What is Dropshipping?

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  1. the doctor @9.39 is a [email protected] moron.

    CV19 has HIV DNA in it which does NOT allow the body to build immunity nor will there we a vaccine.

    And when someone gets re-infected with CV19 the death rate, yet to be released officially, is basically 99%.

    Doctors like this should be held accountable for malpractise when maikng such idiotic statements

  2. Thanks N B C for the update
    If The people take off for two Weeks
    How the people gonna pay rent
    A. Lots of people living paycheck to paycheck
    Good thinking but not that simple for all people

  3. Why have I heard that people are getting covid a second time?! Also, the goal of social distancing is to be apart from other people … no play dates!!

  4. Gotta love TRUMP and the Private Health Industry at the helm of a pandemic! The gods took the worst of both worlds and put them in charge just to see the carnage they could cause.

  5. what do they do when their stuck in a sea of people and have to use bathrooms. I bet the bathrooms were crowded too

  6. Several documented cases of reinfection. Also two different strains as it's muted and one Australian man had both the L and the S strain. There were documented reinfection with the H1N1 pandemic in 2009.
    This is new scientific data is being collected daily, things are rapidly evolving. Irresponsible of that doctor to answer that question. 1. We don't know everything about this virus in just a couple of months. 2. He clearly isn't up to date on the data their is or his history of other influenza pandemics.

  7. The government should have sports stadiums as dive threw for corona19 virus and also used them to treat the sick

  8. I’m in Ohio, they shut down schools for 3 wks, parades, dances, games, bars, restaurants and/or anything with more than a 100 people. The jails are letting nonviolent offenders out within next 10 days nor will they jail anyone with new charges unless violent, visitation to prisons, hospital and nursing are not allowed visitors. Unless they are dying but maternity ward can have the daddy or guardian.
    Spectrum is now giving anyone free internet, and giving option for phone service to call 911 for 2 mos. They’ll send out technicians within 24 hrs to set you up and electric company will not shut you off if your due bc of nonpayment. Oh wait, gas is 1.77 a gallon and dropping daily!!! Let’s not forget shelves are empty everywhere you go…it’s just crazy! I’ve never seen anything like this in my almost 50 yrs! 😳🤦‍♀️😂

  9. Trump: "and we are doing it really really well". there needs to be a cap on what people can buy so all the stores are not out of food and basics like TP etc. these idiots in the media are not helping the panic. I fing hate the media. drama drama drama. lets stress everyone out even more. They are really good at creating even more fear.

  10. Shame on all of you that are Panic shopping right now! Our government has been warning us about a pandemic arriving for at least 15 years if not longer. Don't blame anyone for your lack of preparedness or stupidity but yourselves

  11. People should recognize that constitutional governments such as that of the EU and the US are legal institutions not social ones.
    The changes being made in society are coming from the changes in the way work is carried out in society. 
    People will be working from home and those industries where jobs cannot be performed at home will go out of business. 
    History suppresses certain branches of industry as it also promotes the development of new ones. 
    At the footage count of 8:22, China builds hospitals in less than two weeks is an example of a government that is not a constitutional republic but one that is a social institution responding to social needs in a proactive manner. Instead of spending resources on defense because of national conflicts, government can sepnd resources on meeting human needs. When work and society are transformed, the family is transformed, requiring a transformation of government to become a central organizer and planner to have all the needs in society met. Humanity arrives at the 21st century and 2020 is that transitional moment that breaks away all the things of the 19th century we stil use today.
    This new way of work will call into question the need for the old economy. Why do you need a stock market or a central bank, or a boss? Why will we need school boards determining school taxes when school buildings are unnecessary when all one needs is Wifi and a lap top to educate children all over the world? Why do we even need money to represent working time when work is no longer used to make goods for exchange?
    Why the need to retain all the things the old economy needed before the virus when the virus has changed the way we work and live giving birth to a new economy? From the changes in work and family our needs will change and in turn, the needs change our products as we become more accustomed to finding meaning in our new family arrangements, less divorce, less juvenile delinquency, less suicide, less depression, less loneliness. With less of the present day maladies in society there is less of a need for massive military and police institutions expenditures. The major focus will be agriculture, the area of human activity vital to human survival. Search for a better life comes to an end, no more mass migration from societies ravaged by war the need to get them them re-oriented to the new way of life becomes the new international mission. Why will we need nuclear weapons if societies are finding more contentment at home? I see many benefits to this crisis. Our fears are really about losing the old way of life we have become accustomed to living.
    The second benefit to this virus is the environmental change, improving nature as it gets a chance to recover from human damage. Less to no fossil fuel emissions, less chances of infestation, disease and a strengthenig of the human body's immune system through the increase of oxygen in our atmosphere and as we know from the paleontological record a greater diversity of life. a general slowing down of climate change and oceans rising.

