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Fantasy Tree House & Ewok Village from TREEHOUSE MASTERS

It’s been a while since I featured
a tree house on this channel. And I figure it’s about time. So in today’s video you’re going to meet
the owners who decided to build this awesome tree house in their backyard
and learn why they are sharing it on Airbnb. And this tour is really special because
I actually got to stay in this tree house last night with Nabil. And you’ll get to see a few of the
unique experiences that we had during our stay. Hi, I’m Kim. Hi, I’m Scott. Welcome
to the Emerald forest tree house. Why did we decide to build
a tree house? Look at this. And it is a perfect spot for a tree
house. 150 feet from our house, far enough away where we can feel like
we’re getting away from everything. But close enough where it’s like right there. And Scott
always wanted a tree house. We had one at our old house. Well it’s
more of a tree Fort for the little kids, for the kids. So he’s always wanted one. So we made a trip to tree house point
and that was it. We were on an adventure and Kim bought me a night
to stay there as a surprise. I think for our anniversary. That’s when I got introduced to big boy
tree houses and once I got introduced to big boy tree houses, there’s no
going back a little kid tree houses. It was fascinating to be a viewer of a
TV show and then to be in the middle of it. Pete Nelson actually came out and
did all the drawings and did all the architecture for it was about a two
week process, but it was really busy. We had people coming and going and
production and food and building and noise that they papered up our windows so
we couldn’t see what they were doing progress wise from the house and I took
everything I could not to peak when they revealed it, it was amazing. We could not believe the craftsmanship
and how beautiful everything was and man, it smelled good. Like any good house, all of the really difficult
work is in the foundation. The tree house is one thing, but to watch what they did to create
the foundation for this extraordinarily large and heavy Treehouse was something, especially for somebody who
loves building like I do. It was a fascinating
experience to watch them do. Pete came out when he came out here and
we decided what trees we’re going to put the tree house in. Um, it was this
maple in that maple and then over the, about a month later, a windstorm came along and about
a third of this tree snapped off this direction it was a last minute call on
whether to use this tree or not and we decided to do it. But then a year later when
another wind storm came along, it snapped off right there underneath
the deck. Pete’s crew, Nelson Treehouse and supply came out and they
had to put in this post off to the left to support the Treehouse. The tree house is also supported by
this fake tree that they put here on the foreground on the right. The heart of the support system is in
this, on this very large maple tree. A lot of the weight is on
the side of the tree house, so they put in this very large yolk up
here that’s in the shape of a oval and that is attached on both sides of the
tree to fully support the weight of the tree house and then there are these
large beams that they ran from that yolk over to that tree and
to this post over here. When I was first introduced to
Pete and how he builds tree houses, I was absolutely just amazed at how he’s
able to attach these very significant structures to trees without killing them. These large supports are attached to bolts
that go into the side of the tree and the trees just seem to thrive
they, yes, it’s a wound, but the tree has a natural mechanism to
just seal the wound and actually sort of lock in the hardware. Since we can’t stay
out there every night. We opened it up for Airbnb last June. It’s been fascinating to meet so many
people who are all tree house fans. You have that one thing
in common. Follow me, come on in. The tree house is 199.9
square feet of floor space. 200 square feet does not
sound like a lot of space. It’s more than enough
space for two, three, four people to stay in there and be
very, very comfortable for a night or two. And it’s great being able
to just put the bed up. We actually have a family
game night out here. We bring a larger table out here and
the entire family will come over and do game nights. Oh, maybe we’ll
have a dance out here. Who knows. Lots of floor space when the beds up. My favorite kind of guest is a family
with smaller kids because you get to see this entire space from their point of
view. And kids love the tree house. They love the loft. You can, you can
imagine, they love bunk beds. So for them, this is the trifecta. So they
get to come up the ladder, hang out in the bunk beds,
and when you wake up, all you see is just this
beautiful woodwork up here. And you obviously can’t smell it on video
but it’s got that new tree house smell so most everything in the tree house is
controlled by echo or Alexa echo turn on projector. So we have a hundred inch
screen that drops down here. Here we have a bathroom. We have a sink with some little bit
of hot water coming from the little hot water heater up here. And
when we put the tree house in, Pete put in a composting toilet for us. We love having the porch out here cause
you can see the deck looks out over the pond. This zip line here goes from the Treehouse
deck over to the zip line platforms and from there we can zip line
over to the Emerald forest, which is right over there. Another unique experience also having to
do with zip lines is that they deliver breakfast in the morning via zip line. You just tell them what time you want
it to arrive and boom it’s there. It’s pretty cool. We decided we needed to have a shower
