What is Dropshipping?

How I make 10K Per Month With eBay Drop Shipping (FAST)

What’s up guys so today I want to go through how I made 10k in three months from using eBay dropshipping, so just to Explain a little bit about what drop shipping is for those who don’t know exactly what it is You can drop shipping in many froms. I know a lot of people they use Shopify Some people even do Amazon I do obey and so I’m just going to explain a little bit why I do eBay dropshipping as opposed to Shopify WooCommerce or any other different digital platform So but before I get into that, I just want to explain for those who don’t know what drop shipping is So I’ve got this picture here. And so just to put it this fish makes it really really easy to understand what it is I know sometimes when people explain it can be a little bit complicated. So essentially I’m going to place in my case. I’m gonna again product that I find from a supplier Here in the UK. It can be things like Tesco Amazon Asda over in the US I use Walmart overstock Bed Bath and Beyond in different places like that So I’m gonna find a product on for example Walmart, and then I’m gonna go over to my eBay store and I’m gonna create a listen for that and I’m going to price it a bit higher than what I got it for and so when a customer finds that product they purchase it I take their details I go directly to warm up and I enter their details and get the product shipped directly to them and so what that does for me is that that saves me having to take any inventory and It stopped it allows me to not even touch the product so I don’t have a shipper I don’t have to mess around with any of the labels it just goes directly to the customer and then it’s sort I just upload the tracking number when I get it you can get Software to do that too for you. It’s not so expensive although for beginners I would just suggest just getting the Tracking number and upload it directly and so the customer receives a product and so why a lot of people ask why is it that I do drop shipping on ebay and How did I get started so I just want to kind of explain my backstory a little bit why I? Started with eBay so I’m based here. I’m from the UK and from England and I go to University in America and so over there. I’m on a student visa and I can’t work so luckily enough I have a scholarship for my tuition base You have to pay for things like housing and food and all other bills my car payments everything and so on a shooter visa I was only allowed to work 20 hours a week and So that’s not a huge amount of time. Especially can’t make much money in that and on top of that What made even worse is that? I? Could only work in campus. So I try to apply to many different places on campus and the same thing kept coming back so you oh you’re in a waiting list one I think was even I was like 320 second or weightless. So, you know, I’m never going to get there. Sorry I worked out that even with the best job in campus which paid $8 an hour I’d only be making six hundred forty dollars before tax So, you know, which is not a huge amount at all for you know, how much? Money runs up. So I try to figure out how to make money. How could I make money? from England while being in America and so One day I just typed in on Google how to make money online and I eventually came across eBay Although I had many I kind of tried to do all mine. I failed so many times I think it took me about six months. No, no about three months to make my first thousand pounds online And then I started getting the hang of them six months. I got well over 10k and then nine months I got over fifty and then within a year I got over six figures and so I just recently I saw the second store I said this time and you complete what to do and I took a store from 0 to 10k a month in 3 months and So it’s definitely possible I know a lot of people a lot of gurus out. There will say Oh, yeah, you can get to what making 50 or 100 grand in a month or two months I’m I’m not saying that they can’t I’m just saying that it’s for me I don’t think it’s that likely I know for a fact heungguk 10 keys definitely possible I did it with just an hour to every single day Max max our probably an hour every single day just because I got down the whole routine and I knew exactly what to do so I just wanna explain I’ll show you a little bit how I do what I do that allowed me to make 10k a month within three months and so I’m just gonna pull up here So I got eBay here Ebru cake because I’m in the UK right now Will I be going back to America in a month’s time so it can be done anywhere? and so let’s and So I’m gonna use today’s example Amazon because everyone knows Amazon so I’m gonna start it’s just something very generic like Let’s see t-fal Frying pan See what comes up I Think I named my fan of my laptop it’s really loud right now. I apologize if you can hear it Okay, so if you look down let’s see Gemology fell 23 say 4 So you can already see right here B so exactly the same. Oh, that’s my reaction be the same. Well that’s sponsored But if we keep going down we’re gonna see the same pan multiple times Yep same pan again same pan again. So all the different price wants to now if I go over to Amazon Type in t-fal frying pan Yeah, I don’t know it’s been a bit slow Okay, so let’s look at the first results chief our position flying pan 37 is army and black 32 centimeters 15 pounds. Okay, so I’m just going to grab that copy that go back to you a Well, and why didn’t copy that Come on what’s going on, okay Let’s see what comes up some venue There’s a few people that have already listed with this exact exact time without changing April any more keywords with the exact same title Okay So yeah straight away T-fal precision flying frying pan 32 centimetres. I’m a black. Yep, and so we can see like look at this Sorry, mini straightaway summer fast and free, which is easy just because you can use Prime and get it there very fast You can see that look over here. We had it for 15 pounds and straightaway Yeah, 15 pounds here and then straightaway 20 pounds 21 pounds 28 pounds 818 so some of these are very close just because they’re probably if you look up you can that you can get sales Calculators online that calculate all your fees and everything. So this is probably just slightly over breakeven. They’re probably a bigger eBay dropshipping So they can make money on the up back hand So just a little bit mobile stuff using cash back a lot of people you can get a 5% credit card for those you in the United States from Amazon gives you 5% crash back So they’re probably making money from cash back websites discounted gift cards for Amazon But a lot of these you can see that look how much people of list this so you can see so this person here About 28 pounds. They’re 7 for 15 pounds after fees in everything. They’re making about 8 pounds and so It’s probably won’t be something that I would list straightaway just because it looks like there’s a lot on here How I that’s just an example