What is Dropshipping?


Today we have childbirth class and We don’t really know what to expect but we figured it would be a very interesting and funny experience. We’re gonna go ahead and vlog that. They had an anesthesiologist come in next and teach us about epidurals So, we’re never going to force it on you. It’s always a personal choice. But, it’s just one of the options as far as pain management Really I want to just answer any questions anybody has and dispel any myths that people might have heard. They had us walk down to labor and delivery together. In our class there was five couples and three moms. One mom brought her child who was super well-behaved So it is child friendly if you want to bring your child to labor and delivery class if they listen well, I guess. But everything happens in this room. So you come in the morning This bed moves up and down depending on comfort level. You can do whatever you want with it. The legs also go down. However you want it and if you’re going natural that’s why it is flexible so you can move the bed kind of how you want it. Just rock whatever makes you feel comfortable So, we have them available here, for you. Each room has its own personal bathroom with the shower and a shower chair. They also have mesh underwear and pads in here, too. So I thought that was nice that they provided that you’re fine, baby’s fine, we will do the initial assessment. Take baby’s heart rate here, temperature and everything. We also snuck a look at the other rooms they had on this floor and For a Naval Hospital. It’s a lot nicer than I was expecting initially I didn’t think that they were gonna be as nice I think labor and delivery in this particular hospital is nicer than the majority of the rest of the hospital So that was our childbirth class and luckily they gave us a tour of the labor and delivery ward so you can see like a delivery room and everything like that. They gave us a bunch of really interesting paperwork. Well, we’ll go to a naval hospital because We live on a military base that hospital specifically, that we showed you, is not the hospital the baby will be born in, most likely because We’re leaving but it was just nice to kind of get a feel of what to expect All the women were super nice. They were really all about not pushing you to do anything like it’s your choice, whatever you want to do, whatever medicine you want to take Route you want to go. Nobody’s gonna shame you if you want to breastfeed. If you don’t want to breastfeed, so I Had a really good time. They answered all of our questions. It was really funny But all in all I thought it was a good class it was How long was that? Two and a half hours? No, two hours and fifteen minutes But it was pretty good! Thanks for watching we hope this video helped you see What to expect if you go to a childbirth class specifically on a military base or in a naval hospital And if you were just watching to watch we hope it was entertaining

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