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His Craftsman TINY HOUSE w/ Reclaimed Wood & Copper Roof

So I’ve shot and produced a
lot of tiny tours. In fact, I’m coming up on my hundredth tour, but I came across a story recently that
was unlike any tiny house tour I’ve ever done before. The reason why this video is so unique
is because the owner is actually up-sizing into this space. So
before building his own tiny house, Jeremy was backpacking around South
America or living out of a custom built truck camper that he couldn’t
even stand in. As you can imagine, when he finally decided to settle
down and build a tiny house, it felt quite luxurious to him. This house is absolutely gorgeous, but with a bunch of different woods
that he was either able to resource or recycle. So let’s check out this tiny house tour. Hi, I’m Jeremy and this is my tiny house. I built this tiny house three years ago
now and have been living here in Oregon for the last two and a half years. I heard about the tiny house movement
from friends who are just into alternative building styles. I studied
architecture in school. I am fortunate enough to be able to work
with seven or eight other artists and furniture makers in a creative
space here in Portland. We all kind of bounce ideas off of each
other and have access to really awesome woodworking equipment.
Combination of all those things. My interest in small spaces and desire
to travel often led me to build a home that could go down the road. I transitioned it to living in this tiny
house from living out of a backpack in South America for almost
three months. Prior to that, I was living out of a camper shell that
I built on the back of my pickup truck. For now it’s just used for storage, but there’s a bad platform across
the top and then storage below. I went from being on the move with not
that many material possessions to living in this 145 square foot house.
That feels pretty big sometimes. I really upsized welcome to the inside of my tiny house. These two round windows
were kind of thrown into the
design sort of last minute. Wasn’t sure what my parking
situation was going to be. At the time and I wanted to bring in a
lot of light on both sides of the house. Decided to put two large
Brown windows in here. Also keep the design pretty symmetrical. My source of inspiration for this
roof came from building skate parks. The roof of the house
is standing seam copper, copper’s very durable and long lasting
roof and it’s also very malleable, so capable of being shaped to the
compound curve that have here. This stove is made by a company called
shipmate and it is designed for sailboats and small spaces. It’s cast iron and it has
this cooktop surface here, so heats up the space well,
it’s great in the wintertime. This is my refrigerator. It is dual zone meaning this parts of
freezer and this part is the refrigerator. I didn’t want to be bumping into
handles in such a tight space, pretty easy to just drill out these holes
and they make pretty good door poles. Stainless steel is easy to clean and I
also liked the industrial sort of feel of stainless. I had a local metal fabrication shop
make this countertop piece for me. They were able to laser cut out holes
for my two burner cooktop and my sink. This section here is drop in
butcher block countertop zone. This was all scrap material
from woodshop these lights are led. Puck lights. I decided to go with one inch by two
inch steel framing members for the loft, mainly to create a little more head room, so rather than using a piece of four inch
tall wood framing was able to create a little more space in the kitchen. This pocket door is made entirely
out of salvage materials. I salvaged it from a house in California
that had partially burned to the ground. Pulled these Redwood boards off of the
wall and stripped the paint off of them, cleaned them up, turned them into
this sliding door for the bathroom. This is the bathroom. This is a nature’s head composting toilet. This window has the frosted
glass or privacy glass. This is the shower bathtub based in
Fort worth as a livestock watering tank. I did drill out the drain straight through
the floor and it is connected to gray water system outside
the shower curtain rod. I also found at a salvage
materials yard, made a jig for it, clamped it up in this circle shape and
welded it closed then and hung this shower curtain from it. This staircase was really fun
and also challenging to design. The top two stairs are
capable of being removed. A stool or seat for somebody here is
storage for clean clothing and then this part is dirty laundry basket. I do laundry in my Landlord’s House. Happy to have me do laundry whenever
it’s a part of our living agreement. So all the clothing storage
is here. My seasonal clothing, I keep outside, have a
little storage unit outside. I just don’t have a lot of clothes. I’m used to living on the
road or out of backpack. This is a double size bed. I wanted to keep some space on the side
to be able to navigate in and out of here and not have the entire
loft be taken up by the bed. This computer monitor is great for and
I just want to relax and plug in the laptop. It swells here and I can also point it
down that way and watch something from down below too. I have some paintings here that one of
my friends painted and my grandmother painted this series of the four
seasons across from this loft. I have a little shelf above the door. It is just storage for camping gear, extra skateboards, and some shoes. This window in the loft was a fun
project to try and wrap my head around. It is a pivoting sash window and opens
like that and then rotates 90 degrees This is a table that I made with a friend
of mine and it’s made out of recycled skateboards and it folds down against
the wall and out of the way to create a little more room. This is a bench that is also
convertible into a twin bed. A friend of mine who owns an upholstery
business made up this cushion for me. Custom. She chose the fabric. I
think it turned out really well. It’s pretty comfortable to both
sleep on and to be used as a seat So this is the front door of the house. The house I grew up in
had a set of French doors. It gives me that feeling of being home. I happened to find these doors
for pretty cheap on Craigslist. They were brand new. I got a good deal on them and
I really liked the color blue. The siding is Cedar shingles
something I just came across, just people doing cool
designs with shingles. I got inspired to try and put somewhere
in this build no better spot than centered above the door. My next building endeavor
is a mobile sauna, two of them and I’m building
them with my friend Joey. They can be operated together
as one or individually. Our idea with the mobile
saunas is to host events. We’re trying not to limit ourselves to
just Portland we’re potentially going to be traveling with the saunas to as far
as Southern California or Colorado, building a tiny house from scratch is
a huge endeavor and reminding myself throughout the process that the creative
process of building the house is something to enjoy, even though it comes with its headaches
and working backwards and frustrations along the way. Learned
a lot still learning. Thanks for watching. As always, make sure to hit that subscribe
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