What is Dropshipping?

I Searched For Hand Sanitizer During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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  1. is everybody with covid-19 going to be shitting for a few monts??????????????????? whats up with that paper??

  2. 6:51 I believe you were trying to say "Don't buy bottled water if you normally drink it at home". Saying "Don't buy bottled water if you don't normally drink it at home" is a double negative which translates to "Buy bottled water if you normally drink it at home".

  3. Masks should definitely be worn if you have some other illness, are immunocompromised, old, or in constant contact with the sick (healthcare providers). But don’t say that masks are useless because why else would healthcare providers need them. Obviously you don’t need 1000 of them but a couple on hand can go a long way

  4. This video is good, but a bit irresponsible. People should be buying canned foods and non-perishables, because grocery shortages are imminent.

  5. What’s funny is normal people want to stock up just so it’s available for you when you need it. I bought an extra container of formula because everyone’s buying out formula! I don’t want to need it 3/4 weeks from now and not be able to get it.

  6. When everyone are panicking and you are so calm, tomorrow you went to Costco, no chicken wing? Where is my Fk chicken wing. 😭😭FYI, I live in NYC.

  7. Currently under limited movement order, but people are still disobeying, so now they had to call the air, land and sea army to catch people still moving about

  8. People have definitely thought of everywhere to hit up. I went on websites I know of you would think people wouldn't think to use and everything was pretty much sold out. It's just mass hysteria and it's fascinating and sad to see.

  9. This is honestly awful. The fact that no one has stopped and thought about the consequences of buying out entire stores is terrible. Like, do you really only think about yourself???? Please imagine other people's struggles to find these items before taking it all for yourself and not letting anyone else survive

  10. It’s honestly crazy. After going to 5 different stores and couldn’t find hand sanitizer. I tried to make my own but the ingredients necessary were sold out at all my local stores, so we’ll see what happens

  11. I didn't really have any problems, I always have a good amount of stuff in my house at all times. However minute I heard Tom Hanks and his wife were infected, I immediately got up and left the house and got a little extra because I knew what was coming and sure enough but the evening the next day, stuff was getting wiped out. The stores should have immediately stopped the pigs buying up tons of stuff and implemented limits right at the beginning. I do hate you people buying up the face masks that stops doctors and nurses from taking care of sick people, I hate you a lot. 😒

  12. We were doing inventory at my job and one of my co workers found a random box full of hand sanitizer so I bought a few thankfully

  13. Most people don’t know this but five below does sell hand sanitizer especially the really big bottles for only 5 dollars even the 10z bottles of Purell are like $3.25

  14. Imagine the people who went out to mass buy face masks in the beginning, only to realize later that they don’t do anything lol.

  15. Luckily for me I had a stockpile of TP. (I ordered a huge pack from Walmart for pickup. My mom didn't realize and bought the same pack when she was coming back from work. So we got a good amount. – We live out in the country so we tend to buy large amounts of everything except for produce, eggs, milk and bread. That's our twice weekly grocery shopping buys.)

  16. So Buzzfeed is just sending there employees out into a place where there even legally not supposed to go to get those germs like seriously

    Edit- sorry if you don’t understand what I said

  17. F.Y.I- The reason why the date says March 12, 2020, is because these videos are pre-recorded and then later uploaded.

  18. So many people felt it was so super super necessary to point out the wrong date put on the video that I had to stop reading the comments out of sheer annoyance which is probably just as well – I got stuff to do! 😀

  19. The complacency shown by buzzfeed staff in this video is exactly why the virus is spreading so fast in Europe and US. And why countries that have people work together like Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan are containing the spread. U have real complacent and selfish people in the west

  20. Imagine going to costco and finding out there are no baby wipes left. Finally found a HT that had a pack but seriously that was one item I didnt even consider running out

  21. I live in Hollywood. I've already checked the same stores Aria has. Watching it was like: yep, checked there. And there. And there.
    One thing I will say though: If I passed Aria while I did all my shopping and didn't notice him? I don't know what I'd do

