without hope for an income that would allow them to feed their children.

  26. Welfare, public assistance; affordable housing for homeless vets; etc. Simply keeps you poor because your always running a thin budget with no way to save any monies/

  27. If Trump ever shutdown twitter you wouldn't see conservatives crying. But you would see giant waves of vile, crazed, twitter loving leftists jumping off their roofs & committing suicide en masse. That is why I would shut down twitter during the coronavirus. As a measure to preserve whatever emotional intelligence we still have left as a society. Which is very little. And 1 full month or more isolated with so much access to twitter at one time… shut down twitter. Save the world from the fake salty crocodile tears of liberals.

  28. Maybe we should think about how to live in such a high-price city if the situation get worse? ___ www.popcurtains.com

  29. I understand none of this bullcrap and neither do the woman starving around the globe that crave money and a man that doesn't have an average body, nor have I ever. I just don't understand and never will. They tell me my new home is in Tokyo, Japan and Singapore, because America never happened for me. What is going to be next. Another planet? Sure everyone wants money for love, but nobody wants to pay me.

  30. This is how San Fran survived the 1918 Spanish Flu. They shot people who broke the law. You can google this history. This is not new to San Fran – 1918 preped them.

  31. Why just give every per son a 24 hours wearing a mask like the gas mask for 30 days an you will get rid of that nasty virus if that don't work move to another planet.

  32. you can make your own face mask, no it is not as good as a n95 mask, but if everyone wore a cotton washable mask to sneeze and cough in and keep them from touching their faces…spread would go down…allergy season is coming up…rather see masks on the people coughing/sneezing than without one wouldn't you?…you can sew your own there are DIY short vids on youtube to show you how…get some fun prints for the kids that way they are more likely to wear them…less scary…gl..

  33. I truly find it amazing that this these people cant feed their kids, or count on schools to feed their kids. We are not rich or even well off but we always have food for extra kids!!! The kids should come first no questions asked


  35. NBC FAKE TRUMP HATING NEWS!!!!! just love how you pick and chose clips on trump speeches ist extremely apparent what you all are doing here ive been watching all of it and its not even close to how your dramatizing it. i live in Washington State and we are not freaking out we think its a good idea , OH and also Trump lets the Governor of each state make these decisions. So stop blaming him for everything jeez next your going to blame him for the shortage of toilet paper, First hes not handling the situation fast enough and now hes going to extreme , then you comment on how the testing isnt this or that!!!! make up your mind. i cant wait for the day all Americans can watch the news and not be manipulated and lied to by all news outlet . Like Trump said you cant stop whats coming and we'er ready.

  36. a Pandemic definition is a 12% death rate we're nowhere near that. This isn't a pandemic by definition, it's an agenda.

  37. Ya no doubt we are going to be in a recession. I moved out of my parents house a few months ago, hopefully I can pull through on my own.

  38. These " parents " need to cook and feed their kids. They are driving new cars and nice long nail and hair. Discusting!

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