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how to cope with isolation & staying at home

How to cope with being stuck at home Yesterday we discussed ten ways to be more
productive and feel more motivated while working from home. But despite any increase in your productivity
levels during your working hours you may feel stuck and lacking the inspiration to do anything
else besides sleeping and working. Adapting to a life at home 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, can be hard in the beginning, especially if you live in an apartment and
have very limited access to the outdoors. I think that one of the best ways to cope
with this new reality is allowing yourself to adapt to a new routine but without changing
the old one too much. Your life has key components that need to
be fulfilled, even if you’re not allowed to go outside. Exercising, socialising, eating healthy, learning
new things and having a healthy sleep schedule are all parts of a healthy lifestyle that
you can still pursue and mimic at home. Being stuck at home means that your planning
skills need to be the best they ever were. You may be dealing with a major lack of supplies,
delayed deliveries of food and medicine or other goods. If you have a business, you may be losing
clients so your finances need to reorganised accordingly. Furthermore, some your plans may have been
cancelled – I had to postpone my wedding so that means a LOT of planning and reorganising
to be done in a very short amount of time. Maybe you have a list of people you need to
call ASAP, classes and appointments to cancel, things to reschedule and supplies to order. If you still haven’t gotten a planner, a
bullet journal or an app that has the same purpose, now is the time to get it and use
it. So to make life a little bit less hectic,
make a list of 1) people you have to call, 2) supplies you need to get delivered and
3) things you need to cancel or postpone. And you can only cope with being stuck at
home if you’re taking care of yourself. People have different exercise needs but stopping
your old workout routine is worse than adapting it to the limited space in your house. Stretching, doing yoga or a low impact fitness
workout on a mat or, for those who can handle it, following a HIIT class online are all
things that can be done with very limited space and will grant at least some level of
activity, especially if you do it daily. Technology allows you to call and message
your friends and family, as well as video chatting with them or playing videogames online. You can create new routines based on these
new limitations. You can buddy read a couple of books and share
ideas with a close friend or even take a class online with someone. Also, I can’t stress enough that this is
the time to take care of your home. Open the windows, do your laundry, declutter
your space, scrub the floors. You’ll be spending so much time in the same
place so make sure it’s clean and you’ll feel so much better about being stuck home. And the lack of supplies in your area will
force you to be more creative in the kitchen. You can use this time to get out of your comfort
zone and try new things. Maybe you don’t have access to fresh bread
every day like you used to but you can use some flour, yeast and water to bake your own
bread. You can mix ingredients you’ve never tried
before, make your own snacks, cookies and cakes from scratch and even take the time
to take a look at your pantry and reorganise it. But even if you are able to stay healthy and
keep your home and your family healthy, staying behind closed doors for too long will probably
feel boring and tedious after the first couple of days. The thing is, you can always learn new skills
from home. There are dozens of things you can learn from
the comfort of your home in a couple of weeks and here are my top favorite: 1. You can learn how to speed-read;
2. You can learn the basics of sewing, stitching
and patching 3. You can learn how to brew the perfect cup
of coffee. 4. You can learn how to Improve your handwriting
5. You can learn the basics of a new language
6. You can learn new card games
7. You can learn learn the basics of coding
8. You can learn how to bake or cook a dozen
of different dishes 9. You can learn how to edit photos and videos
with more complex software 10. You can learn how to stretch properly or do
basic yoga poses 11. You can learn how to budget as well as the
basics of personal finance 12. You can learn how to write a short story
13. You can learn how to create a blog or website
14. And you can pick up any subject of your interest
and read about it online. You can get entertained with endless video
subscriptions, video games that you can purchase online, documentaries and tv shows, podcasts
and live music shows. You can order books from amazon and start
tackling that to-read list that you have been putting off for five years. You can start personal projects that you never
had the time to pursue before, like writing a book, starting a business, learning a major
skill or planning to redecorate your house when all of this is over. There are almost unlimited things you can
do at home and that will maybe even help the people around you. The fact that we are always connected will
help us get through this without feeling major isolation and boredom. And a tool that also keeps my experience online
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  1. It’s really really hard to work and to be productive from home … when you have TV next to you, the bed next to you, kitchen next to you, family around you 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 thanks for the video really 🙏🙏🙏

  2. "Distanced in real, connected with technologies".😄

    I am staying in an apartment away from home due to the job. I couldn't go home now as I am avoiding any air travel nowadays so it's been a week that I have to stay restricted in my apartment. It may sometimes feel lonely or boring due to social distancing but it's also the best time to focus on yourself and get your life back on track, or learning new productive habits.
    Moreover, even if we have to be distanced because of the virus threat but we can still connect with people using our phones.

  3. Omg, you have Sakura card captor available on your Netflix!!! I wish!!!, that was my favorite anime growing up after sailor moon!

  4. Thank you so much for uploading this!! because I come back from europe recently, i can't go outside for 2 weeks…so it's very useful♥

  5. As an introvert, my life didn't change of a bit 😀 I am able to study, workout, read, draw whenever I want with my time, saving so much time and money.

  6. Thank you, dear, 💜
    My cousins were becoming mad with this sudden change and your video is a lifesaver for us 🧘🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

  7. I want to establish my quarantine routine too, because it's good opportunity to create more content for YouTube and did something good after all. Wish all people the same inspiration for establishing new routine set.

  8. Hey Mariana! Sorry for this very OCD comment, but I noticed your Chemex filter is misplaced. You should always put the thickest part (the one that has the most layers) facing the groove side. It might feel wrong, but after rinsing the filter, it should stick properly to the glass.

  9. I was paralyzed for several days (mentally) but then I snapped out of it and have been super productive ever since – hope it stays that way lol. However, if I had that puppy… not sure I'd be able to do anything but snuggle😅

  10. I coudn't help but notice that you were listening to Fat Freddys Drop, and congrats, you have great taste!

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