What is Dropshipping?

eCommerce Marketing Strategies – 12 Killer Tips | Marketing 360

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  1. Listen I just wanna sell t shirts ok….can I hire someone to do this stuff…I don’t even know what a crm Seo all that stuff is!

  2. Great video just found your page one question I have is if I’m using a drop shipping site like Shopify how do I get those had written notes in

  3. I was expecting to have heard of all of these before but was delighted to have heard 2 new tips, which I will start using. First time watching one of your videos, Thumbs up from Ireland.

  4. These are very good tips. So glad didn't you banter on about getting influencers and bloggers to promote your products or to post on Reddit like other videos.

    While influencers and bloggers are great and all, I don't like the idea that somehow they will make or break your business. These tips sound way more targeted and professional. Sure, it may cost more, but again…targeted.

  5. Hi Marketing 360. Thanks you for this great content. I have a question for you. As your experiences , how long does it take to see the result of being purchase by a lot of people in your Shopify store?

  6. That music drives me crazy! It’s super loud and I can’t focus on what you’re talking about. Other than that, great info. Thanks!

  7. JD excellent presentation. Fast, precise and to the point. Thank you for your straightforward no nonesese approach. Thank you

  8. JD my question is about the branding and packages you mentioned. When products are shipped from Aliexpress, how can you add packages? How much that cost?

  9. Great! Starting my own business at 15 and this has helped tremendously:) already growing 10x faster!

  10. Love your videos. You go into great detail. I've been doing eCommerce for 10 years and it's refreshing to hear honest training that helps people out. Cheers, keep it up!

  11. hey there! i am relatively new store owner and am grinding! I worked in e-commerce but this is my first time store! Appriciate for the tips though

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