What is Dropshipping?

Key for Garage: Introducing In-Garage Delivery

My name is Tesya, and I am a Key delivery driver. Key’s delivery mission is to take unattended packages and put them in a secure location, which is the garage. If the customer is on vacation or out of town for business, that package is still safe and still secure. Once we arrive at the customer’s place we read their notes. Whatever they wish is written in the notes. A customer’s privacy and security is very, very important. The app controls everything. Open and close very simple. We just start by using our app begin to scan your packages, as they scan, we open up your garage we put the package in, we close the door the app locks the door. Voila! I’m a Prime customer also. I know how I would want my package delivered, So I always keep that in mind when
I deliver packages for my customers. Key is simple and it’s convenient. It is secure and the customer has absolutely total control.

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