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MountainView Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit Tour

– Hi, my name is Amy. Welcome to the Mountainview OB tour. We’re gonna talk today
about what to expect before you come and have your baby, and what to expect while you’re here. And then I’m gonna show
you some of the rooms that you will see while having your baby and on the way out. Couple things I like to talk
about with my mommies is some things to do before
you even get here. There is about, there is
four things to think about. One, I want you to
pre-register with the hospital. It just makes it a lot
easier when you get here. So, you can pre-register in person here or you could do it online. What pre-registering does, is
it gets you into our system so when it is time to have the baby, you’re not having to worry about all your insurance information. and your support person doesn’t have to go sign papers and leave your bedside. The other thing I want you to do is pick a pediatrician. Now it’s not something a
lot of people think about. We want you to have a pediatrician in mind and maybe even go interview them. You can call up any pediatrician’s office and ask them to talk to them. I want you to do this
because I want you to have the same values and belief
systems as your pediatrician. This person is gonna
be in your baby’s life for the really long time. The next 18 plus years possibly. Another thing I want you to do is get your car seat. Take it out of the box, play with it. They’re not as simple as they seem. And if comes with one of the bases, I want you to install the base in the car. I want you to do this because we can’t we don’t help you with that. We see that it is installed but we can not put our hands on it and install it in the car for you. We need to make sure that you know how to adjust the straps and
get baby in the car seat. We will be there to guide you but we’re not able to adjust for you. So those are some very important safety things for you to look into. And the last thing that
I want you to do is make sure that you have your
support person established. Usually it’s the father of the baby or your significant other,
but sometimes it’s not. And we totally understand
that cause sometimes people are out of town, or no
longer involved with the baby. But I want you to pick
out who this person is cause it’s very important
when baby arrives. Cause there are some
wristbands that get handed out and there is only two for
the baby, one for mom, and then one for that support person. We’ve had a little, some
people not quite know who they wanna give that last one to but it’s very important that you do. Because, the people, the
adults with the wristbands are the only ones allowed to
be left alone with the baby and if your baby happens to go into our neonatal intensive care unit those are the only adults that
are allowed to see the baby. So make sure that you
know who you wanna have that other wristband go to. I know that’s a lot of information for you to do before you get here but I promise you it’ll be worth it when the time comes and you arrive. When you do arrive, and
it’s time to have that baby or your doctor says hey we wanna check out
baby a little bit more just come straight to the third floor. You don’t have to stop and
talk to anyone downstairs. You don’t have to go
through the emergency room. Just come straight up to the third floor here at Mountainview, and
straight to the labor. You’ll check in at a security desk, which we will show you later. And they’ll get you over
to the labor department. If it is after 10 p.m. the front main entryway will be locked. Just come through the entry
way of the emergency room and you can come right up to the ER, or through the ER, up to us then. So this is what you will see when you come to the
hospital to have your baby. You’ll come off the
elevators, and take a right to our security checkpoint where you will check in with them. They are gonna be screening
you for why you’re here and who all is coming to
visit you at this time. Unfortunately, no one under the age of 16 is allowed to visit,
whether you are in labor or in postpartum. The only ones that are under
16 that are able to visit are the brothers and sisters
of the new baby, the siblings. They are allowed to visit. Once you check in here, they’ll get you through the
double doors over to labor where they’ll check you into your bed. You are allowed one overnight guest. That person must be over 18. Anyone that has been
visiting, the 16 or older, we ask that they leave by 10 O’clock. That’s just so you, the guest,
and this new little baby can rest and bond and
become a new little family, cause we all know, once you get home, you’re not gonna be
getting very much sleep. So we want you to try to
do that while you’re here. So, as a reminder, when you get in, you must check in and let your guests know that to check in at
the security checkpoint so they know who is here
for both security purposes and infection control. So we’ll go down the
hall and to labor room, and we’ll show you one of those. This is one of our labor rooms. They all vary in sizes, but
this is the general size of one of our rooms. We have our lovely labor bed. When you come in for time to have baby, we have our monitors that
will be waiting for you. They’ll go around your belly. One is for baby, just make sure we’re having a good heart rate. The other one is for to
measure contractions. So you’ll be all tied up on there. If you do not have an epidural we do allow you to walk around. Those monitors will just
come off during that time. When it is time to have our baby these lovely beds turn into labor beds. This bottom part drops down and our lovely friendly stirrups that we all know pop up and so we’re ready to go. We do utilize options like birthing balls and if you want to hold on to handles our labor nurses are going to be able to get all of that kind of stuff for you. If you have a labor ball or different labor technique that you want to utilize that you have at home
you can bring those in just make sure you label
them with your name so we know that they’re yours and we give them back to
you once everything is done. Also while you are here baby as soon as baby comes out will go over to this warmer. There is a warmer in
every single labor room. Right after baby is
