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Jeffree Star Ends Feud With James Charles & Does The Unthinkable!

Jeffree Star is doing the unthinkable and
most amazing thing to make days a little brighter in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here
with Clevver News, and don’t worry, Clevver isn’t going anywhere! We are still going to be delivering you all
the celebrity news that you need to know, we are just going to be working from home
to do our part in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Now, let’s dig into the Jeffree Star news,
shall we? With the Coronavirus spreading at rapid numbers
throughout the states and multiple states on lockdown, Jeffree Star is taking matters
into his own hands and making days brighter for those in need. Over the weekend, Jeffree took to Twitter
to reveal he gave his delivery driver a pretty hefty tip as a thank you for being out and
delivering in the middle of this outbreak. He wrote “I appreciate every single person
who is willing or able to deliver food during this horrible time… I just tipped my driver $1,000 and said a
huge THANK YOU.” From there, Jeffree realized it would be a
day of giving when he asked his fans to leave their Cash App user names so he could send
them money during these hard times. He said, “I really want to help more people
in need today! Drop your cash app below with hashtag #JeffreeStarApproved
– I’m going to help as many people as I can until I hit the limit.” It didn’t take long before many got some
high dollar surprises from Jeffree. In one of his first responses, he wrote that
he sent someone $250. But when it came time to stop, he revealed
it wasn’t because he ran out of money, but rather he reached the cash limit for the day. And when that time came, Jeffree tweeted at
Cash App to urge them to up his limit so that he could help more of his fans writing “Hi
@CashApp, I’d love it if you could verify my account so I can raise the daily limit
of $ I can SEND. Just hit the limit after sending to 20 + people! Thank you so much! #JeffreeStarApproved.” His fans on Twitter were impressed by his
selfless actions with one user writing in “This is why i LOVE and SUPPORT @JeffreeStar
because he is actually helping people out there in need instead of singing a stupid
cover with celebrities that help NO ONE. Like come on what the fuck is the cover going
to do cure the virus? Be like Jeffree Star #JeffreeStarApproved.” Another wrote, “While other CEO’s are laying
off their employees, Jeffree is paying his staff AND giving money to his customers and
followers in a time of need. WE STAN THE STAR.” While many were singing his praise, others
called out Jeffree for lying or faulting him for trying to solve a widespread disease with
money. One user wrote “His daily limit? of how
much he can give? lies…he can paypal, venmo, buy crap online
and have it shipped for people…this guy is a liar.” Another said, “Giving money to fans nor
creating videos will “cure the virus”. What he’s doing is awesome, but you don’t
have to belittle other people to praise him. Keeping your mental health strong is important
as well and sharing videos and content that brings positivity is also helpful.” We know that Twitter can definitely be a place
for people to speak their mind, but they weren’t just coming for Jeffree. People were criticizing James Charles too
after he tweeted , “being quarantined is so boring wow should I start an onlyfans” And of course this simple tweet triggered
some people like this person who said, “You know you could always take a page out of @JeffreeStar’s
book and help out instead you know give money instead of take it away from survival sexworkers
idk just a thought” But there were plenty of fans saying yes bring
the content as well, as well as those who were just utterly confused. Now back to Jeffree, he wasn’t done giving
away money. He tweeted yesterday saying, “I’m going
to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows Twitter Philanthropist
@Pulte and Me!! (If you don’t follow us, we can’t DM you
the money) Will show proof! Much love” People immediately began to retweet and follow
and quite a few people revealed they were doing giveaways too, but even though this
tweet gained a lot of traction because of potential free money, there was an earlier
tweet that really had fans shook. No it wasn’t this tweet… …we have to go back a little further to
this tweet about James Charles. Jeffree quote tweeted Charli D’Amelio’s
tweet that says, “holy moly donut shop #1 and #3 trending on youtube @jamescharles”
Her tweet also has screenshots of both of their videos on the trending page. So Jeffree responded to that saying, “Ummmm
you look SO gorgeous!!! James killed it per usual. 100” Now fans were confused by this because of
the drama that James and Jeffree had in 2019. One fan said, “2020 really is weird” Someone else said, “I had to move my bang
to read that again” And another person pointed this saying, “Just
cause there’s been drama in the past doesn’t mean there has to be negativity forever. Legends supporting legends” And even Charli D’Amelio actually tweeted
to Jeffree saying thank you! However, not everyone was so quick to forget
what went down last year when Jeffree spoke out about James. In fact, some people are dragging Jeffree
on Twitter like this person who said, “Man, #JeffreeStar really doesn’t have any ethics. You gonna try to assassinate
@jamescharles reputation, go quiet when people ask for proof, NEVER apologize publicly, and
then pull this? You are so gross.” But again people are still defending Jeffree
like this fan who said, “People are really throwing shade at @JeffreeStar right now over
giving away money, and for giving a simple and civil complement to @jamescharles? Are we serious right now? There’s more important things to worry about. Move along, there ain’t no tea.” But after all this, people just want to know
if they are cool again or if Jeffree’s tweet was just a one off thing. And speaking of people now it’s time to
hear YOUR thoughts at home. What do you think about Jeffree Star giving
out his hard earned money on Twitter? And do you think Jeffree and James will be
friends again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
below. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. And once again, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. here
to bring you all the breaking news here on Clevver during this time of uncertainty. I’ll see you guys later.

