What is Dropshipping?

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  1. as wall street get bailout..all stores owned should ask their government for a bailout in order to continue your business because after the corona virus disappeared everyone will be broken..in Japan they did

  2. I've been trying to read up on and look up content to see if it is even legal for the government to close private establishments? I understand they can suggest but there are laws to prevent things like this from happening , I mean we aren't living in Nazi Germany…RELAX SHEEP!

  3. Those ppl at 2:55 are lit. I am so glad they are thinking of themselves only and not entire impact. That is exactly why Dewine had to mandate

  4. This is a cover up for a financial collapse

    I know ZERO people with this virus and know of no one that knows somebody with it. My sister is even a nurse in Boston. There was already a high number of reported seasonal flu cases in Massachusetts before COVID-19 was “there”

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