  12. Great idea. Political events on line. That way we have a choice weather to watch them or NOT! YAY!!!

  13. 0:46 …. you mean boost the oil companies instead of converting to hydrogen … because… just because… DUUUURRRRR

  14. Oh my God! Get the TESTS TRUMP. WTH?! Legit, I hate that man more and more by the day and hes a after this. Hes Dirty. What a Trainwreck!!!!!

  15. Now is the time for people to put they're foot down and speak up about Chang that needs to b made. Thus shows that America is not smart and and take care if the people that really run it. All the useless people n senate need to go, living the good life while people suffer. All the working furvnithinh5as insurance doesn't pay off and social security leaves old people suffering with paying bills or dental and medical things they can't afford when all the years of working us suppose to take care if u. It call needs to b completely changes how things work. They dint see the day to day struggles that come from the over complicated mess it takes to do anything to help us. Can't afford to have teeth fixed so people spend they're money on drugs to ease the pain causse it's easier to drop 20 dollars in something to get u thru another week sibuvxab work to pay bills and take care of care if kids yet they are looked at as garbage when the rich or the senate don't try to look down that far into the details of people's everyday life. All the useless paperwork that just waste time that people can b at work is crazy. America has been like Hollywood, while the rest of the world look at it like man what a great place, they just don't kno. Billions are wasted on movies or sports while people are hurting. Millions are spent on stupid election rallies for what. Can't they talk without spending millions to bu3theyrebwat in. People have been dumbed down by internet and tech tinthe point that they are clueless and can't think enough to realize it. It's gonna fall in on itself worse than it is now from this simple virus, what if it was something worse like a asteroid, there would b no chance and it'd b twice the chaos. Every ekeftionballbthwsebfiosbthings are preached but nefer happen cause there's to many headsbnbsenatebthat screw things up. People should vote on all new bills or laws, that way they can decide the good and bad of whatever and if ur goes bad then people can learn and not make the sane mistake but it'll b the people's choice not people in senate that live n paid homes and are driven at no cost to where they need to go, free food, everything they need is paid for by us while we spend all our time doin useless paper work. It's made being human a business instead of living. The world deserves to end cause everyone has lost site of what being human should be.

  16. Let Mother Nature do its job there's too many people on earth this virus is for a reason it's to depopulate because that's all f**** people do is populate and pop out kid after kid after kid

  17. I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I can assure you the Churches are not empty. Every Church I went by had a lot full of Carson Sunday March 15th.

  18. And to all countries quit your panicking as long as you know God and know why he died for our sins you have nothing to worry about

  19. The advice about acquiring immunity is counter to what is believed in Europe. We do not know is the answer and virus can mutate and have multiple variants. We know of two strains but there can be many more and Covid 19 is here until possibly Spring 2021?

  20. americans will be hit the hardest, i am afraid, no medical overvieuw, complete medical system is a loose systen of states, local governments and so on.And it seems obesity makes the death toll a lot higher

  21. The White House Pandemic Office was in charge to monitor the infectious diseases situation in the entire world including China.
    If it wasn't for Trump disbanding it because it was an "Obama" thing, we wouldn't be in this mess we are right now.

