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Drone crash!!! I screwed! 3DR Solo (+EN subs)

I was flying my drone, but then I lost signal, drone crashed into some palm tree, and probably fell into the lake, where alligators are… “Nunu” “Yes?” “Tell us, what’s going on today” “Today is Labor day, which means chilling” “Today is no work day, or how can I call it, so today we have to do nothing” “And vlog!” “And vlog, of course!” “So we are on our way for breakfast and we will see later,…” “Oh, so sweet!” “You want it, am I right?” “For 20 dollars? Yes!” “This one’s cute, too!” “Oh, that’s candle! Hot chocolate!” 😀 “Anyway, we are in Dunkin’ Donuts…” “After like 1000000 years!” “Because we were thinking about some healthy breakfast, We don’t have any food at home, we have to go and get some grocery, so we can prepare something next time. But today Dunkin’ Donuts!” “But we won’t have donuts, though we want to…” “Anyways, we recommend Crispy Cream more than Dunkin’ Donuts.” Just a little tip, if you’re visiting USA. Dunkin’ Donuts has style, but Crispy Cream has better taste.” “That’s true! So we will take our order… I have veggie something and Terka too, and we are going to eat that and tell you what we are up to today.” “Hey, you look dissapointed…” “It looks wild somehow. It was supposed to be chicken salad, but it looks like mashed mayonaise with mashed something…” “This is, how healthy breakfast looks like…” “Nunu, so what’s our program for today?”
“I don’t know, you have to tell me!” “Anyways, I have some delicious veggie goodie with an egg and hmmmm, i really feel, how I’m loosing my weight:” 😀 “But it’s healthy!” “Today, your shirt goes together with our car, Balu” “That’s cool! I did that on purpose!” “Today’s plan: it’s Labor day, so no work, we are going to lift our harddisk from Wallmart, because we are preparing for our trip little bit… “So everything has changed…” “And after Wallmart we are going to our house for our filming gear, and we are going to meet our czech friends, and do some bbq!” “This isn’t good start of a day…” “No!” “Today’s video willl be offensive.” “I’ll try to do my best…” “Let’s go!” “This happens every time! We go to Wallmart for one thing, Terka gets lost in the clothing department, but we are not today here for you!” “I know…” “That change. I was planning for better videos saving cloud or something like that… but just because we decided to go on a trip, or because we will leave our apartment… and we are going to live in rv… so i was searching for some external disks, and i found this one at Wallmart, but they have discounts here because Labor day, so I have my external disk for 10 dollars less than before!” “So I finally have it and I don’t have to freak out about damage caused by shipping…” “And I recommend to you, if you’re visiting USA and you will want to purchase something from internet, look first on Walmart.com, because Walmart has low prices and you can order it to one of the Walmart locations near you.” “Walmart is great for everything, except food.” “So you can order it to some Walmart location. So if you know, that you will be in three days in some city in Arizona, Order it to the Walmart near that city.” “The prices are really good!” “Just a little tip for you” The prices are also cool when it comes to clothing. 🙂 “We go for it!” “Don’t even look, Nunu!” “But…” “No, we want hard drive!” I don’t have money for more clothes…” 😀 “Hey, there it is. Everytime you order something via internet, you are going to pick it up there.” “I have to get the camera in focus…” “So look for this place.” “You’ve seen it, how easy it was…” “So I really recommend this tip with Walmart, order it via Internet, because in shops they have higher prices” “Nunu! You were telling me that!” “I told you that!” “Hurricane Irma is comming…” “I was talking about that in last video… and Terka told me, that we must go and get some water, there won’t be any left, but I said we still have time, It’s in Carribean now, it will be here in 10 days…” “We don’t even know, if it’s going to hit us…” “Yes, and it still can miss us, but look: there are empty shelves with water, there is only some distilled one, but it’s totally empty in here. So we will take these, because we are real preppers 🙂 let’s go do some interesting things…” “There is one more!” At least something. “Still one left”
“But I can’t hold more.” “So I think Nunu, we should go and really get some… emergency supplies”
“I don’t want to end up like last year…” “Ending buying some sh*t that was left in stores…” “Are you kidding me?” “What???” “That you go just near by the vegetables?” “By the way, the vegetable isn’t good here…” “Not only here… vegetable is always bad!” “No, it isn’t!” “I really love these self-service counters!” “You just go to spend money and you have to work here, too :D” “Oh yes, we are finally on our way to park… to our favourite park” “When i see all these cars, I hope, we will find some place!” “Which place?” “You know, some place for bbq…” “Place for bbq?” “Yes, because it doesn’t matter if it’s Labor day or any other holiday, it just always means bbq!” “So parks are always full, and I hope we will find some place…” “The first plan was to go to other side of the river…” “Yes, it was” “Wait, until the beep will shut up…” “So, the plan was to go to another side of the river… and bbq on the beach, but one of our friends Peter wanted to buy a drone, so we went to Best Buy to get the drone for him” “Do you have money?” “Yeah! Some dollars” “So, we have to wait here for them, or they are already waiting here for us…” “So I don’t really know…” “Oh, I see. We are here sooner” “Maybe it’s plan, you know…” “Hey Nunu, look! Here is the new car for us… :D” “For our camper… but we wanted white color, so what’s this? :D” “I wanted a Long Horn! What’s this?” “I don’t know, some weird car…” “And it’s diesel :P” “Look, it has that mega cab! Do you see that long cab?” “That’s great!” “You can f*** in the back…you know, what I mean :P” “Do you want to say, you can speak about some important things back there…” “Am I right?” “Yes, of course…” “So, I’m hungry yet, so it’s time to eat, so it’s the right time, today we’re having Balu’s pornburgers.” 🙂 “No, they won’t. Don’t say anything, what isn’t true! “There will be some normal burgers, because we are not ready for real pornburgers by Balu’ “Ok, then we will have some sh*tporn burgers by Balu :D, aaand…” “Sh*tburgers… we will have some sh*t burgers!” “So we want to be surprised…” “And we are still waiting, Nunu is really hungry yet! It’s some serious time for the real food here in Florida!” “Noooooo!” “What time do I have today?” “In 10 minutes will be ten” “Now I have quarter past eleven :D” “Quarter past eleven? That’s the real time… :D” “We have still time, so I’m going to show you this mechanism for the 5th wheel…” “I was talking about in last video…look” “This is it!” “I’ve just started talking to Tom, owner of this car, of this Ram, and this is his home!” “He tows heavy trailers, like those campers we want to buy, and he tows them for money from Michigan, where they make them, and it’s cheaper to hire someone with this pick-up truck, who will bring these trailers from Michigan to Florida, so he gets $1.50 for one mile! Unbelievable! I love this car!” “And it’s for sale for 50 000 dolars!” “Balu, you want to trade me for that Ram…am I right?” “Hey, after I’ve seen this car, I don’t want any other car…” “I’m in love with this car…” “Balu, you know, that Ram is my long time dream car!” “But who did tell you first about Ram? Hah?”
