What is Dropshipping?

How to create an online course THAT SELLS (from a 7 figure course creator)

So you want to create an online course and
actually sell your online course. Well, I, this is crazy to say, but I have
actually generated over $6 million in revenue in core sales over the last couple of years
since I started my online course business. And I have created different kinds of courses,
I have tested different things, I have been through a lot in the last couple of years
in building my online course business. And this is the first time I’m really sharing
everything that I’ve learned so that it can fast track your progress in creating your
online course and show you that it’s not as complicated as you might think. And that the key to really growing a successful
online course business is keeping things very simple. So I’m going to break down all the steps in
just a second here. And this video was inspired by the fact that
I work with a lot of people in developing their entire online marketing strategy organically
and also helping them build their courses. So one of my clients just recently sent me
a message and said, I’m starting my pop tomorrow, which you’ll know what a pop is in just a
second. But basically starting her course tomorrow
with four students enrolled $2,000 in my bank and one more might come in later today. I’m freaking out that I did it. I’m in shock right now that this is possible
with no website, no logo, no branding colors, and I’m still putting finishing touches on
my first lesson. So the reason I wanted to share that with
you is because you don’t have to build a course start to finish in order to sell it and to
make thousands of dollars in revenue, you actually are able to presale your course. And I’m going to show you what that looks
like today and why it’s so beneficial to the sustainability and the success and the client
results you’re going to get with your course. So let’s dive in to this first because this
is something you really need to understand if you’re going to have any kind of online
business, particularly if you’re going to have an online course business this is what
I call the flywheel. And there’s a lot of really successful businesses
in the world that use a flywheel to figure out what are the key pieces that are creating
the momentum that keep their business running. So you kind of think of this, this is like
the engine behind your business. And I got this idea from Jeff Bezos at Amazon. He has a flywheel behind their business and
this is where it came from. So I was like, okay, well if I look at my
business, what are the key pieces that keep it running that are the engine behind it? So it’s the course is up at the top here and
then from there, obviously if you have an online course you need to get people in the
course to prove it actually works so then it’s your enrollment. So you need to enroll clients this is where
you do the sales process. So your course, your enrollments, and then
you have your transformation. So whenever somebody enrolls in your course,
the ideal situation is you’re taking them from zero to hero. And I’m going to talk about that a lot today. And if you’re excited about this video and
you’re really excited to build your own course, give this video like be sure to hit the subscribe
button and the bells to be notified for new videos every single week and lots and lots
of info, especially to blow up your online business. So course two enrollment and then customer
transformation. So ideally in your course you’re providing
a formula to transform your clients because that’s when your clients get results, that’s
when they’re happy, and then they become your ambassadors. So how this all works is, I’m running out
of room. How this all works is you have your course
at the top, you enroll your clients, you go through the sales process, enroll clients. Those clients then get a transformation. Those clients that are so happy with their
transformation in the course and the results that you provided, that they become your greatest
ambassadors. And then they refer everyone they know to
enroll in your course and that increases your sales. And then you have more enrollment, more transformation,
more ambassadors, and it starts to pick up momentum to build your business even faster. So this is the online business engine that
I like to use in our business and it applies to any business that has an online course. So your most profitable course, it is not
hidden out there in the world or in something somebody else is doing. And probably the biggest mistake that I see
people make when they’re trying to build a course is they just copy someone else’s. That just doesn’t work. And if it does work, it’s not going to last
for long because the amazing benefit that you have met each of us has is that you are
the expert in your experience. So your most profitable course lies in a problem
you’ve solved for yourself or for somebody else, an obstacle you’ve overcome, a skill
that you’ve mastered, a career that you’ve had and the expertise and experience that
came with that or your own zero to hero journey, i.e. one of my clients is a stylist and she
became a celebrity stylist and she was like, “You know what there’s a lot of people who
want to learn this skillset so I’m going to help them learn how to become a celebrity
stylist.” So that is her course that she created and
she’s enrolling students all the time and it’s so cool to see, and it can be on anything. It doesn’t have to be on building a business. I’ve also talked about another client of mine
who helps women heal their acne with food. And I’ve got clients in the dating space,
the real estate space. I’ve got people who teach everything across
the board how to become an accountant, like all the things because honestly if there’s
a problem out there that can be solved, there is a course that can be made around it and
there’s people that are looking to pay you for your experience, your expertise and that
solution. So don’t get too hung up on needing to have
a certain like degree or certification or whatever in order to be a teacher and to be
a course creator. For me, all my course hit all of these things. I had a tiny little consultancy. I was working one on one with my clients. I was doing all social media for them. I got super burnt out and I also couldn’t
take on any more clients and so I had to figure out a way to handle and manage my clients
without needing to go to more meetings and getting on more phone calls. So out of pure desperation, I decided to film
a YouTube video to answer their questions and send it to them instead of having to individually
go to meetings. That video took off. I was totally surprised by it and it was a
light bulb moment of, wow, YouTube is really powerful for lead generation and bringing
in clients and all of these things. And a couple of years later, we’ve now, like
I said, built a multimillion dollar course business and I’ve been able to scale to help
