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Impeachment Trial Day 5: Trump’s lawyers to give opening arguments

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  1. What a shame of the US having to endure more lies at the senate by these lawyers. The evidence is so OVERWHELMING against Trump – no matter how the defense laywers try to spin it.

  2. Mr, pat cipalone the only evidence that is hide is the witnesses and documents those are the real facts now if you can dispute all them text and condinarion from officials if you can dispute that then but then the Americans people will believe you stop all your bs

  3. EATHER there are many TROLLS, Or they just weren't LISTENING to ALL the evidence that was presented the past few days .
    Obvious that the White House is hiding Guilty, CRIMINAL PRACTICES.
    IMPEACH and REMOVE the Lieing King PHYCOPATH Trump and his Administration.
    SelfServing GREEDY FASCISTS.

    Free the children from CAGES!
    And REINSTATE the Endangered Species Act!!!
    Protect our Environment and National Parks!
    VOTE BLUE! and
    The New Green Deal! ….
    KENTUCKY has the

  4. If pro life is the goal, wouldn't Mike Pence be a Way better person to further that goal?? someone who actually believes in the movement?

  5. If TRUMP was concerned about Burden Shares why when asked about hold up aide to Ukrainian How come TRUMP didn't state that.THAT IS WHY WE NEED A FULL TRIAL AND LET THE TRUTH FALL WHERE IT MAY

  6. After hearing more of the transcripts than what the democrats shared, how can anyone not see that this impeachment is not legitimate, and that CBS is bias!

  7. Why didn’t Schiff show all the testimony from the wittnesses, only the ones that make their claim. CBSN is just as bias as CNN. Just listen to what the wittnesses actually said. Like the Prsendent’s lawyers state, why should you believe that they can read their mind and what they really meant to say.

  8. Sticks and stones break bones names will Never hurt us. And about those threats ? They proved Trump is a threat to society ! An embarrassment to our country🇺🇸

  9. Time for witnesses and documents. This slapdash presentation was an insult to anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

  10. Only the President and Rudy fruity and all the kings men are on recordings saying that they did it and that they were directed to quid pro quo everything including there underpants.

  11. Trump Never Loses!!!
    ….. except the time he bankrupted Trump Taj Mahal (1991), Trump’s Castle and Trump Plaza Casinos (1992), Trump Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts (2004), Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009), Trump Steaks
    ,GoTrump (online travel site), Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump: The Game,Trump Magazine, Trump University, Trump Ice (bottled water), The New Jersey Generals (pro football team), Tour de Trump (bicycle race), Trump Network (nutritional supplements), Trumped! (syndicated radio spot). but yeah except those things and the popular vote he wins everything!!

    Go Trump!!!


  13. Why doesn't Trump just release the full transcript of the call and have the people who could prove his innocence testify on his behalf? Because he is GUILTY!

  14. Evidence is a bi-partisan issue: tell these Senators that the President’s impeachment trial must include witness testimony and documents. Allow subpoenas! Romney: 202-224-5251, Murkowski: 202-224-6665, McSally: 202-224-2235, Gardner: 202-224-5941, Collins: 202-224-2523, Burr: 202-224-3154, Alexander: 202-224-4944

  15. So then went from Ukraine didn't know the hold was on to ambassador maria's what. To what is his point now we in real time . Un organized. Thats the point.

  16. "if you are really interested in finding out the truth, why would you run a process the way they ran, if you were really confident in your position on the facts,why would you lock everybody out of it?" Says the guys stopping witnesses, evidence from coming to this process? Could those pigs be more hypocritical? Time for the second amendment to fully kick in if this impeachment fails, time to remove the tyrant with our "hard evidence".

  17. Let me help the people who r clearly either brainwashed or ignorant (or both) the evidence presented in these opening arguments are a) the house didnt follow the law when starting proceedings which renders their supenas void. B) trump didnt bribe Ukraine. His job is to investigate corruption and to take other countries pay their aid. C) the dems own witnesses either defended trump or admitted they either "felt" or "assumed" what the presidents motives r but they had no evidence and in fact the evidence proves trump innocent.

    These r just a few facts.

  18. Well honey we worried about the corruption in America. Thats why you trying to explain Why is America trying to future corrupt Ukrainians?

  19. Have you ever been bullied? (Not by Trump of course but by another). What did you do? Especially if they were bigger than you. Did you stand up to them and call them out? Probably not. Now what if they had something you needed. I’m guessing you would say what Zelensky did-no pressure. Nothing happened. Everything is perfect.

  20. So Ukraine is corrupt that trump thought it would be easy to pass the corruption on Ukraine but then you would have to go up against your own FBI which trump did infront of Putty boy now that is like who is bombing who is our president bombing America or oking Russia to do as they please with America.

  21. The very 1st day of hearing this guy was barking like a dog now he is talking so smooth what a conniving liar lawyers are they do anything for Money.

  22. Call in the witnesses!!!! That's the only way to truly let the world know what a crooked mobster we have to endure as a President!! And the truth shall set you free!!! Good or bad

  23. These guys are lawyer's not politicians.They may have study or cheated the law degree. However they know nothing about history. And can't go over and over it cause they don't know it.