  22. Pay me $500/hr an hour. and i will work at the hospital as nurse. Bc im not getting the stupid corona😠😕 damit

  23. My biggest concern is not only this virus but the divisiveness of this administration and the nation. I have no confidence in the handling of this situation by this administration

  24. Now maybe trumpty dumpty and his enablers will realize how selfish narcissistic and arrogant he his, what a joke. This is the result of a grifter being king.

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKvCAR0Akro CDC will cover costs of testing if you don't have insurance. Get tested if you think you have it.

  26. New Yorkers keep voting these morons in for mayor , maybe all of new york should die it would be better for the country

  27. This is China's GERM WARFARE against Trump for imposing Tariffs. They are very clever to create a virus to affect the Stock market in order to ruin Trumps chances for reelection.

  28. There’s a brand new Royal running around
    He’s not very big but he wears the Crown
    As well as any villain from History
    He infects his subjects with COVID-19

    The New Corona King will change things up
    From the way we all work to the way we all sup
    Isolation, cancellation and quarantine
    Decontamination, Social Distancing
    The new-norm now thanks to COVID-19
    Four out of five good doctors may say
    The mostly-mild sickness will go away
    When one in five needs urgent care
    Most of us will start to wonder where
    We’ll find the extra money to make up
    For closing all of our workplaces up
    Will we partake of our last offered cup?
    When we all have COVID-19.

  29. Florida wont be closing bars, restaurants, or strip clubs. They make too much money off of the tourism…its spring break


  31. The MEDIA is treating this on a day to day basis. USE COMMON SENSE! What is the world going to be like when EVERY COUNTRY is in LOCK DOWN!

    The MAJORITY of small businesses will FOLD.
    The MAJORITY of large businesses will FOLD.
    We are talking 70-90% unemployment.

    There is only one option available. FORCED VACCINATION. If you DON'T get vaccinated, you will NOT be allowed to work!
    The economy of the entire world will collapse!

    The possibility of WORLD WAR THREE will almost be inevitable.



  32. This is all bull, in short the government is shutting down bar, business, restaurant etc force people to rely on the corrupt government. When they can’t pay for their mortgage, rent, food etc then push them into fema camps. Then start culling the population, all while claiming they all working to stop it when actually they are creating it

  33. Imagine if they reacted like this for every flu season. If they told us every case and every death of the flu every year, we would think there was a yearly pandemic. This is ridiculous. It is one heck of a distraction though, I'll give them that.

  34. Why woyld anybody watvh ajoel osteen anymore. He ripped up the bible. He finally read the bible and realized it aint got nothing to do with him. Im done with the fake pastor

  35. Lying POS again. There are many accounts of people being reinfected right away, or maybe it goes dormant and comes back. This is not the flu! It's a bio weapon!

  36. It's interesting how quickly and thoroughly the whole world has responded to this threat that seems to be most dangerous to the older generations, yet climate change which has the potential to be just as globally devastating and will effect the younger (and less powerful and wealthy) generations is too difficult. Real Money and power showing where their priorities are.

  37. There are several cases of reinfection of COVID19, therefore is not the following immunity model other viruses give us..

  38. I wish bars around here close down. I'm sorry if they're worried about rent, etc. Things can get really sloppy in bars.

  39. It’s so bad. Every time I hear trump speak I feel myself getting dummer. God I can’t believe he is our president. We need to re-evaluate our standards as to who can call themselves president. His stupidity alone should have disqualified him. Not to mention all his criminal behavior we all know he’s guilty of. There isn’t an innocent person on the planet with that many lawsuits against them. That should have disqualified him. This is what total corruption looks like.

  40. you know the ENTIRE JFK is a now a COVID19 Hotzone……………………….PROBABILITY- MATH……….tell us probably some of them coming back were infected. so they just DOOM thousands of passengers to exposure…………….. i would have slept on the on the tarmac at least it is safer there.

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