thousands of people around the world using my formula, using my experience, using my
expertise and the system, the sunny system that we’ve created. So you have your own experience, your own
expertise that you’ve created in your own life and your own zero to hero journey. And in that journey and in the problem you
have solved lies your most profitable course idea because entrepreneurs are problem solvers
and people want to pay to solve their problems. So that is where your most profitable course
idea actually lies. Now how do you actually create your course? So we break it down into really four steps. So the very first step is where your client
is at zero. So this is where your client is that the zero
state and you want to take them up to the hero state. So this is my really bad looking mountain. You want to think about it as I’m climbing
a mountain. So the clients at the zero state, and this
is when they’re challenged, they’re frustrated, they’re in pain, they have a problem that
they really, really need solved. And so zero state and then the next piece
is your actual course and the solution. So they’re investing in the solution, which
is your course. Inside of your course you have who are transformation. So you give your clients a formula that is
based on your own experience, your own expertise, your own research that takes your client. Oh my gosh, my handwriting is the worst zero
to hero. So once they understand the formula, they
apply the formula, they become the hero, they become the hero of their own story. They become successful in solving that problem
and they are so happy to talk about how amazing your course is. So when you’re actually creating your course,
we do this in reverse. So you want to know both sides, you want to
know where is your client when they’re in the zero state. And this comes from just talking to as many
people as possible about what you do and the problem you want to solve. Because once you do, you start to open up
the flood Gates for people to tell you what the [inaudible 00:08:11] pain points are. So you really get to understand what their
zero position is. So then when you have this laid out, you go
backwards. So you start with your outcome. You want to start with the hero outcome. This is how you build your course curriculum. What is the hero state that my client wants
to achieve, for my clients that say profitable, automated, evergreen online business. So that’s our hero state. The zero state for our clients is they have
no visibility. They might be an expert, but they don’t have
any following online. They don’t know how to monetize their message
outside of one-to-one work. So that’s their zero state and we want to
get them up here. So from the hero state, you take it to your
formula and you figure out, okay, if I want my clients to get to here and have that outcome,
what’s the formula or the curriculum that I need to take them through and the steps
that I need to take them through to get them there. And that becomes your course and that takes
your client from zero to hero. So that’s the basic overview of the process
of how you create your online course. Plus, if you are going to do this and you
want to create your online course, we help people do this all the time, every day in
our Authority Accelerator course. So I put a link to apply for the Authority
Accelerator in the description below so that we can help you do this for yourself. Okay, so that is the zero to hero in creating
your course. And then pre-selling your course, which blows
me people’s minds that they can actually sell their course before they create it. But this is what we teach because if you look
at any of the big companies in the world, they often start with a prototype. So that’s why we call our course course model
and how we teach our clients to build their courses. A profitable offer prototype, which means
that you’re creating the curriculum for your course, but you’re not necessarily recording
the videos and packaging it perfectly because you don’t really know what your client needs
until you work with them. So the first time that you launch your course,
what we teach our clients to do is to sell it based on the formula and the curriculum
and the transformation they’re going to provide. Because you know that when you create your
outline like we just did on the previous page, you know what the formula looks like, curriculum. Wow. Looks like you know what the transformation
is going to be when your client goes from zero to hero. So you simply start enrolling your clients,
selling people into your program and telling them it starts on X date and I’m going to
be doing it live with you and teaching you live and that’s how you presale your course. And we have clients pre-selling their courses
for thousands of dollars because the pain is so high and people are so in need of that
transformation. And if you want to know more about pricing,
definitely watch this video because it breaks down the whole pricing model and how to charge
a premium price for your services and your offer. So your pop is your profitable offer prototype
because until you get your offer, whether it’s a product, a service, et cetera, into
the hands of the real world, you have no idea if people are going to like it, use it, want
it, if it works, if the curriculum works, if the curriculum is in the right order, and
I’m telling you there is so much experience, this is vital. You do not want to go through the time and
effort of building a course that you think is good, that you think you’re teaching in
the right way. And then have clients come in and not get
results or get really frustrated because it’s not teaching them exactly what they need to
know. So the whole point of doing it as a prototype
model is you have your curriculum, but you actually deliver that curriculum in a live
setting with your clients. So you know what to subtract, what to keep
in, what order to put your curriculum in and you can iterate and change and update it as
you deliver it live over six to eight weeks. And then you’re able to package it and turn
it into an evergreen course, meaning that it becomes self study and people can study
the curriculum inside of a program portal which is a place where you can host your lessons
and prerecorded videos so you do it live first and then you do over it evergreen. So that is what it looks like to presale your
course. Now the easiest way to sell because I know
you’re wondering that is like I said at the beginning with that client who messaged me,
you don’t need a website, you don’t need a logo, you don’t need fancy brand, you don’t
need anything other than the ability to talk to people. Your first clients will come from what I like
to call the no friction sales funnel because it’s no tech, no mess, no hassle. Because what you need when you create your
course is you need cashflow. You need confidence to know that your course
actually works and that you feel good about selling it because selling it can be a thing
for people and you want to get client results as quickly as possible because the faster
