What is Dropshipping?

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  1. There you go ladies and Gentleman, this will all be done April 7th, ironically the day they're supposed to be sending out stimulus checks.

  2. And yet, he is keeping the methadone clinics WIDE OPEN. The minimum wage grocery store employees are being forced to work 70+ hours/wk while being screamed at. Not to mention the truckers not even being paid to wait in long lines at the warehouse (10-14 hours), who are not even able to get a take out meal, due to driving in a truck and no one able to "bring the food out" to them!! So now is his concern for the silly vaping-kills propaganda now?? What a twisted man. Sick in the head, if you ask me. Who voted in this c___k s____r?

  3. shut down all Dunkin Donuts now! DUNKIN DONUTS SUCKS !
    STARBUCKS closed entire US on this past Saturday on their own and paying workers their pay. only drive thru SB may stay open.

  4. Corrugated company stays open…we have an assembly area where people have to work 2 feet away from eachother hand gluing boxes. I am afraid for my health .

  5. MA Gov CB mumbler sucks! … can barely understand him. News conf on tv – can't hear anybody questions… Whatt??
    Acts like no big deal here..
    MA gov website SUCKSS very hard to use… explains Nothing !

  6. Will pet stores and other animal stores stay open cause we need to feed our pets too:( and shavings for there bedding too:( cause I have a dog and some pet ducks:(

    But yes I know my health comes first:) But I want to know will animal stores stay open during a stay at home order?

  7. If you go to a Walmart in California during the shelter in place order, you'd find no difference in behavior. They're bringing the entire family to the store. Including infants

  8. What an idiot. About time, the US is looking like a third world country with there handling of COVID19. We shouldve locked down long before. It's like we are trying to spread the illness

  9. Open a million get works ..and start making the surplus hospitals need!!..talk is so cheap!!
    This State needs acting
    Till I see this..

  10. Hi WCVB channel 5 news, can you ask the governor to give updates on the # of beds/ICU, expected shortages, efforts to increase the medical equipment and supplies, etc. in a powerpoint like New York governor Cuomo? Thanks!

  11. It's hard to take this seriously when they chose to leave the methadone clinics open, yet re reational dispensaries are closed. Who is lobbying for the junkies in this state?

  12. I went into stop and shop and it was packed i thought only 10 plp at a time. Plus i watched as employees handled money with no gloves

  13. Time for BAKER to be voted out we need someone with a BRAIN !! does he not know the virus stays on metal and plastic surfaces for up to 3 to 4 days ?? Who's gonna sanitize the buses and trains with people still on them ?? WHAT A WASTE OF TIME !! THIS VIRUS AIN'T NEVER GOING AWAY !! WE ARE FUCKED

  14. OHIO has 350 cases and no deaths and they have shelter in place order ..MASS 700 KNOWN CASES 9 DEATHS ..BAKER …DEAL WITH IT !! He's USELESS he's putting our health and lives in danger to save his PAYCHECK !!

  15. Why would you believe anything this administration has to say, lies! You agree not to impeach him. You will never get my vote again. Your as nutty as “your fearless leader.

  16. This headline is wrong. There is no stay at home order. It is advice only. The governor is waiting for the sky to fall in before biting the buller.

  17. what about car lift installers? or construction? My boss still wants me to die lol. like yeah they said everyone but us im like dude !!!! I'm not trna get sick cuz of you. I have asthma so if I get it I may react like the old people to it what to do what to do.

  18. This shows how stupid the leaders of this state are. This is nothing more than a public request. Do the right thing SHUT THE STATE DOWN! Three day work days for EVERYONE Mon/Tues/Wed and four day closures for EVERYONE!!! Hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores can remain open. All this jibber jabber full of loop holes and now EVERYONE is essential Ridiculous!!

  19. I'll remind everyone that Charlie Baker felt he had the power to tell the citizens of Massachusetts a few winters ago that they were NOT allowed to drive on any roads in their own state because we had a big snowstorm. Anyone who abuses power like this guy does, needs to be voted out of office, if not sooner.

  20. This whole stay at home ADVISORY is a big joke! Nobody is going to take this seriously when 90% of the businesses are allowed to stay open. These politicians need to get a clue!!!

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