Reader Comments

  1. Aren't you going to address the Taylor – Kanye – Kim drama? I remember back in 2016 you were quickly to cancel Taylor.

  2. U should post about how the dobre brother posted there new music video and how they allowed one of the girlfirends (ivanta) to look so miserable and the didn't care that she was going to get hate .

  3. How are people finding fault with someone trying to help people? Jeffree isn't the best, but this is way better than that video that did nothing.

  4. I love how you talk about jeffree for doing nothing in special and you don't talk Taylor/kanye phone call that happened over the weekend

  5. #iaintforget what he did to James. That one tweet was right about how he tried to ruin his career with no proof , went silent. Then came back like everything is good and is paying him compliments, ya no don’t need it.🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Ya'll really like to praise Jeffree for everything he does. It shows just how much this guy is a stan of him and doesn't like James, it showss. However, we clear headed people won't forget what happened last year to James.

  7. Dude, honestly, what happened in the past, stays in the past. It doesn't mean negativity has to be forever between James and Jeffree! Let's be serious and grownup!

  8. I think jeffree and james made up behind the scenes. Look at manny mua, laura lee, etc. when they had their scandal with jeffree. He shaded them multiple times and didn't compliment one of them once. He only started complementing gabriel after they made up behind the scene. People are quick to judge but jeffree will (probably) reveal that he and james made up. Jeffree wouldn't embarrass himself like that in 2020. He knows better. Even james hasn't shaded him or anything so I really think there's more to this story.

  9. They probably aren't close friends anymore. However, I don't see the problem with just acknowledging James did a good job on someone's makeup.
    His skill is not his character.

  10. I love Jeffree star he does things so many other people wouldn't and obviously not everyone will be nice towards him people need to remember they do have private lives to sort things out privately not everything has to be public

  11. You people are more brainwashed than I originally thought. Your trying to tell me the guy who put himself in drama and tried to kill James Charles whole career because he saw him as a treat. Did not apologize for his wrong actions and now he wants to play saint. All you brainwashed fans can go screw yourselves 😒. Where were all James and jef fans when he was being cancelled. Nowhere. How quick you people forget.

  12. Honestly, why is it that people just don't get it, it's time to come together and not be segregated this is not going to go away anytime soon,all things happen for a reason. We either learn to get along and help each other or end up suffering the consequences. Jeffrey's doing something out of the kindness of his heart or whatever his intentions are that's on him, regardless it's all on how you perceive things, if we're positive then it's a good thing if you're going to be negative you're just going to have a bad outcome of what he did, it's time to grow up and leave the past in the past stop conjuring negativity this is why the world is the way it is. We need to move forward not backwards. Who cares what he said yesterday, today is a different day and he's choosing to try to change, good for him, if all of us did one good deed I think this world would be in a different predicament then people actually losing their lives right now. Time to find out what really matters in your life look all around you, this is happening for a reason. Just saying. PEACE.

  13. I mean, Jeffree giving money is a huge help for citizens who aren't able to go to work and get a pay. There's nothing wrong with it and I praise Jeffree for doing something to the community rather than nothing knowing he has something big to offer.

  14. wow, in 2020 you get backlash for donating money too….
    YES HIS DAILY LIMIT. Its his earned money, nobody made him do this, he has right to have a dAiLy lImiT

  15. Just checking, you guys either haven't talked about the full call between Kaney and Taylor, or I missed a video 🤨

  16. When are you guys gonna talk about the real snakes Kim and Kanye? 👀 you guys usually post everything about the Kardashians…

  17. Ya dont have to like or love a person to respect their talent. I'm not a James Charles fan at all. But I know he has makeup skills I could only dream to have.
    Jeffree was being real and telling this girl she looked good with what James had done. It is really that simple. Some people just wanna be pissy, or mad about things that's their sad life.

