What is Dropshipping?

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  1. People who shop at Wal-mart don’t have the most discerning tastes, so they are quite easy to fool.

  2. alelluya Lord Jesus …
    I believe in God in the name of Jesus Christ ..
    why my mother gave birth to me so deaf children never heal total?
    I did not answer the problem would be grateful to the good Lord created all human affections and imperfect …

  3. could someone pray for me to take away my lower back pain. it been Brothering me since I was young and I been having evil and bad thoughts about Jesus and god.. just got watching the holy bible on Netflix and now am crying. could someone pray for me please. my name is Moises Rodriguez and I'm 21 years old. please . I'm crying.

  4. Good thing I got healed, forget about children with cancer all around the world. People are really f-ed up. I don't know who is worse, the people pretending like they can heal people or the fools that fall for it.

  5. Sir, Jesus Christ, the Almighty, infinite and perfect friend and saviour, healed three people in a train as I prayed for them.They were healed of knee pain.

  6. Blessings on your work, but the 'mart' does not need or deserve your free advertising. I hope you will stop promoting big corporations. God operates so differently!

  7. I've seen it's several of your video's already. It's not that I doubt God can do these things, What I question is that if this is true why would you need to record it yourself because it would be on national news and why you would waste any time other than visiting every hospital on the planet?

  8. I want God to heal me so bad of my porn addiction I've been addicted for 15 years. I seeked treatment and been even in rehabs and my mind is still filthy

  9. will you ever come to Australia? I am on the verge of giving up on life again. I feel like I tried so hard to get God's attention to no avail. I need healing I need help. It never came.

  10. lalala, bless your heart. You do not need this man of God to come to Australia. I love how he prays and helps others to go out. GO TO JESUS. LALALA, RIGHT NOW WHERE YOU ARE, GO TO JESUS. JESUS IS YOUR HEALER. JESUS IS YOUR DELIVERER.

  11. I need help. I have been injured for nearly 6 years. I had and have chronic muscle tightness in my whole body. I am always in pain. When I wake up I have a stiff back and my hands have trouble opening. My thumbs also hurt. It feels like overuse in the joints. I'm only 24.I believe to have met very good doctors. However, i feel as though my problem can't be medically healed. I am Catholic. Nevertheless, As much as I pray for myself, I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please pray for me. I love life and I feel as though there is so much more I want to experience in this world. I'm just not ready to give up. So once again, please pray for me!!

  12. God Bless you all who are working for our God our Lord!^^ May God be use you on all the works you guys do for Him!^^

  13. would you please come to Keizer & pray & heal my brother? He's got arthritis & he's bed ridden. My parents are with him; they don't believe in Christian, but they are Catholic. Thank you & Our God is with you.

  14. My Aunt was healed at a tent meeting as a baby! She was dying with a serious blood disorder, bruises covering her body, bleeding from her body, and my grandmother, against doctors orders, took her out of the hospital, took her to the meeting, and she was instantly healed! My grandmother took her back to the hospital, and the doctor was astounded, because she was healthy! It was documented! She is now 60 years old!

  15. Good morning everyone! This is great! Now we must learn to say I am healed not I am sick… We need to stop claiming sickness as our situation. I really want to see The God who form and knows the inner thoughts of the mind heal those who have autism, down syndrome and so much more I know he can do it! I want to witness it! I have heard Toni Braxton say her son no longer has autism! Yes healing at Walmart y'all! God's task force at work!

  16. I want to meet you Torben – to expose you as a worker of Satan himself. You're a hypnotist and nothing more, just working to fill your own pockets and for your own glory. God rebuke you Torben. Repent .

  17. This is the vision – getting the church out to the people – realizing that Jesus will heal them and doing it. Then giving them the gospel. It has been sidetracked into promoting water baptism to be saved or set free and going to house churches. Hopefully this post will get back to the right people so it can get back where it should be.

  18. God bless, I know Torben preaches the gospel cause hes school shows how to preach the gospel. We just dont see it on the videos.

  19. please pray for my wife star she has fibromialgia,
    6 bulging disc, spinal stenosis, nerve pain damage. please please pray for her. please come to Chattanooga tn.

  20. has anyone ever come back after seeing Doctor after you have prayed for them to get new diagnosis from the Doctor?



  23. If this man could heal then why are our hospitals and nursing homes so full?

    Do they have medical documentation for these 'Healings'?

    Feelings and experience has nothing to do with the Truth of Scripture.

  24. placebo effect – I would like to see him heal the blind the stone cold deaf, crippled, disease or limbless these are things Satan cannot mimic. So much deception in this world even the very elect get fooled.

  25. Praying out loud isn't the right way to pray. Silently in our rooms. And the apostles were able to heal by simply touching someone and saying be healed. Just as Jesus was able to do

  26. I have a very similar problem like this older lady. i am in pain in every day and I need healing from God. Please pray for me !!!

  27. The Greatest Man in history is Jesus. He had no servants, yet they called Him Master. He had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. He had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today, He had no wife, yet He's the Bridegroom. I Love you, Jesus.

  28. Thanks to JEsus, Jesus loves us, how are y'all? …. Is this man from Denmark or from Russia? I ask because of the subttiles!. ..? ? ANyways , He's our brother in Christ of teh eterneal heavenly citizenship, ay!

  29. This is what God's doing, using us in the public spaces, not only at "church gatherings"! Thanks to Jesus! wow, this is what we must all be willing to be used for in the name of JEsus and only through His mercy and gift!

  30. Praise God!!! I just had the honor of healing my daughter in Jesus' name. Took two very short, to the point prayers. No getting in my head and messing it up, just God doing what God does, and I am His instrument. Thank you for the example, brother Torben!!

  31. 'Partially' deaf person "healed". Show me a completely deaf person. She can hear pretty well already, because she talks clearly.

  32. I need teaining and I believe this is a ministry God wants me in and I've been so gripped with fear and I've been very disobedient I'd like to know how to be trained? Could you help out a sister in Christ? Thank you!!

  33. Where can I find this guy? I desperately need to be healed of a mental illness that I’ve been suffering from all my life

  34. Please pray for me healing of my brain n eyes and my heart
    N for my baby they we are set free n healed in Jesus name amen

  35. Christian with faith is the cure for World and the light , they are the only reason God hold his wrath little longer to let them give Chance to people so they can come to Christ before it's too late, how sweet

  36. Please pray for my husband to be saved. Their religion which I am also attending right now doesnt believe that Jesus is God.They believe that Jesus is the Son of God but he is human like us.I told him about who Jesus is but we just had a very heated arguments. There is nothing I could do about his beliefs but I believe that if lots of Christians would pray for him,God will hear and save him!Thank you and God bless in Jesus name!Amen!

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