you get client results, what happens? The faster you get ambassadors to sell more
of your course. So you just want to get people in the door
so wasting time on tech and all of the things waste so much of your time and money that
you may not have. So that’s why we need to create that cashflow. So it’s simply is you make profitable content,
which I’m going to show you in a second. And then from that profitable content, you
ask people to book a call with you, you get them on the phone and they enroll. That’s as simple as it needs to be. You take them through this whole process and
that’s what it takes to sell your course in the beginning you don’t need anything else. All of our clients who are making thousands
of dollars without even building their course are doing this. They’re not building websites, they’re not
building fancy tech, they’re not having an email sequence cause none of that stuff matters
if your course doesn’t actually work. So we need to get clients in the door as quickly
as possible. So that’s the easiest way to sell. Now your content to get people in the door
looks like this. So you have expert content that you’re going
to share across all platforms. Inside of the Authority Accelerator Program,
we actually give you all the templates for this kind of content and swipe files to use
for this kind of content across Instagram, Instagram stories, YouTube, Facebook, all
these things. So what it means and what it stands for, the
expert acronym is you’re going to educate your client. You’re going to share your own experience,
your own zero to hero experience because nothing makes you an expert more than experience. Problem solving, you’re going to share the
content that you’re sharing is solving a problem that’s relevant to them, relevant to their
pain points, and it gives them a signal to take action to book a call with you to get
the transformation that they’re looking for. So there’s lots of examples on my own Instagram
page of what profitable content looks like. And even this YouTube video is an idea of
profitable content. Because I’m educating you, I’m sharing my
own experience. I’m just telling you how to solve the problem
of creating a course that actually sells, how to execute on it. It’s relevant to your pain point because if
you weren’t in pain about this, you wouldn’t still be watching this video. And I’m telling you to take action to apply,
to actually work with me to help you build this. So it’s kind of meta. So the final piece of this is when you turn
it evergreen, this is what everyone waits for. So when sales just start rolling in on autopilot. And so what this looks like, really simply
put, we have the whole evergreen sales machine, but this is like the very basic version of
it is you have traffic, so you need to get traffic coming in, which is basically just
people. People need to know what you do. You need to get that brand awareness out there. That traffic then turns into a member of your
email list, get them onto your list, see if you can capture them. So even if they don’t buy right away, they
eventually will because you will continue to nurture them. You then send them to a webinar, a masterclass,
some sort of training that introduces them to what your program is all about and educates
them and then you make them a customer. So this is when you turn the whole thing evergreen,
and this is when you take that live version of your course, you prepackage it and you
put it into a prerecorded version of the course that people can study at anytime, anywhere
in the world. And it allows you to build a very scalable
business because you’re no longer trading time for dollars and you’re no longer doing
one-on-one work. And I can tell you firsthand that I would
never be where I am today if I continue to do the one-to-one work or worked with clients,
companies, et cetera individually because I just didn’t have enough time in the day
and I’m actually able to make a bigger impact by packaging my Intel and my expertise. And you have something really important to
share with the world and you have a really important experience this year with the world. So why do you keep repeating the same things
over and over again to individual clients as opposed to making a bigger impact by packaging
your expertise into an online course that anyone in the world can study at any time
to get those results and transformations faster. So a little bit of a mindset shift, but it’s
an amazing thing when you get there. So that’s how you create a highly, highly
scalable offer, highly scalable course. And I wanted to just bring it back because
this all takes us back to the beginning of this, which is the flywheel. So if you go back to the business flywheel,
there was a lot of notes in here, I might have to cut some of this out. You can see that we’ve covered all these steps
to build real momentum in your online business, your online course business, online education
business. You have your course that you know delivers
a real transformation. You enroll your clients in a really easy,
simple way as long as it’s not evergreen. Because when it’s evergreen, you can do it
in like a more techie way to automate it, but you enroll your clients, you create their
transformation, they become your rock star ambassadors who then continue to sell your
course for you and it creates this crazy momentum of growth for your online business. So that’s how I do it. That’s how I’ve learned to do it over years
of trial error, figuring it out, making mistakes, and finally coming up with an actual formula
that works to create a highly scalable, highly profitable online course. Leveraging online marketing aspects from across
the board. So if you want to have a full strategy of
this, if you actually want to implement this and do this for yourself, like I said, book
a call with us below or apply to see if you qualify to book a call. Where we’re very particular about who we have
in the program. If you want to know why you should watch this
video, but we want to work with online coaches, experts, course creators and consultants. And so if you’re not a fit for this program,
we will definitely let you know and we will let you know where you should go instead. But this is for anyone who is an expert who
wants to monetize their message and their Intel and grow their business organically. So apply below. You can grab that link in the description
below and I hope that I get to work with you soon and I hope this was really helpful for
you. If this was give us video, like subscribing
put the bell to be notified every single time I make a new video and I can’t wait to see
you in the next one. In the meantime, make sure you check out these
videos next to help propel your business even faster. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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  47. anyone that has a phone can make an income at home with, simply Google with-out gaps E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

