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My Dad Went To Thailand And Brought Me A New Stepmom. She Has A Secret

Hello, guys! My name’s Emma. Recently I found something really suspicious
about my new stepmom. I was desperately trying to get any evidence
to prove to my dad that she was hiding something bad from him. Now listen… Everything happened when I was 19. I studied at college and lived at home with
my dad. Ever since my mom died many years ago, my
dad and I were really close with each other and I knew he’d miss me if I left. So, that year my dad turned 50 and he suddenly
decided to go to Thailand to spend the whole winter there. We connected through Skype and he really seemed
to be having fun. On one of the days, he told me that he had
a huge surprise for me, and I was pretty sure that he was planning to bring some Thai spices
back, ‘cause I was really fond of Thai food. So, in the evening, when he finally arrived
and knocked on the door, I opened it with the widest and happiest smile, but I suddenly
saw a woman standing next to him. Her name was Mali and she turned out to be
his wife. I bet you, if you were in my place, after
having heard this kind of news you would also look like you had been struck by lightning. Mali hugged me and rushed to enter the house. My dad looked so ecstatic about everything
while pulling their numerous suitcases out of the taxi trunk. He started explaining that Mali liked so many
of the things in the Duty-Free shop, that he couldn’t help but buy everything that
she wanted. Of course, I forced myself to smile at all
that and went overboard with my hospitality, but the whole situation was totally shocking. I felt insulted that he didn’t tell me about
his plan when he was back in Thailand and when I could’ve probably still done something
about their marriage. However, during the first couple of days,
I didn’t even have a chance to talk to my dad in private, ‘cause Mali was acting like
a sucker-fish and following him everywhere he went. Both of them seemed so happy together, and
Mali tried to be caring for my dad, yet there was something that I couldn’t put my finger
on, that kinda prevented me from liking her. For starters, once I got home really late,
‘cause I had been working on an important paper for college. It was dark everywhere, and I didn’t want
to wake anybody up, so I decided not to switch on the lights and silently sneak into my room. You know, I grew up in that house, so I was
pretty sure that I knew every single inch of it. But I barely took a couple of steps when I
hit my toe on something really hard. I looked around and I barely recognized my
home – everything was situated in the wrong place. It turned out that Mali had re-designed the
house according to some Feng Shui theory, or whatever. The next day I discovered that I hit my toe
so badly, that the nail on it got broken to the core. Was I mad at Mali? For sure. I even tried to convince my dad that the way
everything used to be before was way more comfortable. But apparently his new wife was not only good
in the furniture arrangement department, but she was also good at the art of persuasion. Do you remember how earlier I mentioned that
I liked Thai food? Well, forget it. Everything that Mali could cook was Thai. And it seemed to me that she was cooking constantly,
or at least that strong smell of Thai food took over the whole house. But whenever I wanted to cook something myself,
she’d stop me and point at the fridge saying that there was already plenty of food there. And here, once again, my dad simply didn’t
want to hear any of my complaints. Well, actually, he gave me a hint, saying
that I was going to get married and leave the house someday anyway, so it would be better
to just let Mali feel like the woman of the house. That made me mad so that I even started to
think about finding myself my own place or at least asking the college for a room in
the dorm, when, one day, I noticed something suspicious. I was sitting in my room, when Mali announced
that she was going to clean the first floor – saying that I’d better stay upstairs. My dad had gone out to run some errands at
that time. At some point, I decided to grab a snack and
went to the kitchen, and suddenly I noticed that Mali was talking on Skype through my
dad’s laptop. As soon as she heard me coming, she closed
the Skype session and pretended as if she was just cleaning the dust from the laptop. That was totally weird. I went back to my room, full of thoughts about
what I had just seen, and all of a sudden I started surfing through the internet about
Thailand. I don’t know what I was looking for exactly. I just kept reading different articles and
forums and came across various stories about how Thai women got into relationships with
foreigners, forced them into marriage, and went to live with them in their developed
countries while leaving their Thai husbands and children in their hometowns. Their plan was as simple as ABC: they earned
a living by pulling money from their foreign husbands, seized their property, and then
went back home, and repeated the same thing with another man. As I was reading all those articles, my eyes
got wider and wider. After all, I literally saw the story of Mali
and my dad between the lines. And now that I caught her talking on Skype
and reacting as if she wanted to hide it from me, I was 90 percent sure that she was also
working on one of these fraudulent schemes. I decided that at all costs I had to save
my dad from the hands of that vulture. And even though I had to spend all the money
I’d been saving for my vacation on the installation of a surveillance camera and a special Skype
call recording program, I was sure it was worth it. I felt like a real detective when, in two
days, Mali made that call again and I got a copy of it. Of course, the conversation was happening
in the Thai language, but judging from the fact that she was talking to a little boy
who was about 7 years old, I was pretty sure that I was right in my initial assumptions. I was already ready to hire a translator who
would type up a script of their dialogue for me in English, but then I decided to look
through the recording of the surveillance camera for that day. I could hardly breathe from indignation, ‘cause
it turned out that that day an unknown-to-me man came to our house and Mali almost immediately
took him upstairs. He left an hour later, and in one more hour,
another man came and also spent about 60 minutes with Mali somewhere in our house. After that, I no longer had doubts about what
a kind of Thai lady my dad’s wife was. It was so outrageous, and my first intention
was to show my dad all my detective findings. But on second thought, it would be better
for me if he didn’t find about all the camera stuff and simply caught Mali red handed. That’s why the next day I only pretended
that I left for classes, but in reality, I lurked in a coffee shop near the house and
began to monitor our living room live. Just as soon as another guy appeared on my
screen and I saw how Mali took him upstairs, I called my dad and told him that he urgently
needed to come home, ‘cause something wrong was going on with Mali. Well, technically it wasn’t that big lie,
right? I was waiting for my dad, struggling to hide
the excitement that I had. I vividly imagined how mad he’d be when
he found out the truth about his wife and how he’d kick her out of our house along with
all that Feng Shui stuff and pour her favorite coconut soup over her head. I really tried to make my face look worried,
instead of being full of anticipation, when my dad finally arrived. Now his face was definitely wracked with emotion
and I felt so sorry for worrying him that much, but I had to stick to the plan. When we entered the house, we heard male groaning
from their bedroom. That immediately made my dad angry and he
just rushed upstairs as if he was a young athlete. Of course, I followed him right away. But when we opened the door and I was honestly
about to yell something like “Aha!” pointing my finger at them, I stopped short from what
I saw. Mali was wearing special clothes, similar
to pajamas, and the guy was lying in front of her on a special massage couch, covered
with a towel. Both of them looked scared, but from unexpectedness,
rather than from being caught for doing something bad. Damn. While that poor guy was getting dressed and
leaving our house, my dad and I were sitting at the kitchen waiting for Mali. I felt disappointed and embarrassed at the
same time, but I still didn’t lose hope that I’d reveal Mali’s secret about that
Thai boy from the Skype call. When she finally appeared, she confessed that
since my dad’s birthday was coming in a few months, she just wanted to earn some money
to buy him a present for everything that he did for her. And it was supposed to be a surprise and that’s
why she was performing those massage sessions secretly. This turn of events touched my dad, and they
began to hug and kiss. In a desperate rage, I simply yelled about
that boy she was talking to on Skype, but once again my attempt to separate this loving
couple was ruined. It really was Mali’s son from her first
marriage, and my dad knew about him. He was living with Mali’s dad in Thailand,
but she was planning to bring him to the US, and my dad was planning to adopt him. Both of them just decided to wait until I
got used to Mali and my dad’s new way of living. I have to admit, I’ve never been that embarrassed
in my life before. Of course, I had to tell the guys about my
detective experience, and luckily the two of them turned out to be understanding and
neither of them got mad at me. I decided that the time for me had come to
live separately from my dad, so I rented an apartment with two other girls from my college. Mali’s son is already here, and he lives
happily in my former bedroom. I’m sure that this story will always be
something to laugh at during family gatherings.