  18. OMG YALL NEED TO CHILL. Jeffree just gone through some stuff and I’m sure he wants 2019 to stay 2019 okies

  19. If it’s not ur money you have no say in what to do with it, if Jeffree wants to give HIS money away then he can if James doesn’t want to give HIS money away then He doesn’t have to plain an simple 😒

  20. i really like jeffree as a person but he doesn’t understand that if he ACTUALLY wants to help he should donate money to the hospitals,here in Italy so many people are dying because we don’t have the money to pay for intensive care!!!!! Please don’t hate on me I said I love him but it doesn’t mean I agree with everything he does.

  21. Jefree shit is the biggest hypocrite in history. He tried to destroy James career when everyone hated him and now he's being all nice pls.. and people are actually calling him 'nice' and 'respect' him. Embarrassing.

  22. Why do people always have to find something bad to say about someone doing a good thing trying to help others? Of course money isn't going to stop a virus, but its helping those who really dont have the money to buy things cause they got laid off from work or some toher problems!
    Like jeez, let them do what they want!

  23. You don't have to like someone to complement them. Plain and simple . and I for one am glad he never released the evidence he had. Why ruin someone young that can grow out of it.

  24. Lol I think we all need lay off the internet for a while. How can people be so fucking annoying? Even tho I am no Jeffree fan I think it’s nice of him to give away his money. But that does not mean that everyone else who does not give away their money is automatically unethical.

  25. I really respect Jeffree for what he does. I get that we must stay home and this can make us a little crazy, but come on, are you serious being mean for what he does

  26. That’s awesome , I saw his Instagram live the day before he started giving out money 💴 to fans right now as we all watch the news and wait until things get moving with a revised bill of what the president wants we won’t know when people be able to get back on their own feet since most jobs are closed except for first responders.

  27. No, giving money will not solve the virus, but it will stop the spread of the virus. A lot of families still have to work during this difficult time and have to go out and be exposed to the virus. By Jeffree giving them this money it hopefully helps the people take time off work and use the money Jeffree gives them as what they would have made during their shifts. Slow the spread!

  28. I would hardly call lying about someone being a sexual predator and saying they had evidence "drama" or "tea".
    Oh but all hell broke loose when Roxanne Pallett lied about Ryan Thomas punching her in the ribs.
    Nae borra.

  29. Honestly if it wasn’t the Dahvie Vanity drama rn everyone is avoiding I would give him props but this is to save face period.

  30. He shouldn’t have shared abt his taxi driver because he seems to just want praise it’s nice but not necessary to share

  31. If they've gone past their fight and moved on and are OK why are people still hateful and bringing it back on like dafuq?

  32. Therea nun wrong with giving money to help. It can help get food and other things that r needed. He went off on those who nvr supported him and tried to get money from him. I do think that u can say positive words to ppl u r no longer friends with no matter the fallout tho.

  33. Oh ppl, can't y'all just shut tf up and just appreciate help from other people than shading them into nonsense ?

    And can y'all just MOVE ON. You're not THEM, and only constant in this world is CHANGE. periodt

  34. my husband cant stay at home because his boss wont allow it, and if he stays at home we wont have any food and milk for my baby

  35. It’s funny how people don’t @ celebrities when talking shit about them. Why be so negative? In hard times like this, we need to stay hopeful, positive, and kind.

  36. I’m not a fan of Jeffery or any makeup guru in general but I find this really awesome that he gave his money for people in need. I also don’t know when it became wrong to compliment someone

  37. I’m all for giving people help during this difficult time. Good job on Jeffree for that. BUT (and its a big but) what we’re NOT here for is SUDDENLY forgetting all the shit Jeffree tried to pull just so he can win people over. Yall better not be AMNESIA HAVING individuals. Smh.

  38. Beautiful thing the money cycles back and the love spreads as well. So nothing wrong with Jeffrey doing his thang to help. Help one another!

  39. He's also the same guy who said he'd never associate with Dhavie, AN ACTUAL PR*DATOR, again but then went on tour with him soooooo

  40. Im a fan of the kardashians but um what are they using their fan base for ? Their not even promoting any fun raise to help those in need about this situation😔😔😔 i-.

  41. This is a weird pattern I just can't ignore from Jeffree. I mean, first Blood On The Dance Floor, those accusations, then become like brothers? Now suddenly after accusing James of the worst, he's now friendly with him? WTF is going on?

  42. Forgiveness and generosity is good for the immune system. Criticism and negativity now so much. Lets all try and stay healthy and positive with each other.

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