born we give baby to you we do some skin to skin as
long as they are stable. And then our nurses will take the baby over there just get baby’s measurements weight, all those good little numbers that we want to know and
get baby taken care of and bring he or she right back over to you for that skin to skin. After baby is born we like to do what is called the golden hour. So whether you are vaginal
delivery or a c-section once you are back in the
room after the c-section or immediately after
baby is born vaginally we give baby to you and we
leave you alone for an hour. It’s called the golden hour. We even put a little
sign outside your door so everyone knows what’s going on and we leave you alone unless you need us. Unless you have a question
for us or baby need something. And that after that
hour we’ll come back in and do a whole bunch of stuff
with you and baby, okay. At that time that’s also
when we give your baby some ointment and some vitamin K. So the antibiotic
ointment is for their eyes we want to protect that
baby from any infections that might come through during delivery and then we give them vitamin K which will help with blood clotting to protect their little brain
and their eyes from bleeds. So those things are very, very important we do have you consent
for all things that we do with baby but I highly recommend both of those interventions
once they get here. While you are in labor you can have up to three visitors in the
room with you at a time. I know everyone shows up once everyone gets that phone call that baby is coming. That’s okay we have waiting
rooms for them to wait in and they can rotate out
and different people can come in and see you. But once baby starts coming you might want to ask
those people to leave. You still can have the three
during the time of delivery but I advise, you know, make it more of an intimate thing with just
you and your support person. If you are having a
c-section whether it is planned or unplanned only one person can come back with you into the OR, okay. That’s usually the person that’s going to receive that band that
we talked about earlier. Cause it is a surgery
there’s a sterile thing, just one person. During the labor and delivery process people want photos, people want videos. We totally understand that however just ask before you take
those videos and photos. Photos are usually okay with
everybody, it’s the videos. So check with your doctors and nurses. Some of our techs are super awesome and will take that phone right
out of your family’s hand and start taking pictures for you so they can be in the moment as well. Back in the OR you cannot take pictures of the actual procedure but right after our anesthesiologist will
say, “Dad, support person “Take a picture of that clock, “see what time it is, this
is when baby was born. “Come over here to the warmer “take a picture of this weight.” We want you to have those
memories and everything like that so we do recommend that
you do have the camera just be more resistant about using it especially for those videos. You will remain in this
room for a few hours after having the baby and then you’ll come over to postpartum where you’ll probably see me and the next room is where you will stay until it’s time to go home. So this is our postpartum room. Once you get into this room this is where you will stay for
the duration of the time. And baby will be rooming in with you. We are very, very pro rooming in. So while baby is in here the crib will be right here next
to you at all times unless we need to take
baby out of the room which we only do for discharge labs or any other lab work
that the doctor may order. So we really want you to
know what it feels like to have that baby all the time even in the middle of the night. We do not have that nursery that you see in movies and television where they take the baby away at night time and bring it back in the morning. Sorry, mama, you got your baby all night you got to learn how to take
care of them at night time. Also while you are here this is where your overnight
guest will be able to stay. We do have linens and everything for them and we have a couch that
pulls out into a bed a full twin size bed so they
can be nice and comfortable. As far as things to bring with you while you stay here over in postpartum. We have a lot of stuff for you already. We have all of your bed linen we have your linens for your guest we have shirts for the
baby, we have diapers, we have wipes, if you’re
using formula we have formula if you want to pump we have pumps. All of that stuff for
ya, leave it at home. We have those fancy pet mesh underwear that everyone talks about, we have those we have your big pads, your little pads your sprays, anything you’re
going to need as a new mommy. Nipple cream, all of it, we have it, okay. Leave that stuff that you bought at home save it for when you are home, okay. We have your hospital gowns as well but you are welcome to bring
whatever you want to wear as long as we are able
to get to your tummy and be able to check your
tummy and check your bleeding we don’t care what you wear, okay. And we also ask that that overnight guest please bring some PJs. We come in at all hours
of the night, every hour. We see things, okay. We won’t tell you that we did, but we do. So please have everyone bring
some PJs for overnight, okay. We do recommend that you bring going home outfit for baby. Like I said we have the
little t-shirts for them while they are here but it’s always nice to have them go home
in that little outfit. With that being said,
we have a photographer that will come around and see you and see if you want pictures of your newborn while you are here so bring a little photo
outfit for them, okay. Two outfits is always
good cause once you put them in a cut outfit babies always like to spit up or do
something so then you have that nice clean one to go home in, okay. As far as toiletries we have the soap the shampoo the
towels all that kind of stuff. We have pillows. But I know I’m a pillow person so if you want to bring
that pillow from home or that fancy soap that you love that’s fine bring it with ya just make you that if
it is a type of linen that it is not white. All of our stuff is
white and we just don’t want to get your stuff
confused with our stuff so we know that it’s yours. In all your rooms and even