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  1. OK so she just happens to like thai good and her dad just happens to thai and why the would dose the girl on the thumbnail look like a guy and why dose she look up Thai nothing makes sense

  2. Liar, Thai people don't do that. We have a religion saying that we will not marry more than 1 guy at a time

  3. im half thai and this is a thing people do but she described it much worse my mom for example my mom met a man names mats and they married went to Sweden got my big brother then they divorced then she met my dad they got married got my sister and then me the thing w girls in Thailand they r like chocolate some r free some have nuts

  4. Can she just stop being bitchy about their relationship😒😒

    She done embarassed herself 😂😂😂😂

  5. For real I don't have words!
    Can somebody talk about the cover of the video? It's nothing alike!
    The Thai woman is a normal one, she is not a man!
    For real I'm really disappointed with the cover because it gives the wrong impression!
    Please mention @Kubzscoutss this video!

  6. Okay, Emma was mad because her dad got married. i'm pretty sure that was the surprise. and if course her dad is going to hang out with Molly because that's his wife..Emma was pretty wrong for that.and also, Emma getting mad because her stepmom told her there's leftovers in the fridge and there's no need to cook. I don't see how molly did anything wrong. Emma needs to chill she doing to much

  7. I know I’m late on watching this but when I saw that picture of her step mom I start screaming that’s a man a freaking man that’s a man

  8. Aww, I love Thailand fans! My sister is half Thailand and half Malaysian , I 'm a Malaysian and I kinda love Thailand food , my sister barely facetime me… and also stay in Malaysia, I missed her very much…

  9. From the thumbnail,thought that the girl was actually a guy,dad fells in love with him without realizing his wife's a guy

  10. Well you shouldn't judge someone new until you get to know them more before you start to make reaction because later you'll make a fool of yourself, so always have some facts before you jump to condludsion.👆🏻🤯✨

  11. First of all IM THAI…
    Second of all THIS IS SOOOO WEIRD….
    Third Mali is a common thai name and she pronounce it as Maaaaali😅🤣

  12. i’m half thai half british and this makes me sad/offended 🙁 she says “thai” like they are bad people. ik this is a story but geez way to generalise only thais plus the thumbnail is also stereotypical 🙁

  13. As a Thai girl I can tell you that not all Thai girls are prositutes just like not all Dutch people smoke weed

  14. Yeah there's so many transgender in my country(thailand) But I'm actually happy that there is actually people making stories about my country :3

  15. I can relate to OP from when the dad's wife changed everything. My dad's crazy gf is living with us, and she was changing the way the dishes were put up. Like, tf

  16. When she said: *How Thai women marry foreigners for money and repeat it,something like that*, I went to google and searched up Thailand like she did and didn’t find any news like that

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