What is Dropshipping?

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  1. i am pleased to see our officials are not crowding the platform with other speakers while someone speaks (the WH press conferences people are all in physical contact with each other while waiting their turn)

  2. Can we all just take a minute and take notice of how many times mills pushed her shakey rat claw out toward the signer? Lol and at one point it looks like the signer was deliberately getting closer to annoy the old cunt lolol

  3. What a bunch of propaganda. This is an IQ test, and if you seriously believe this stuff, you win the Darwin award.

  4. i just want to say…..
    working at a convenience store you have average 200 customers enter the store in a 8 hr period. so far the social distance, nobody follows that in the stores, business may not be as fruitful but because everything else around is closed buisness is booming. if anything they are more busy.

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