  22. I appreciate this video. I work at Walgreens and there's no saying when the warehouses for the nation are going to be receiving anymore sanitizer, masks, or cleaners to send to the stores. We've been wiped out for over a month now, and people need to chill about it. It's absolutely astonishing at how greedy all the panic buyers have been and ruined it for everybody else who genuinely needs these products (even baby wipes, which makes me want to cry given that most of those buying them don't even have infants with sensitive skin who genuinely need those). We're all struggling and anxious about it, and getting mad at employees and harassing them about the lack of things (not to mention asking when we'll be getting more when we don't know that answer) is freaking exhausting. Trust me, it'll be on the news once we start getting these items again given the demand for them. We just have to sit tight, be creative with our resources, and support one another (from a distance, of course) until things settle down over the next few weeks. Please be kind, patient, distant, and respectful to those serving you and having to work in the crazy, even if there's a statewide lockdown ( not to mention everyone else around you). Hope everyone stays well, and washes their hands! ❤

  23. Ung. I love buzzfeed videos, but this one is such a miss. Maybe it wasn’t clear when this was filmed that this needed to be taken really seriously. But it’s clear now. Should’ve just not released this

  24. As someone in healthcare, PLEASE stop buying masks and gloves! It's important that we still have them available when we see sick patients and are handling contaminated body fluids and tissue samples.

  25. The state government in ohio wants all employers to test employees temperature so it's now impossible to find a thermometer. Social distancing does not work well if people still are all up against you. 🙁

  26. Can't agree with the guy on the phone saying the facemask does nothing. The fact is there's no scientific research saying that it does nothing, it's just people assuming that it does nothing. Also, people buying them doesn't create shortages for doctors because they come from different sources, if a doctor is expected to go to a shop and buy their own facemasks, there's clearly something wrong with the system… I know there's a shortage of facemasks for doctors rn but that only means the hospitals have way more traffic than usual and the stock is simply not enough

  27. Why is buzzfeed making you get hand sanitizer in the middle of a pandemic where you could literally get the virus?? Not cool. California JUST went on lockdown

  28. Hey, I just thought I'd mention that taking NSAIDs makes the virus worse. Don't take that Motrin if you get it! Vitamin D is said to help with the severity, but NSAIDs are found to help the virus bind to your cells more easily.

  29. 8:30 Thanks for that, really calmed me. I'm not really afraid of the virus, more so the people buying all the food and supplys.

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  31. 6:15 so why it is not useful when people wearing a face mask to meet (potential) sick people when so many people actually cough so openly in the public?

  32. the problem with the face mask is that people are more worried about the fact that some people are infected but have no idea about it..i have one mask which i bought months ago n i use it because people around me cough but don’t use mask..it’s funny people who are healthy are wearing mask while sick people don’t even bother covering their mouth when sneezing and coughing..

  33. If you stay home and wash your hands properly with soap, how many bottles of hand sanitizer do you need? 🙏🏽 god help us all

  34. Go on Mercari! The selling app, they’re lots of hand sanitizers and toilet paper/household items. Some are good priced and some are more expensive. But it’s worth a try 🤷🏽‍♀️, I got my hand sanitizer from there.

  35. Bruh, I’m a nurse practitioner and srsly people don’t need masks unless 1 you spend major time in the hospital setting or around sick individuals. 2 you don’t need so many things to stock up this isn’t the end of the world or the purge, buy what u need for 2-3 weeks then return back and buy it again, this over accumulation of buying everything is honestly for people who don’t know how the world works or how a viral infection works. U don’t need 30 bottles of hand sanitizer, fyi it kills good bacteria so stop using it 24/7 just wash your damn hands, and secondly u only wear mask around sick people or if u are sick, N-95 are not gonna stop u from getting sick, or catching it.

  36. Stop buying masks! Stop buying gloves! Those of us in the healthcare industry need them! Doctors in the front lines need them! Please!

  37. There is so much did information in this video. Face masks are effective, not for you but for others. There is a famous saying my face mask protects you, your face mask protects me. Why do you thing pretty much all Europe requires wearing a face mask when going put, the same with china

  38. Here in Asia, almost everyone wear face masks. Especially in Japan or Korea, we are very use to wearing face masks it's like wearing a wedding ring everyday XD

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