over in the labor room, we didn’t mention this we have a board that your nurse is always going to write her name on here your doctor’s name, your
name, your room number all the information that
you’re going to need and everything that we’re
going to need to go home. We have a little checklist for you so you can always stay involved and know what’s going on. So we like to keep our
new mommies and daddies nice and updated because we know the tiredness steps in and sometimes we get forgetful because we
want to go to sleep instead Also while you are in here you will have a celebration dinner. We have a good little date night for mommies and their support person. We have a little menu
that you will fill out it is specially done for
us by the doctors’ chef. It has steak and shrimp, salmon, chicken a vegetarian option, it’s
very, very delicious. And so you’ll get that while you are here. Just to celebrate a
little bit the birthday. We have a little birthday cake that comes along with it with a
little fake little footprint for their birthday celebration party. I mentioned earlier baby being taken out of the room
for discharge lab work. At that time that is when we will give the Hepatitis B vaccine that
hopefully you consented for it’s a very, very important vaccine. It comes in three steps and we start step one here while you are with us. We will check baby’s oxygenation make sure that heart is
closing appropriately. It’s a really quick little test we put those little pulse things that we do when we go to the doctors we put one on baby’s
hand and on baby’s foot. It makes sure everything
is working like it should. We also do something called
a metabolic screening. You’ll learn a lot more
about that while you are here cause we do part one, you’ll
be responsible for part two. I won’t really talk too much about that cause you’ll learn about
that while you are here. And then we also do a bilirubin
test or a jaundice test. Yellow babies is a lot of
times how people refer to it. That’s the once lab that the pediatrician really, really wants before going home. All those are done usually around 24 hours unless the pediatrician lets us know that we’re going to be
staying a bit longer than that 24 hours then we’ll
do it a little bit later. We also have a hearing specialist that will come and see you baby while here just to make sure that
our hearing is going well. They see baby right here at bedside. You get to watch the whole thing we don’t ever take baby out
of the room for that test. We do bedside baths, also. So once baby is six hours of age and warm enough we do baby’s
bath right here at bedside. We don’t take them away to
get them cleaned up anymore we do them right here,
right here in this sink. We’ll teach you how to do a newborn bath if you are a first time mommy and daddy but if you just need a refresher if you’re not a new time mommy and daddy we’ll do that as well and then afterwards we do skin to skin with
somebody to warm that baby up. It’s a really nice bonding experience and it all takes place
right here in the room. Security wise, again,
you can have more guests over here, it’s not limited to the three as long as we are not
too loud or disruptive to the other patients. We are still under that 16
or under is not able to visit unless they are the sibling. But anyone over 16 is allowed to visit and the overnight guest has to be over 18. When baby comes out, we talked about three wristbands that are
going to be put on baby. That’s going to identify
you to your child. We are also going to put
something called a Hugs Band on your baby, we Hug your baby’s ankle. It’s just a little baby security
system that we have here so if baby does go by an
elevator or a stairway a loud alarm goes off and we
come and see what’s going on. A sea of these pink scrubs
is going to come at you and say “Why, what’s going on?” We want to make sure that
little peanut is nice and safe. Usually it is a false alarm, thankfully. But we always treat it
like it is the real deal. So that baby, your baby
will wear that alarm until time to go home. So once baby is in the
car seat all tightened up and we check that baby is ready to go then that is when we cut that alarm off. So that being said, whatever
that going home outfit is it is the best if it is footless because we need that foot
and that ankle sticking out when they are strapped in the car seat. We mentioned the celebration dinner. That is the one meal that we
do give to our support person. Other than that we only feed mommies. So, the cafeteria is open
throughout the day and throughout the night closing periodically
to reset the food. We also have a 24 hour Subway that we have in our medical office building,
just a hallway walk away. And then we have our
Starbucks that is open during the day during the week. So you have lots of different food options and we also do allow outside food to come so if there’s that thing
that you’ve been craving that you’ve been pregnant
and it’s hospital appropriate you can have someone go and get it. Have someone go and get it for you cause you and baby are not
allowed to leave the third floor until your doctor says that it’s okay and it’s time to go. When you arrive to labor and delivery or postpartum when your visitors come you’re going to have
to ring a doorbell here to enter our pods, we are
a locked unit in every area just to protect everybody
and all the patients. So you ring this doorbell,
wait for us to unlock and open the door for you. Please do not push on our
doors, we will let you in. Also, outside the doors are reminders about those siblings and patients visitors under 16 not being able to be permitted. So you have reminders here if we do forget cause sometimes we do forget to tell our families and friends that those younger ones aren’t able to come. Thank you for joining
me for the tour today here at Mountainview. We hope to see you as a
patient when it is time for your new little bundle
of joy to join the world. We take great pride in
caring for our new mommies and daddies and little ones. If you have any questions
that I didn’t answer during this video please feel free to call and just ask for either the
labor and delivery department or the postpartum department
and we’ll be very happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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