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LIVE: Harris Co. expected to issue stay-at-home order to fight COVID-19 spread

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  1. What are people gonna do about paying their bills? They got things set up in America where you have to pay for the rest of your life…

  2. Just stop paying rent on April 1st.Yes let's shut down the entire world we love that idea. Notice fewer and fewer people are on the stage with him. He'll be replacing the people that are in positions of importance, doctors that don't agree with him. What we really need to do is shut him down. Stop giving him time on TV to talk about how great he is and just repeat things over and over and over again. It's like an alcoholic it tells you the same story over and over again every time they see you. He thinks if he repeats it enough times we will believe it. The people want the truth and nothing but the truth. When you're in the Army and on the ground you don't tell your warriors lies because they know you're lying there on the front line. Donald is simply a liar we all know that

  3. I understand the order but if we can't pay our bills and rent we are not going to have a home to stay in. Also without income how are we going to buy food from the stores, are they worried about us at all, I am talking about the people that was living paycheck to paycheck anyway. I am so worried about my family especially my children.

  4. This is propaganda to take down the US. Go to, UK.gov and the scientists there are saying that COVID-19 is not a health risk. It’s a takeover for the globalist to succeed! More people die of COPD and the flu each year! Next still take down the grid and purge us from our houses

  5. OK, Got to say it.
    Judge Hidalgo is …
    ahhh, eeh, ummmm is incredibly annoying to listen to !
    Sounds like a 10yr old struggling to give a book report. She probably thinks her constant hesitations are impressing people by trying to sound reflective while speaking. Eh, umm.
    If….. she could just connect sentences without any hesitations she would sound soooo much more intelligent, um …..you think?

    (Added for effect)
    At least she's not starting every sentence with "So"…… 😄

  6. I actually think all Houston needs to go into quarantine before it spreads alot… I know it’s hard for the bills but it’s still gonna get bad with that in the future might as well take care of our health right now bills will always come and go whether we’re alive or dead … that’s just my opinion

  7. It don’t make sense how yall say stay home but yet y’all have all this day cares, restaurant & stores still open. What if some ppl that they shopping at the store or come to the drive thru or even the one at the day care got covid19 and we don’t know. They spread it to us or anywhere. Why y’all don’t do shutdown before it’s getting worst. I hate seeing more people losing their precious life for this virus I hate seeing people worried and get infected.

    God Bless !

  8. So basically same thing most people have been doing. Not to much has changed in this order to what is being practice now.

    Personally they need to shut down all parks and recreation areas. People will not follow while walking or running at the parks "social distancing". You see it on the News you see it while driving by.

  9. It’s is crazy. How many industrial sites are working right now. With tenths of crafts working tight areas. And with multiple people.

  10. But
    How will we survive without all the illegals going to work and doing the crime…er….jobs Americans are too lazy to do?

  11. Now if the hospitals get over filled now we all know why … just keep working !!! Don’t worry about your health. The politician can easily keep a safe distance. Not in the construction field ..

  12. Best part of this….suddenly government gives a dam about people?
    Oh the Hypocrisy. Rely on science. But a fetus is just a zygote to be removed to save a young girls virtue and save carbon credits.
    The lies are too big to keep track of.

  13. So '' what if they publicly publicize, the president of the United States, his cabinet members the Senators the mayor's in the governor's, would fall on their knees and pray, on Nationwide TV that all may see, and we join all of them in prayer, praying for God to remove the plague'" and trust me God hears prayers oh, I'm a living Witness'' this would be a short horse to all Americans that needs to be on their knees praying to the god that we know who created heaven and earth, to lift the plague from off the face of this Earth, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put this in place, they all just need to be willing to do it to get about the political conflicts in the stuff they got going on I think this need to be done, I am not ashamed of the Gospel of God

  14. Enforcing this is going to be hilarious. Getting the social distance police ready? Maybe give the homeless the job for that? Total bullshit

  15. Who’s great idea was this ?? We will see once the hospital get filled . Once the work force keeps working and have accidents at the job adding on the ones with the virus. How can that help over whelming the hospitals

  16. You people are true losers. Must Be Catholic. Believing in that fake Jesus. That is not the savior and you are all…. lost. Better ask better questions about that!

  17. Parks and beaches: They only closed the bathrooms. Folks who can't read are putting wipes and paper towels in the drains clogging them.

  18. Anyone who eats bats and dogs is a sick human being. China will rightly be blamed by the international community for knowingly letting pathogens develop in their disgusting wet markets.

    This has to bring down their corrupted government. If they hadn't lied about the new disease after discovering it and done this party-led cover up then the outbreak would probably have been contained. But they let half of Wuhan fly around the world before they reacted and this is the disastrous result of their irresponsibility now. They will not get away with that bc after SARS and MERS everyone knew exactly that the next dangerous virus will originate in their disgustingly unhygienic meat markets.

    So this is not an unlucky natural disaster. China will be held accountable for sure and pay trillions in reparations. Not to mention the fact that by the time this is over the next animal disease is probably already being transmitted into humans there anyway so it will just happen again if we don't stop them once and for all now!

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