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Hands-On with DJI’s Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone!

hey it’s norm from Tested.com and I’m
joined today by Erik Chang of DJI Erik how you doing very good it’s been it’s
been a while since we’ve seen you but it’s been like a year since we came out
to almost exact same spot and you introduced us to the phantom 2 Vision+
which we loved it was our first row entry into consumer quads and we’ve been
flying for a long time now but recently you guys announced the Phantom 3 and
that’s what we’re here to talk about so you have the Phantom 3 models with you
today what’s new the Phantom 3 the Phantom 3 is of course the next in our
phantom line which has been the most popular quads on the market for aerial
imaging the Phantom 3 has a lot of technology that we’ve been working on
since that has gone into higher end models like the inspire one which we
announced in November so a lot of what is an entire one that makes it so useful
for film and television production you know advanced amateurs and also for
just hobbyists you know who want to get the best possible quality from the air
all that’s gone into the Phantom 3 so we’re super excited about it even though
it looks very similar to the Vision Plus actually most of the inside has been
completely redesigned so that includes you know a brand new camera which is
much higher quality built in Lightbridge that’s our wireless high-definition
video broadcasting system more sensors ultrasonic optical flow it’s sort of
best-in-class but you know shrunk down to the size of it and it’s still a ready
to fly package where you can get out of box update your firmware get the
software on your phone or tablet and learn to fly immediately right learn to
fly and what’s I think we’ve been really surprising for those of us who have been
flying the Phantom 2 for this whole time is that it feels like a very different
aircraft so you know it’s it’s similar in that it still feels like a DJI
product you know it performs in a way that makes you confident on the sticks
but it’s much more precise so we’ve done a lot to enhance precision performance
and you’ll feel that when you get in the air for the first time we’re definitely
get it in the air today but let’s take a look at the hardware you have with you
this is the the Phantom 3 now this is the professional version if there’s two
models this time main differences are the camera is that right
right so we have two models we have the Phantom 3 professional and the phantom 3
advanced the main difference is the camera the Phantom 3 professional has a
4k camera also shoots to 12 megapixels DNG if you’re shooting stills law
pictures Ross oh yeah so it’s 4k at 30 frames a second it’s actually a GU HD
and the advanced has a 1080p 60 camera so that’s the main difference
the only other differences are pretty small the the professional ships with a
more powerful charger so you can charge more quickly
I think that’s those are the only differences and looking at this hardware
I mean from from a distance aside from these stickers red here gold and they’re
there they look very similar now are the the motor is the same no them so the
motors are different the entire propulsion system has been upgraded
which means that well first of all unfortunately the batteries are not
compatible we’re running for s batteries or you know fifteen point two volt right
batteries instead of the three s batteries and that gives us a lot more
power a lot more output is a higher capacity as well so you get the same
amount of gonna at least c- point like time it’s like it’s higher in capacity
in terms of watt hours um the milliamp power rating is lower because that’s
higher voltage but everything has become more efficient so even though the
battery is only a little bit more powerful we’re getting real-world flight
times of over 20 minutes you know some low 20s 20 22 23 minutes whereas on this
even though we rated the battery at 25 without a camera you tend to get a
fifteen-day yeah 50 18 was a we’ve we’ve experienced what this is well before the
alarms are blazing right so there are different motor system different power
system and then on the bottom you have something that you brought in from the
inspire one right so there’s this little module which you don’t see on the
visionary Plus this is our vision positioning system we call it a VPS and
it has three sensors on our two real sensors it has ultrasonic send and
receive and it has an optical flow camera so these sensors allow the
aircraft to determine how far to measure how far it is away from the ground using
more than barometer and GPS so this is like a discreet measurement and also
optical flow camera which lets you determine whether the aircraft is moving
horizontally so distance from the altitude distance is actually that’s
that’s not visual that’s on opticals it’s using that that the clicking yeah
the ultrasonic ultrasonic the ground right I’m going to hear that when you
when you when you get close to one of these rooms
one a slight clicking sound right and we may hear it when we turn it on because
microphones are really sensitive don’t sonic and you hear this kind of this
clicking sound and then put the optical cameras for for movement for directions
