What is Dropshipping?


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Of the video I recently made: CNG Token coinsbit.io is a trading platform
Today, I will share the product they are launching. Coinsbit launches IEO: Initial Exchange Offering
They will launch today, Coinsbit Marketplace Token. CMT is a token by the Coinsbit Marketplace Team
that we can use to buy products online. And we can get discounts
from partners of coinsbit.io Of course, we can only get a discount if
We are token holder. Of course, we can only get a discount if
We are token holder. Coinsbit Marketplace Token, we can avail this at
0.000001 BTC Let’s take the opportunity
to get it while it’s cheap. It is available in BTC, ETH, USD,
EURO LTC, USDT, RUB Don’t miss this because
the value can get higher in time. And when it gets high, we can exchange it
in coinsbit.io and gain profit. How to avail CMT?
Or Coinsbit Marketplace Token? You need to sign up to coinsbit.io
I will put the link in my description box. Just tap or click Sign up.
You may use any email address here. Create a password.
And agree to its terms of service and Privacy policy. After you sign up, they will send a verification
In your email address. You need to verify your account
Before logging in. Good thing here in coinsbit.io
While you trade, you can also shop. You can shop even without cash.
Shop by using a cryptocurrency. If you have a balance in your account,
You may already shop online. In AliExpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay
And other marketplaces. We can use these stablecoins like
USDT, USDS, TUSD, and CNB These are the marketplaces
partnered with coinsbit.io If you are a holder of CNB,
You may avail discounts here in coinsbit partners. You may buy: What I know here in Amazon, if you want an
original US made products, you may shop it here. And if you want wholesale prices,
You may shop here in Alibaba Using our stablecoins to pay. Most of the sellers here in the Philippines..
They also get supplies here in Alibaba. You may now shop here online while trading. Coinsbit.io is an
Award Winning Cryptocurrency Exchange If you are looking for a trading platform.. Coinsbit.io is perfect for you.
They also accept VISA, Mastercard for deposit. We can also withdraw funds using
VISA or MasterCard It’s also very simple to trade here.
Easy step to start: Create a new account.
Make a deposit and Place your order. You may also check their Roadmap on site.
From 1st quarter to 4th quarter. You may also see their plan up to December 2020. You may download it using your Google Play.
I think, this is not yet available in IOS. If you are using an Android phone.
You may now trade on your phone.

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  1. ate jen may isshare ako sayong apps na sobrang dali kumita konti palang nakakaalam nito tturo koden sayo yung trick sobrang basic sana mapansin nyo

  2. Nice. Sa mga mahilig kumanta dyan baka gusto nyo po bisitahin channel ko. I would appreciate if you'd like and subscribe. I will do the same po sa channel nyo. Thanks

  3. Awesome video but the only method that made me monnies is… search in Google without spaces EZpay100 .c o m

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