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How To Claim WARRANTY On boAt Products PURCHASED Online! | Purchased From AMAZON Or FLIPKART!!

So hey guys! after a long time, back again with a brand new video! In today’s video I will show you. if you have boAt or any other company’s headphone, and if it’s not working properly under 1 year of warranty, So how you can claim warranty of that product. So today’s video will be absolutely awesome as you all know! 🙂 I am not gonna say much about the lockdown going on. (Covid-19 Pandemic) The whole India is facing lockdown for 21 days! So as you can see I had claimed the warranty of boAt product! boAt sent me the replaced product after like 10-15 days of the claiming the warranty. As you guys can see the replaced product right here. I will unbox this package and gonna share with you how you can also avail the warranty just like I did! 🙂 So let’s get right into the video! So here is the product that came to me as a replacement unit. It’s written ‘boAt’ & ‘plug into nirvana’ which is the company’s name & slogan respectively. So I already unboxed this product. So there is not much about the unboxing procedure. You can see the product bill/invoice/replacement bill whatever you can say. 🙂 So there is the main product, I’ll comeback on this in a second. Okay, so nothing much in the box. So here is the charger. To charge the wireless headphone, we can use that. And there are some other paperwork about the product. And also some extra earbuds as well! Thanks boAt 🙂 So let’s put the accesories aside. So this is the main headphone package. Let’s see what is there inside the box! So here is the headphone itself! Let’s put the boxes aside for now. So this is the headphone as a replacement product. Most probably the left side of the headphone was not working probably. So this is why I went for a replacement. Let’s go on the computer screen and see how you can avail the warranty as well!:) So firstly you have to open a browser. You guys can also follow the same procedure on mobile! I have Mozilla Firefox as the browser itselft. I am gonna search ‘boAt Support’ on Google. Go on the first website on the Google. Support.boat-lifestyle.com I will give the link in the description. So as you guys can see that there is a notice. As currently the whole country is in a lockdown situation due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. So that is why the replacement of products are currently stopped. Once the situation under control, they will start taking warranty claimes again. Click on the ‘Register A Complain’ button. Choose the product you defected product you own and want to replace. As I have a bluetooth headphone, I am gonna click on that. Put model no of the product. Select the color of your headphone/product if any. Put the pincode of your locality. Fill the necessary details in this page. Put the respectable shipping & pickup address. From where you are shipping the defected product & getting the replaced product itselft. Now choose the problem you are facing on the product. As one side of my product(earphone) was not working, I chose that. Write something about the problem you are facing on the product. Upload the Invoice you got while ordering the product itselft. It might be a digital softcopy(.PDF) or an Image of the hardcopy. I will show you how to download the Invoice from Amazon. Put the purchase date in that small box. Select “I agree with the Terms & Condition” & Complete the Captcha. To download the Invoice, if purchase from Amazon, Firstly open Amazon.in Then go to ‘Orders’ section The go to ‘Your Orders’ section. Search for the boAt product you purchased. As you can see on the top left of the product, there is a button for ‘Invoice’. So click on that button. And now download the Invoice from that page. Upload the downloaded Invoice on boAt’s support website while registering the complaint. So after completing all the necessary steps, You’ll get a message about the ticket number on your phone. Now if you want to check the progress of the replacement process, put the ticket no. on that box by clicking on ‘Check Status Of Ticket’. Pack the defected product on any box you have that has the space for the product. Use bubble wrap for safety if needed. And put shipping tape to seal the box. Don’t put any accesories in the box like charger, product box, extra earbuds, not even the ones you have in the earphone or anything beside the product. Once you finish the registration process of complain, pack the product & after 2-3 days the courier guy will come to your respected address to pickup the defected product. So you guys can avail the warranty of boAt or any other company’s product by following these simple steps. Comment down below if you have any questions. 🙂 I will definitely answer that !:) If you feel that this video was helpful for you, then you can like the video. 🙂 And you can also subscribe my channel for awesome vlogs, day to day hacks or other contents! 🙂 Comment down below if you have any problems. 🙂 Currently, the Covid-19 Pandemic is going on. So stay at home & get quarantined for some days. Wish you have a great day fam! 🙂

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