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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 | How to deliver successful online presentations

[MUSIC].>>Presentations in the
workplace are shifting from taking place in conference
rooms or auditoriums, to being hosted online. Surface Laptop 3, together with
Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint, empower you to create
engaging presentations and deliver them to people all over the world as if you
were there in person. Teams provides a great
experience for online meetings. But for the times you need
to broadcast video and meeting content to
large online audiences, use this drop down and
set up a live event. Now, add a title, location, and time, and then
assign producers and presenters. Next, choose who can join the event and whether they’ll
be required to sign in. Then scroll down to set more
options like recording, Q&A, and live captions, which are
available in over 50 languages. Now that your live event is set up, Teams generates an attendee
link for easy sharing on Teams, Yammer, or calendar invitations. Within a Team, conversations and live documents are shared in
a threaded persistent chat. It’s simple to translate
messages inline and remove the communication barriers between
co-workers across the globe. Opening the presentation, you can
see there’s a lot of content, but it’s still very
much in draft form. To convert ink into shapes and text, go to the Draw tab use the
lasso tool and select your ink, and then tap Ink to Shape. When you’re ready to polish
the look of your presentation, go to the Design tab
and use Design Ideas to see layout options
created by Microsoft AI. On slides with lots
of images it’ll offer beautiful designs to make
your slides look great. Rehearsing presentations is difficult
especially without feedback. Presenter Coach in
PowerPoint helps you hone your technique and offers
helpful suggestions to improve. Under the Slide Show tab, you’ll find Rehearse with Coach. Once you’re ready click or tap Start Rehearsing and present
as you would normally. By listening to your speech, PowerPoint will score you on pacing, originality, and vocabulary, and show a summary of feedback at
the end of your rehearsal. After a few rounds, you’ll feel more confident and
prepared for the live event. Event producers are
responsible for starting the live event and choosing what content to send
live to the audience. The larger 15-inch screen
on Surface Laptop 3, gives you a spacious display
to view multiple apps side-by-side. The producer selects
the content source from presenters and sends it
live to the audience. Presenters only need to focus on
what they do best, presenting, taking all the tips and
learnings from Presenter Coach, to speak with passion and clarity. While speaking the Studio
Mics on Surface Laptop 3, pick up your voice and machine-learning
cancels out ambient noise. If your surroundings
are too distracting, turn on background blur to keep
focus on the speaker and content. Attendees see the presenter
in lifelike quality and Omnisonic speakers make it feel like you’re in the
same room together. Live captions appear in the languages the producer selected when
setting up the event, and allows everyone to participate. Once the broadcast is over, the producer selects the event
in Teams and sees all the files needed to upload the event to Stream and make it
accessible to everyone. And there you go. Now broadcasting a
live event with Surface Laptop 3, Microsoft Teams, and PowerPoint, makes every online
presentation successful. [MUSIC]

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  1. Stay away from surface products. Their battery drains 25% in 30 minutes after their recent firmware update. And they don’t even acknowledge or fix the problem

  2. When a beautiful and promising product handle by an amateur Marketing and Promotion department… Hire more professional agency please… 😭

  3. Good video, there people in the comments section who apparently thinks this was supposed to be a Surface Laptop 3 demo/presentation, without reading the title. So they are whining about it when in fact they are at fault. Read before you comment ppl.

  4. Microsoft is getting lazy and lazier… very confusing… I also confuse whether if i want to spend my money on confused products…

  5. All of these functions are very useful in real life. I very much appreciate AI integration into Office, it's a game changer

  6. Did they show it in the surface press conference? this is amazing and not even advertised (I mean new powerpoint features)

  7. I just bought my surfacebook device from 3 month ago i started using it from one month suddenly today the laptop dont want to charge even the charger light is on and there is no problem in power plug connection and i contact the customer support and they just put an instructions that is worthless and doesnt help me and the laptop now is out of charge and o cant charge it and they told me that it will take time for replacement so they dont care about my work and how i will track my work and i must pay to transfer my laptop to the countries that have microsoft launched and they even dont want to help and i found that all people have the same issue in this device and they are still selling it to people please be aware of this laptop and this is the last time to pay anything under microsoft name

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