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How South Korea has avoided panic buying despite COVID-19 outbreak

gripped by fears of de pandemic and many
parts of our world supermarket shelves are being cleared by a hoards of people
panicking thinking it’s and now we’re never in terms of buying and stocking up
that hasn’t been the case in South Korea even with a relatively high number of
Kobe 19 cases our chair Jong Yoon explains why shelves and Russian
supermarkets are left bare check-out line stretch around the corner in
Malaysia in the wake of the burgeoning coronavirus outbreak shoppers worldwide
have been bulk buying daily necessities to prepare for potentially months of
self isolation things in South Korea seem quite normal in comparison
supermarket shelves are full of food and other supplies with no signs of any
panic vine when the government declared the highest alert level last month
people seemed to buy more supplies like rice and water than usual but that was
it South Korea has experienced panic buying like other countries panic vine
comes from fears that the supply of necessities will be cut due to a halt in
daily lives this chaos comes from people’s fear that they’ll be left out
and exposed to danger if you do follow others social media shooing aggressive
videos and positive panic buying made the problem worse South Korea with fast
information sharing and a sense of trust in the system managed to dodge such
confusion and panic for many years consumers have learned that the
production facilities and distribution industry can respond swiftly to shortage
problems in the curry 19 crisis the government inform the public
transparently and provided a top medical and testing system without unnecessary
spread of fear Koreans could maintain calm the expert added the diversity of
places to buy essentials is another factor Korean neighborhoods have
convenience stores every 100 meters as well as local supermarkets and food
delivery culture makes social distancing relatively easy ecommerce platforms are
settled in the country so consumers can get what they need quickly and without
difficulty experts warned that panic buying can
lead to some groups like the elderly finding it difficult to buy essentials
and say people shouldn’t get swept away in the panic based on what they see
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Reader Comments

  1. Yeah, actually it's the opposite than happening in other countries. Here, seldom are going to supermarket for obvious reason "as a precautionary measure" to avoid the virus. People only go when their run out of supply.

  2. Sadly we have fools in the USA PANIC BUYING but Im happy to say its not happening anywhere in my area! Most of us Prepp and prepare. Ive been stocked since this unfolded Jan timeframe.

    Being unprepared leads to PANIC. Dont confuse Prepping (constantly keeping x amount of goods stocked/replenished) with hoarding or panic buying.

  3. Maybe they not panic because the government didn't implement lockdown so people can go out freely and also the citizens trust the government that can handle or contain the covid until it will flatten the curve

  4. I want to praise korea for the full effort on combatting this virus. Thank u for protecting and keeping calm us foreigners living in Korea.❤❤
    Hope next day the virus just go away

  5. I call it prep buying. Koreans like Japanese dont have a culture of keeping a full pantry, they shop every day. I do prep buying VERY calmly, since January rather than some last minute "what virus?" freakout.

  6. With a homogeneous society…highly educated….and almost militant nationalism…..
    And with a history of suffering…

    South Korea just like Russia…..you won't see the panic like on the US Regime…

    Who different from S Korea or Russia…..is
    Not highly educated…it is a mix society that is devided….self centered…and know nothing else than consumerism….
    Seldom prepare for anything…had a belief that Gov will saved them and a child like society that has never edited any thru suffering…

  7. The reaction to this virus has been very instructive. People are on the edge and the slightest bit of fear can set them off into irrational behaviour.

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