for moving yeah so that the the the main reasons we do it are that sometimes you
lose GPS so if you fly under a lot of tree cover you have a lot of buildings
around like very tall buildings or you’re flying inside those are all GPS
denied environments so we have the ability to hold position and altitude in
those environments and it’s a seamless transfer but knows it’s not getting
enough satellites in range then I’ll just switch to rely more on that yes
it’s a seamless transfer there are situations in which you might be too
high so if you lose satellite lose GPS for some reason and you’re very high you
might be out of range for the visual positioning system but if the camera if
this this sensor package has enough data it will use it a lot somebody want to
put to the test as well now let’s talk about the camera because the camera here
is a much improved looks like a much bigger lens at specially there so the
sensor inside for the professional it’s a 4k sensor is it a bigger physical
sensor as well it’s bigger a physical sensor it’s it’s one over 2.3 so it’s
still a fairly small sensor a kind of point-and-shoot class mm-hmm but it is
much higher quality than the camera that was in the vision plus the phantom 2
Vision+ one other thing you know a lot of feedback we got about the phantom 2
Vision+ was that the integration was great but shooting video was tough
because you know we had stepped exposure changes you notice that there’s not a
gradual exposure to change it was it was really our first camera the vision and
the vision plus were our first attempts to build a camera so we’ve had a lot
more experience now in building cameras this camera is is really well refined
and we also got rid of the fisheye lens so ok those of us who are in yeah
production always have to fix perspective and you see like this giant
bubble for the horizon so that’s gone we have a 94 degree rectilinear lens now
and then I can take photos to 12 megapixel photos yes so photos are 12
megapixel we still shoot to Adobe DNG as an option and and it’s all seamless and
and one thing which we’ll get to I know is that it feels much more like a camera
in your hands because the radio is so different yeah the transmitter looks
different that do largely to the light bridge system you’re using for the video
transfer well Lightbridge is built-in which is why you see two antennas here
and in fact if you notice there are now four antennas coming down into the
landing right treasure so you know this is a it’s a MIMO system just like that
most advanced routers are out there so we have multiple antennas on both send
and receive mm-hmm and and this radio was inspired by the inspired ones radio
so it looks very similar it’s plastic instead of metal but we have you know
all the buttons are in the same place which means that you have full control
of the camera without taking your hands off the radio so you can shoulder
buttons you can use and adjustment there yeah knobs what’s the range with this
our specified range is 1.2 miles okay in practice we found that just like with
all the other systems out there it’s extremely variable you know so if you’re
in perfect conditions you can fly further than that of course it’s way out
of line of sight so you know you should make sure you know what you’re doing and
it’s legal you’re doing that and in very congested Wi-Fi environments might be
less than that but we want to get these up in the air is there anything else you
want to tell us about the the product before we take off well one thing is to
differentiate this product with the inspire one because there’s you know
there are a lot of people who are wondering what they get at what they
lose and what they get you know from the systems and you know the inspire 1 was
really designed for production environment independent filmmakers
advanced hobbyists who might have specific kinds of moves in video they
want to do it transforms also transforms you so basically that the main
differences are that although we have a three axis gimbal
you’ll notice that our landing gear does not move so you’re limited to shooting
basically out of the front of the Phantom 3 whereas with the inspire you
have full range of motion for the camera dual operator support is also something
you get with inspire one and and also HDMI out so one of the you know the
important things that one of the most impressive things that we’ve been doing
with inspire one is live broadcast yeah and you are on Good Morning America from
a volcano right and they were basically taking the feed from your transmitter
and piping it right yeah so it was essentially just you’re just using a
camera but the camera happens to be very far away Wow
so with the Phantom 3 you know you can do those things as well but it requires
accessories and tuning so you have to you know buy and inspire 1 remote and
then we are going to eventually lease a firmware update that allows you
to do it so oh so you can you will be able to pair that inspire a remote
that’s how we did our launch you notice we did live we did live broadcast during
the launch went to get phantom so that since you’re the HDMI also what about
the SDK step I know you guys launched phantoms you SDK is out it’s going to be
forward compatible with phantom three taps yeah so the the SDK for phantom 3
