What is Dropshipping?

Making my EKM online shop live

In this Guide, I’m going to show you how to
make your EKM online shop live. It’s one of the most common questions we get here on Customer
Support at EKM, and to be honest, it’s a bit of a mis-truth because the moment you open
your EKM online shop account, your shop is technically live. Now the way it works is
that we give your shop a kind of temporary domain name, so I’ll show you where to find
that. When you’re logged into your shop on the Dashboard page, you need to click the
Settings tab on the top right-hand corner and then beneath Shop Settings on the top
left-hand side, you need to click Domain Name. Now this test shop that I’m using at the moment,
it has lots of domains pointed to it…but if we scroll right down to the bottom of the
list, if you imagine all of those domains aren’t there, when you first open your EKM
online shop, you’ll have a domain name that looks a little bit like this. Now that domain
name is my username, the server that my shop resides on and then you’ve got ‘ekmpowershop.net’, okay?
And that’ll be the only thing in this box if you’ve just opened up your account. So
to see how your shop would appear if it was live, what you would do is right-click this
and ‘open in new tab’. Now because I have lots of domain names already pointing at this
shop, the shop automatically recognises that, so when we look at the front end, it displays
the domain name, okay? But if I didn’t have any domain names on my shop at all, we would
see this long, odd default domain name, okay? That would be visible in the address bar,
okay? So if you’ve had a look at your shop as it is live, by right-clicking and opening
link in new tab – it’s really useful to look at it whilst you’re building away at your
shop, okay – if you’ve had a look at it and you’ve decided ‘right, okay, I need to hide
it now from the public, I don’t want anyone to see any of my offers or any of my products
until I’m ready to go’, then what you need to do is install the Password Protect feature
on your EKM online shop. And that will allow you to hide everything behind a password wall
so no-one can stumble upon your shop by accident and see your products, and if they do find
your shop by accident, everything’s hidden – so it’s fine, okay? So you need to check
out a separate Guide that – Password Protect – I’ll link that at the end of this video
and in the description below, alright? And then of course, once you’ve got a domain name
pointed at your shop and you’re ready to make your shop properly live and launch it to the
general public, you can remove Password Protect and that’s it, you’re all done. For more of
our Support Guides, check out our Support Centre if you’re not there already. That’s
help.ekm.com or alternatively, you can find more videos from us on YouTube. Bob over to
YouTube.com, type in ‘EKM’ and you’ll find us on there.

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