  48. Hi Sunny..I am big fan of yours…I have a question about which online platform/websites are best for offering online course? Thanks

  49. Thanks so much for this Sunny! I just launched an online sewing course and have been getting LOADS of interest but no one has signed up just yet. Class doesn't begin until the end of this month but I'm confident that I'll have at least 10 participants.

    I literally did every single thing you mentioned which let's me know that I'm headed in the right direction so thanks for the confirmation.

    One thing I did run into a snag with is the selling part so that progession that you shared will definitely help!

    Thanks so much! I hope to one day work with you closely!

  50. I was at first thinking, how do I find clients without branding, then I remember I meet people out all the time that become interested just from a conversation. Ha ha. This was an excellent video for motivation. Thank you.

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  53. Sunny – I've been watching your videos for just over a year and for some reason, while I was watching this particular video, I truly felt like you were talking to me. I've created a case management system for the legal community that is doing amazing and really selling, but I've hit a ceiling and can't take on more clients. I know I can create a great course, but execution of it eludes me because of the immense options available. Of course, I want it to be perfect – don't we all. I finally started my business and YouTube channel (just under a year ago) after absorbing all of your inspiration and fabulous content. It's going so well, and I have a platform and audience. Why is execution so hard? However, I think this was the video I needed to finally push me to get the course out there, and for this, I wanted to thank you so much for being you and doing what you do. Great, simple, to-the-point, content!

  54. Great video Sunny, not only that you always deliver valuable content, but your positivity translates through your videos making it a joy to watch!🌞👍🏼🌸

  55. Give thanks for the info. for my creative entrepreneurs dealing with Mental Health, anxiety and Trauma. The Healer is putting together a very practical course in Spirituality and Holistic Livity. The Peace that comes from Understanding is the intended outcome, bless.

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