and star 1 are currently in beta ok inspire one will probably come out first
because we’ve been working on that SDK for longer hmm but I’m very excited
about the SDKs for phantom 3 and inspire because one of the big differences is
now that we’re cabled so instead of using a Wi-Fi repeater
we’re actually cabled to smart devices and that means Wi-Fi and LTE modems are
both available for SDK Wow so you can be talking you know at fairly high bitrate
to the aircraft while talking to the cloud and so basically that that opens
up all sorts of possible video streaming all that stuff yeah that’s very cool we
can’t get wait to get this up in the air so let’s stop talking and start flying
sounds good so the first test we’re going to do is actually test the
ultrasonic sensor and that the visual assumption optical flow sensor on the
bottom of a phantom 3 we’re not where outdoors right now so we have site 2 GPS
so we’re actually trying to cover up the GPS and see how it works ok so it says
safe to fly non GPS we have 0 GPS satellites so that tinfoil is doing a
good job of blocking those signals and then in the mode area here on the upper
left it says P op D which is optical so that’s our vision positioning system
okay so we can still let’s bring it back up a tiny bit let’s give this a try so
we’re going to use Auto takeoff it says you push the auto takeoff button and it
you swipe it to the right so we’ll swipe to the right
you Hey and pull it up a little bit this is like
I’m working yeah right now based on what you see in the UI it’s only using the
optical system right looking down and try officially an optical mouse looking
at the differences in compensating and it’s staying really still and there’s
wind there’s actually wind coming you see it’s tilted slightly forward if I
walk forward and I push it a little bit so be really careful so we don’t
recommend that you do this don’t try this at home do not try this at home
okay so what I’m going to do is a pull it this way you know it resist right as
it wants to stay in place there even though we’re we’re in a GPS denied
environment so now oh yes this is something you designed so it would work
basically indoors and warehouses is there an optical distance from the
ground that needs to be it’s roughly 15 feet but it’s so environmentally
dependent that it really depends what you’re doing if you’re on a white floor
with no markings it will not work even if it’s right on top of it but if it’s a
very very high contrast it’ll work on further away I mean we can I mean let’s
see if this works but if I put my hand here it’s wide enough angle you need
something big like a card a piece of cardboard or something that’s cool
looks like that works let’s take off the tinfoil hat and get this higher up near
okay that’s good alright so this was my first time flying The Phantom 3 I have
the advanced model tethered to this iPad this transmitter I’m gonna try the auto
take off and press that button here slide auto take off so it’s already
there feels good feels good I got 15 satellites now Eric the new panel 3 also
2 taps into more satellites or a different satellite network yeah so we
use both gps and glonass which is the russian gps system so we’re looking at
you know twice as many potential satellites to talk to which is why
position hold is so much better on the phantom 3 this feels really stable it
feels really really stable I love that I have the manual controls now I’m gonna
move the gimbal down on the shoulder buttons and pen I can see actually see
us it’s fantastic goes filming this at 1080 60 will perform at 24 button looks
good the light bridge also looks fantastic it feels a lot like it looks a
lot like the inspire 1 light bridge image quality right so we’re getting a
high definition video at 720p 60 coming down to us and it’s you know it’s
dynamic based on your distance in terms of the bitrate coming back so we’re
giving you always giving you the best picture that we can possibly get based
on your distance so I notice that like with the phantom 2 when I’m flying
forward you can see the props a little bit if I’m aiming for just in the
horizon I came down a little bit right oh well that’s responsive another reason
that it feels so much more responsive especially if you if you’re moving
laterally and you let go and you know to to hold position is that our esc s are
now bi-directional and they’re able to actively break you know so older systems
like the ones used in the phantom 2 could stop giving the motors power and
they would spin down by themselves but now we’re actually able to say please
stop ask the motors to stop themselves just like on the inspire one yeah
there’s not a lot of like overshooting and then compensating for it afterward
yeah they’re sort of a mild glide to a stop but it does stop it doesn’t glide
for long a long distance let’s see if I can do a little circle around this big
statue here I’ve got the Phantom 3 professional in there at the same time
and I’m going to get some footage of you flying Wow
the interface also is very reminiscent of that inspired one interface a lot
more manual controls everything looks clearer yeah in fact the app is the same
app so it’s now it will feel very similar oh wow okay there goes don’t get too
close to the metal object and this video looks really smooth at least relate over