and when you’re in a tree house you have to be outdoors, right? Nice hot water. The shower is one of our
guest’s favorite features. Did you really think I was going to be
the one to show you the after shower experience? Come on Another 20 feet above the tree
house deck here is the crow’s nest, which gives another incredibly awesome
view and it is a wonderful place that’s come up here, have a cup of coffee, absolutely beautiful. Echo turn on hot tub heater. Guests can sit here in the
hot tub and look at the stars. There’s a little bit of adventure and a
little bit of luxury all in one package. One of the greatest things about the
Treehouse is it’s a wonderful conversation starter, so you can be in a mixed crowd in Costco
and you can say Treehouse out loud and people come in Our original property was five acres and
we built our house on here 20 years ago for our family. About four years ago, I had the opportunity to buy
the surrounding 25 acres, which is where the Emerald forest is. We have two ways to get in. Scott’s
favorite way is to zip line in. Pretty much everything that is over
there goes over on the zip line. The other option is to take a 10 minute
walk around the pond, but I mean, come on when you get the
opportunity to zip-line who says no? What’d you think? The
ride over is incredible. and we weren’t the only ones who
were interested in ziplining. If I make the mistake of
saying zip line in the house, he goes and runs down to the base of the
zip line tree and tries to get into his little carrier. How was your ride bud? And he loves it. It’s like going
for a ride in the car. So Jackson, we’ll go for a ride. This is probably my favorite
part of this forest. I’ve got a lot of Irish in me. I’ve been to Ireland several
times and to me this is Ireland. This is natural. I didn’t, I didn’t
do that. I didn’t, I didn’t make this, this is the way I found it. The truly genuine, authentic reaction from people
about how uniquely beautiful it is. Really sort of put a lot of wind in my
sails to let’s start thinking a little bit bigger back here and get some more
people back here to enjoy nature and enjoy the forest. And then a year
later, Pete called me and goes Scott Scott, I got an idea. We want to do another
project. Can we use the Emerald forest? I’m sure. Pete, what do you got in
mind? Oh, we’re going to do a theater. So this is the Emerald forest theater. The Treehouse masters folks came out here
in August of 2017 and they built this beautiful structure for us being a child
of the 60s I just fell in love with that forest moon avendor
on a return of the Jedi. So they built this in that vision. It was only after that point when Pete
told me that two out of three Treehouse customers, when they talk to them,
they all want an E wok’s village. I thought I had this wonderfully unique
concept in my head and it turned out very pedestrian. Everybody wants an Ewok’s village. I’ve got Ewok’s village. This all came over on the zip line in
big huge chunks one of Pete’s favorite parts of this project. The part that when we were meeting to
discuss it that he was just jazzed about, he loved the idea of sort of spanning, I think it’s about 35
feet between these trees. Took all these two by sixes and
they sort of sandwich them together. It came over in about three sections
and then they installed it here and then once the arch was built, then the
rest of it just sort of built itself. It’s all supported by this arch. Building a tree house is a unique
proposition in that trees move tree houses can change position even within the trees, so so much of this allows for the
tree house and the trees to move If you’re want some supplies from the
concession stand and you have a willing partner down there willing to hook it
on, there are three kadoma zones. That’s a trade name for these bubble like
metal structures that we get into and with a winch lift people up, up above the deck so that they can
get even a better view of the screen. Jackson, and I come over here in
the summer, we take naps in there. Aw, does he go up? Yeah, we go way up there
and he just cuddles with me. There’s a ropes climbing thing that the
kids just love every time we take kids over there, that’s where they immediately head let’s
climb up the ropes up and up under the theater. There’s swings, there’s
swings and there’s a small stage. Scott wants to have Irish dancers. There are two dream nets billed by Sarah
J who does that professionally and she was out doing a beautiful
job on those dream nets. it took her probably two weeks. Each level to crochet all
is fine detail between, between these trees. This place brings out your inner child. It’s a off the grid solar system with uh, several big batteries
to store everything. And then I’ve got a
generator to top things off. Everything you see now
was powered by the sun. What are some of the movies that
you’ve shown? Ground hog day, animal house, gremlins, gremlins. Blair
witch project, that was a good one. That was not a good one. That was
a great one. The shining there’s the hardy souls is like
Blair witch project. Give me more. It’s like not in a million years am I
going out in that forest and then walking out on a trail at night.
That was me. Yeah. It’s been really a nice way
to mix parts of our life. I’ve seen some of the people I haven’t
seen in a long time. Sorority sisters, old roommates, and it’s really an
experience nobody else can give you. I’ve never seen anything like it. So we took the concept of movies in the
park and the movies in the up in the forest for a lot of our friends. Thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and
leave a comment below if you’d like to see more tree house tours.

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