what? You can do so you can do that with many other sites the good thing about Amazon that it’s just so easy especially when it comes to ordering I’m sure probably some of your wondering like Oh won’t when they receive the product won’t they see that? It’s X amount more expensive with Amazon when you checkout you can select gift option And so what that does is that it height it they don’t send the receipt with it and so another thing that people often things like why would someone buy This frying pan for 28 pounds or 20 pounds and you can get for 15 The fact is that I don’t know about you. But when you think about eBay you always think that are you based cheaper I don’t know ways They just go that cuts sort of notion where like oh if I want to use something cheaper I’m gonna look at eBay and so people look at eBay and they won’t Maybe you think of maybe you as a person. I know me a person when I try to buy something I like compare different websites depending on price, but when you’re all going shopping for these sort of price 18 pounds You don’t go to consult consultant spouse your brother, whatever you just see that look. Oh, it’s it’s coming within two days It’s 18 pounds. Not bad. I’m gonna order it straight away and that’s the sort of mentality about it that Makes it great for us as dropshippers. And so this is what I’ve been doing that has allowed me to go from not having any money in college to making how much I need to in a month that I would do with a job to go well over to the point where I Don’t need to go to university anymore but I’m just going just to finish but it’s it’s a whole income now and the fact that is the the good thing is they so replicable so that I Have one store that’s doing really really well and I just started a second one three months ago But I’ve already got down up to ten K plus whereas it took me I think four would have four months four five months before I got that when I did the first time and So that’s just the basic overview how eBay dropshipping works and how I do it myself And so I just that’s just a basic overview I want to go in the next few videos go into more advanced stuff Kind of maybe take you through it every single step of the way There’s so many different things. You can do to boost your sales boost profit margins Save time one of the biggest things is saving time because you don’t want to be spending forever For example, I use listing software called hustle got real and so if you see this icon on the top if I click onto a product, this is something that saving massive time because listing products can get very very tedious and they used to take me I could do I thought I could have pretty fast and I would do about 20 and about an hour But now I can do 20 in less than 10 minutes So I can see that I haven’t listed this and then you can see this icon here. So it’s green with the icon see, that’s my email list of I hustle got real I Can click on that if it loads coz seems we kind of slow today my internet And they’ll load when I click that. It will bring up a screen If the loads There we go. And so It’ll come up in a separate scheme screen usually way faster than this. It’s because I’m recording right now. It’s kind of killing my laptop See its obtained it’ll take the data from you got that listing put it directly to this external program and You’ll see in a second where I can just absolutely edit everything super super quick change the title optimize the keywords to boost rankings So my products will show in front of other peoples Here we go, and see it also fills a category It shows me my profit if I have xml with I can create my own markups And so it’s it’s really I can put all my stand specifications my delivery has my pictures and when I’m done, I just click Submit and then it goes in and so I Talked to hustle got real and so if you want to try though something that you wanted to do for beginners You can just start posting yourself if you don’t wanna spend money With my link below you’ll be able to have 30 lessons free just to try out. Let’s see if that’s what you want I suggest just trying it save me a lot of time. It doesn’t cost that much money But if you’ve got no money to start obviously You can even just use the 30 lessons for free and just see how that does until you get your limits boosted or post it Yourself? That’s something you want to do So that’s just a basic overview. I’m gonna get into a bit more Next video about what I do what some profit margins I do. How how did I exactly take the store to 10k in three months? And if you have any questions, I put my social medias You can send me a message and Instagram and we’ll help direct message me on Facebook too, and I’ll try my best to help you out so I just want to just finish with why I love dropship in and why I having is the best way to make money now, so I’ve already said at the beginning I was in America making money in England So if I don’t know if you are in this predicament where you can’t make money in the country that you’re in Sorry, that’s that’s just one great thing. The fact is that I can go back in a month back to University And I can simply making home money England will be in America read in it from my computer and I don’t have to be at school I don’t know do janitorial work, obviously Which is amazing plus but while our drop shipping as well is because if you’re like me whether you’re working to drove whether you’re shooting Oh, you just don’t have much money. I didn’t have much money start So I show different ideas like Amazon FBA but you need money to Obviously buy the products and bolt first Do the marketing the PPC and everything say with Shopify you need a marketing budget for Facebook ads and things like that And so even with something that could literally start with almost no money down Wish you no money down just open up the eBay account and I posted my items I paid full listing fees mining them was like 30 P It’s less than that now because I have higher tier but it was about 30 P and so obviously it’s not this very zero but it’s practically zero and so That’s why I love Eve a so much is that you can lift you start with no money down and then build your way up And then later when you start making money, you can outsource like I did to virtual assistants things Like I had to make it all easier kind of keep your hands off so you can concentrate on other things So I hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to see more videos like this about how I do more in detail Kind of show you guys through subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications. So you you know when I’ve uploaded And I will see you in the next video. Bye

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  2. Great content.. you should post more! But I have one question.. when you list something on ebay and you dropship it from amazon/wallmart or whatever, doesn't the customer get the package with the amazon/walmart logo?

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