here I do like that I have some control over for example the exposure or in the
go so my look over in San Francisco right there now this is a u2 f28 lens on
this that’s right enough to eight lens do you
know what a millimeter equivalent it is it’s close to a twenty it’s 94 degrees
companies around that so it’s wide angle without being so wide angle that there’s
a lot of distortion I’m going to lift it up here and I can actually change the
exposure value while I’m recording some recording video so I can actually
brighten it up on the fly I compensate higher or if I want to do the other
direction to show you guys watching it come see it lower for example if I was
pointing more directly at a really bright object or with a Sun even right
do you mind if I take it out a little over the top here no go ahead yeah it’s really really stable beautiful San Francisco and here we are above Treasure Island like the the previous phantoms is there
the altitude limit but yes by default we limit to 400 feet 120 meters so if you
go up that high you’ll see it bounced off it’s right now 80 90 meters a
hundred meters and there goes warning maximum flight altitude reach adjust in
setting right I think I’ve turned sound off on that but if sound was on you
would hear talking to you maybe not turn okay you’re here the control I have over
the gimbal is just up and down it’s just up and down that’s correct okay so one
of the things that you guys launch for the phantom 2 vision was ground control
support so you can do waypoints is that something that’s going to come
eventually to this yeah so we recently announced that we will be putting ground
control at least in to inspire probably into Phantom 3 we don’t have a date on
that yet so actually the announcement was really that we would be putting
ground control support in a more explicit way into the SDK so then anyone
could write an app using ground control but there’s a very high likelihood it
will also end up in our app and one reason for that is that most people who
are using a ground station actually have goals beyond just flying around for fun
you know usually it’s related to mapping or survey or you know some kind of
cinematography that you know where they want to kind of simulate having a
dedicated pilot and operator but only want to operate the camera all right I’m
going to send this one of the things that we noticed with with the with
phantom 2 if you descend too quickly you don’t move all the sending you can get
caught in its own like vortex that happening with the phantom of 3 is or is
there a proper way to descend but that happened a lot in very early firmware
versions of phantom 2 but at some point we limited descent rate to 2 meters a
second so just a risk feet a second ok theory you cannot enter vortex ring
state even if you’re flying at altitude for example in the in like dry heat you
know and so the the goals for us are to prevent that from happening for novice
pilots this propulsion system is much more powerful so it should be even
harder to enter that state and that uh left more powerful propulsion systems
that allowed us to go faster or even we still limit at about 35 miles an hour
but it you noticed it ready it feels a lot more crisp you know the performance
is much more akin to something like an inspire and inspires actually much more
powerful than this is but this feels like something in between I don’t have
you flown both yeah I have so close and they inspired definitely it feels like a
lost like when you when it’s when it’s in the air when it’s hovering like it’s
not going to move at all I’m getting a lot of sense I can I leave this right
here and I just want to get like a slope in upshot which I’ll try to do goes
panning up hopefully when we review that footage it won’t look like it’s moving
at all of course the gimbal is going to help stabilize right some glad as well
we’ve actually had people get successfully shoot still images up to
eight seconds long better sharp Wow in the gimbal which is very strange for
those of us who are photographers on land yes you have no chance even one
second is almost right to hold film but if you if you you know it might be a fun
test for you to do at some point if you go up and take a bunch of multi second
exposures like ten chances are one of them will be pretty sharp all right
there goes I believe yeah I’m gonna come find you I’m gonna go back that statue
do one more loop around and I think that’s a great first test flight with
this Eric you said this is shipping now yes the first unit ships just a couple
days ago you know by the time people are seeing this video the iOS version and
the Android version should both be in app stores ready to go so so it’s out
and that’s the phantom3 both the advanced version and the professional
how much they cost so the phantom 3 advanced is $9.99 and the phantom 3
professional is 1259 they’re also battery bundles so you can buy it with a
battery to get a discounted battery just about $100 more awesome I’m going to try
to get close to us sign off over here check out that image quality guys
alright I’m norm from tested this is Erik Cheng from DJI will be doing more
flights with quad copters hopefully the Phantom 3 soon till then we’ll see you
next time

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