What is Dropshipping?

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  1. San Antonio don't give a shit. Selfish people won't stay at home. Fat asses won't stop shopping even tho a few days without food would do half the city some good.

  2. Where i am in California this is our second week. I go to san Antonio often great city. Time will go fast just relax at home get some much needed rest alot of us work alot so catch up on sleep. U can still go out for walkig or jogging, here alot of people are still on the streets but hopefully you guys will do better so i can go visit and get some whataburger and marble slab(i so wish we had those in California)

  3. The Mayor is perhaps making a good decision, but it seems a bit late in hindsight, especially given that we are day 8 of President Trump's 15 days to Slow the Spread. IOW, we are over a week into this Federal guideline and yet here in San Antonio we are now just enforcing local measures. I am not criticizing the Mayor, only questioning why the MSM and the questions from the audience did not even think of such a basic question.

    Another set of questions that should have been asked is why such drastic measures for 1 death and only around 50 confirmed cases, most of which were travel related? Does the SA economy need to be halted to save just a couple of lives in light of the fact that dozens die each week from drunk drivers? Natural deaths? and just the common flu? More folks die from the common flu every year yet such measures are never taken?

    Finally, and if the city is concerned with hospital beds, what information does the city have that we don't have that would justify these actions? Again, 1 person is dead and 4 dozen are infected, which do not meet the profile of the dead in Italy? The average age of death was 80 in those cases, and they had at least 2 to 4 PREEXISTING Conditions BEFORE they contracted COVID-19. Why these measures if the profiles of the infected DO NOT meet these profiles?

  4. my job gave me a letter to show officers if i get pulled over, and it basically says i work in an essential job that requires me to go in to work.

  5. Section 2, sub section a, sub sub section iii. Outdoor activities such as walking, biking, hiking, running are exempt as long as social distancing of 6 feet are maintained.

  6. This is a joke, San Antonio mayor is too worried for the economy when this is a life death situation, this will result in more cases.

  7. Nelson Wolff is such a turn-off!!! Be a frickin Judge; Albeit mediocre!! You are a corrupt politician! Follow your sons lead; Leave Politics Idiot!! We all know you pretend to love hispanics…

  8. As an unemployed penny less senior, who has no retirement, no savings, no home to live in. It’s just another miserable day no different than any other.
    If I thought I could get this virus it would make me happy knowing my misery would end. But for the few of you who had kindness on me and help me when you could may God bless you, and protect you and your family. But for those of you who walked by me with utter contempt. May God forgive you and protect you from what is to come. Should you be lucky enough to live through this look at somebody in the eyes and have mercy and show kindness because God obviously has done it to you.

  9. Construction??? So the rich still need their endeavors built. VOTE NIRENBERG OUT OF OFFICE✊ VOTE NELSON WOLFF OUT OF OFFICE🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️ VOTE ABBOTT OUT OF OFFICE✊

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