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LAZADA Midea Vacuum Cleaner MVC-SC861B FULL Review & Demo | BLACK FRIDAY SALES 2017 CYBER SALE 2017

hello guys so recently I bought this brand
new media vacuum cleaner with this model number so this is not how it came in
obviously I’ve done the unboxing before so these are all the parts it came with I’m
gonna quickly attach all of them and I’ll show you how it looks like PRODUCT LINK IS PROVIDED IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX BELOW so here’s how it sounds like how loud it
gets Okay so before I show you a
demonstration, a quick demonstration of how amazing this vacuum cleaner is I’m just
gonna briefly go through its you know specifications okay so this has like 600
watts powerful motor and 100 watts of suction power and it comes with a floor
nozzle and a floor nozzle and this nozzle okay this is much narrower so it
can you know you can use this for those areas which those videos which are hard
to reach like you know in between your closets or you know anywhere else it’s
up to you so other than that this has like the two-in-one design you can
either use it as a handhandled vacuum cleaner or or stick vacuum
cleaner you know so that you don’t really have to bend you know like
bend and like stretch your back trying to you know clean your house besides that okay so besides that the
cord length is five freaking meters 5 freaking meters so you could take these to
places yeah and oh yeah so this vacuum cleaner weighs only about 1.75 kg
kilogram and it comes in two colors blue and purple so I got the
purple one so now let’s get on to the next part of this review which is the
demo part where I show you how amazing this vacuum is okay so now you can see how dusty this book
is but I gonna try to clean it up using this vacuum cleaner and let’s see how how
well this vacuum cleaner sucks all that dust covered on that book okay so to detach the dust collector
from the motor here’s how we do it simply got a click
like press on this button which which is the attach detach button alright here we go so this is the dust filter where you can see all that dirt is on it as you
can see it really captures every little dirt laying in your house yeah so you
can proceed with cleaning this and you can reusing it again but do not let water
touch this part of it of course because this is a motor pot but yeah you could
clean this you could clean this and also this and also the attachments this
nozzle and the other floor

Reader Comments

  1. I'm currently looking for review on stuff that is selling on Lazada and your video has been an amazing help! With much thanks! Keep on doing review video! (Now im convinced to buy this item haha)

  2. hi i been having doubt about this product for month for your video help make a choice, i'm gonna buy this now. thank you

  3. I am so convinced to buy this item now, thanks for the review. I've been contemplating for a long time now, should've seen this video earlier! So helpful!

  4. I've been thinking to get this model for my mom n i love it already๐Ÿ˜ Thnks for the review btw! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Hey, how long can you continuously operate the vacuum? Can it go on for like 30 mins before the motor shuts down due to overheating? Highly appreciate your reply. Thanks.

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