  24. They continue to lie about things that the Democrats addressed already, even yet people like Adam Schiff already called that they were going to lie about these things before they even did it. That's how predictable and THIN their case is in representing the President…It's SOOO THIN that Adam Schiff was able to call all of these arguments out and REFUTE them in JUST his closing argument.

  25. Republicans defence seems to be based around talking verrrrry verrrrrry slowly so no one notices they aren’t actually saying anything 😀

  26. To go up against your own FBI is treason. The only way is if the FBI is on the take. And members have to be remove. This is the case with the republication party.

  27. I'm the president of Ukraine why would I bite the hand that feeds me I don't care what how he said it but I will not bite the hand that feeds me that's the true statement of how it's played out

  28. Just imagine Ukraine saying President Trump pressured me President Trump threaten me if I don't say what I say nobody chair it's all good it's all good

  29. 1 Burden sharing bs europe had funded Ukraine 13b in the last 18 months 2. Ukraine had been checked and approved over corruption back in May . I bet Trump already hates his lawyers cause theyre quite calm and weak.

  30. Where has Pelosi been hiding out? More plastic surgery? Another vacation? Hiding her cut of the cash stolen during the Obama looting?

  31. Look, the House did a crappy job and knew the President would not be removed, it was a political play to ruff up the Presidents campaign because everyone knows the entire list of democrat candidates are not even remotely elevated to Trumps level, the bogus impeachment is an unethical attempt to level the 2020 Presidential race playing field. Sense democrats have repeatedly said Biden was the democrat opponent, the democrats should be forced to use Biden, the smelling little girls hair Joe Biden, the elderly disabled military veteran attacker Joe Biden, the Ukraine criminal Joe Biden, sure, lets put Joe, yes, I really do think we must put Joe Biden up against President Trump

  32. Who cares about the pause it's still coming nobody pays their bills on time and you're all getting bent out of shape out of delusional thought you folks out there a really pathetic intellectual morons and you should go oxygenate your an embarrassment to the human race shame on you folks intellectual morons may God have mercy on your soul and I live in Hanalei Kauai the most beautiful place in Paradise and the rest of you folks your mental you're all your mental and you don't know what you don't even know you're all sick you're all sick mind it but there's millions of you and you don't see outside the circle of life


  34. THERE IS no limits for the lefty democrats congress will go just to impeach Trump I think these democrats have something to hide and there worried Trump is going bring it out in the open or either they cant get by with there with there evil ways of doing things I mean it's got to be something to that nature they can't stand this man since day one and he has done more FOR THIS COUNTRY IN JUST THREE YEARS TIME THAN ANY PRESIDENT IV EVER SEEN IN MY 62 YEARS OF BEING ON THIS EARTH

  35. Attention Trump Haters. You are losers. You lost in 2016. You will lose this attempt to remove the President. You will lose again in 2020. I yearn to her your zombie screams of anguish when Trump wins in November.

  36. These people have simply no Credibility or Dignity, Their a bunch of Ruthless lyning Criminals, Welcome too the Trump Era ! 🤢

  37. he Sunday Times reports that, upon meeting the German chancellor, President Trump allegedly handed her a bill for over 300 billion euros (or roughly $326 billion) that he feels Germany owes NATO and the United States, as each NATO country is expected to pay 2 percent of its GDP toward defense. (Update: A spokesperson for the German government has denied the report. The Sunday Times is standing by its story.) And though Germany is upping its spending in that area, it still falls below that threshold. The bill reportedly tallied up all amounts below that threshold since 2002 and added interest. Apparently the Germans, who let us remember ARE OUR ALLIES, did not take kindly to the gesture.

  38. Ok, Pat Cippolone lied about Trump's track record with Russia….. Trump has NEVER confronted Putin regarding interference in the 2016 election. Why, because he, and Putin are pretty much best buddies (note how he's talked about not only letting Russia BACK into the G-8 summit, but also lifting sanctions that were imposed, however long ago…. Idiot

  39. TRUMP IGNORANCE 🤷‍♂️ In an interview with the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung newspaper to be published Monday, Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel also hit back at Trump’s comments, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.

    “A sensible security policy is not just buying tanks, driving defense spending to insane heights and escalating the arms race,” he said. “A reasonable policy means crisis-prevention, stabilization of weak states, economic development and the fight against hunger, climate change and water scarcity.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAi8-Rfa6EU

  40. They are not in the business of impeaching president Trump. Those who are interested in impeachment of the president should have made a thorough investigation before they could rush to impeach.

  41. They shouldn’t even be talking about “evidence” or “facts” the defense clearly don’t care about those things

  42. ALSO, for anyone who remembers the summit in Helsinki, Putin was asked BY reporters if Russia interfered in the 2016 election

    Putin lied, said Russia did not, yet Trump didn't go on the record, confronting him on this. He basically parroted what Putin said

    This is why Trump needs to be removed

  43. Can you see people the difference when Republicans can't talk they way they usually do. How they sound… like a dog without a biscuit. No bark

  44. well, I could be wrong about this part, I'm not sure, but I think because the defense only used 2 hours today that they willingly forfeit 6 of the 8 hours they have on Saturday, I'm really not sure of that but that is how I see it, but who knows, it doesn't really matter, it is what it is.

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