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Grocery Supply Chain Resilience

Hello, I’m Leslie Saracen president and
CEO of fmi the food industry association FM is the organization that represents
our nation’s stores where food beverages and other household products are sold as
well as many of the companies that make those products. Across America
we’re being confronted with the challenges of coping with COVID-19,
commonly known as coronavirus, and as we seek ways to deal with the uncertainties
around us the nation’s grocery stores and the manufacturers of the products
they have on their shelves are doing their very best to give shoppers the
opportunity to re-establish control of their environment. Our grocery supply
chain is working diligently to support our common desire for stability through
its adaptability, flexibility, resilience, and ability to replenish. Food and
consumer goods are staples for happy occasions but they also sustain life. And
ready access to them provides a reassuring sense of security during
emergencies. Now we know from the testimony of customers caught into the
throws of natural disaster that the constant of the grocery store remaining
open during those times offer a beacon of hope, helping them see between the
emergency before them to a life beyond it. The same remains true for the
challenge we’re currently facing. Grocery stores and their supplier partners share
a commitment to the communities they serve. The US food industry supply chain is efficient and adaptable and is taking
every measure to ensure that stocks are replenished as quickly as possible and
that our customers are getting all the products they need. Now of course there
will be situations of categories experiencing out of stock due to this
unprecedented time of demand but in all likelihood those shelves will be
replenished soon usually within the next day for most categories today. Most food
retailers make their products available within their physical stores but also
online for pickup or home delivery for those who need or prefer ordering and
receiving their groceries that way. Our supply chain will adjust to this
national emergency, we too can adjust and may even have to be a bit more patient
than we normally are about accessing some of our favorite products. But rest
assured that supplies of helpful products are being restocked in your
local stores daily. We will all adjust to new behaviors and new modes of being and we’ll learn some new things that maybe will make us even smarter going forward.
Our supply chain will accommodate the new demands of these times, serving you
to the best of our ability, and as an industry rooted in customer service we
will always remain true to feeding families and enriching lives.

Reader Comments

  1. I refuse to believe your report to date.
    Supermarkets are only stocked twice a week in most populated areas, Store shelves are not being stocked to adequate levels, if at all,according to regular schedule.
    I do not see people buying absorbanant amounts of one particular product, except refried beans and toilet paper…
    America is watching, eyes wide open

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