What is Dropshipping?

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  1. What about factory workers that work in close quarters with other folks and have larger then 50 people all in the same open air buildings?

  2. How are the workers supposed to survive? We need an emergency Ubi right now or our government is negligent to Americans

  3. I tried to warn those around me about SAR-CoV-II back in mid February, few did anything or took precautions and now people’s hair starts to catch fire over coronavirus. Way too little, way too late! I was doubted and even name called for trying to warn others about this and yet here we are!

  4. His party's illegal aliens coming in. This is the perfect time for mass migration into California and New WOKE City.

  5. Too little too late! BTW, Jay and the Seattle City County already took great steps towards closing all businesses in Seattle by encouraging the homeless and drug addiction situation in Seattle and our state!!!

  6. A martini, rum & coke, and two lemon drops, when delivered, I'll make my next order when delivery is made…… Yes I have guests it's not all for me….. Will the delivery person take credit card?

  7. Jay Inslee is a fucking idiot loosing economics and money for citizens of Washington. This proclamation is illegal and unconstitutional. He is starting martial law you idiots.

  8. Wa state use billions to spaying like bugs all peoples for 5 years! but don’t have money to take care peoples in time of needs like this don’t think how peoples need to pay bills take care of love ones and have zero help on medical needs protection … help for hospitals …waste all money for projects to spread homelessness and free staff for addict who come here from all US…to create more government jobs for them self…

  9. What about landlords who cant collect rent from tenants because tenants they are out of a job? How will landlords pay for everyones monthly water and garbage and property tax Bill's?

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