“You did!” “You’re just a copy of me…” “No! You showed me, what are the possibilities and I made the decision!” “Fu*k! I want it” “I just want it too! What will we do for that?” “So, I will sell my kidney, you will sell yours…” “No, wait. I could go to sell myself, aaand…” “Yes! Now! Get out of this freakin’ car!” 😀 “Then, we must sell something!” “Ok, we have our friends and we are going to fire the grill!” “I hope it will be good.” “I just want that caaaar!” 🙁 “Watch out, there could be some armadillos…” “So…” “We have our place, the picture is a bit overexposed…” “Nunu, are you ready?” “Are you ready?”
“Yes I am!” “I’m still hungry, and I’m ready for some real burgers!” “This is porn!” “What’s going on in here?” “You know, we are improvising…!” “Nunu forgot silverware, so we must improvise!” “This is real tool!” “This is, again, some great bbq…” “There won’t be any fun, if it would be ordinary and easy!” “You are doing well, Kacenka!” “I know! I know, to who i should give this tool!” “Don’t call me Kacenka!” “Because I knew, that I won’t be as good as Kacenka!” “You are having a Labor day, so no work for you, Nunu!” “You czechs must wait untill May!” 😀 “It won’t be us, if it wouldn’t be an adventure… I was flying my drone, buuut then I lost signal, drone crashed into some palm tree, and probably fell into the lake, where alligators are… so now I’m driving around a park on my own, Terka is waiting with friends, and I’m looking for someone with kayak or something like that… to get with that kayak on the little island… I’m not sure if the drone landed on the island or into the water :D” “Maybe it’s in the water…” “So, adventure anytime…” AAARRRGGGHHH “Mission failed, I don’t have any boat, I can’t get to that island, so I don’t even have the drone…” “This isn’t good…” “This is that island…” “I was flying from there, then I was filming that palm, some great view, I was flying, aaand then I lost signal with my drone…” “It immediately crashed into this island, to these palms, and it felt on the island, or in the water…” “Aaand… I was standing here, looking for my drone, and then I saw an alligator swimming in here…” “So I won’t swim here :D” “So, Nunu, I let you to call my names, and tell me, that I’m an idiot…” “I don’t know, why do you have to pretend you’re Casey Neistat, because you are not like him at all… and more I’m going to tell you at home… It will be hard for you!” “If I did this, I would be dead already…” “I’m already dead! I don’t like, what did happen today…” “You screwed…” “What now?” “We are in a trouble. What more can I say?” It’s really bad, because we now don’t have the drone, even our GoPro…” “And no money!” “Yes, no money for that…” “So…” “We don’t have what more to say…” “Yes. Totally…” “We will see…” “This is beautiful, am I right?” “You’re sad, am I right?” “Yes…” Nothing strange about it. “So, we are going to make our souls happier…” “Am I right, Nunu?” “I think, we’re going to split up… :D”
“Are we? :D” “I am leaving you… :D” “So, text me :D” “I’m looking for new a boyfriend…” “Where are we going, Nunu?” “Steak n’ Shake, we were talking about this a lot…” “We really like it here…” “Yep” “That’s, what we need right now…” “But I don’t deserve it…” “For nerves you will get with a pan over your head” “That will be for my nerves…” “Maybe, I will feel better, to see your pain…” 😀 “Terka’s like: I feel, I’ve lost something…” “Me too :D” “It’s your drone and GoPro, what’s missing!” “We are really unhappy right now…” “This isn’t the best thing that could happen to us… and this isn’t the best time for that.” “So, now we are talking about what will we do next… I’m going to try to get a boat tomorrow again I need to go there again to look, if the drone landed on that island, or try to lend a metal detector from our neighbour, maybe it will work deep under the water, too. That’s what Peter told me, I don’t really know… Our neighbour does have one, so this isn’t problem, we will try to get it out of the water, because I’ve seen many videos of people pulling a drone from the sea, and making it work again. So that could be maybe possibility. But I don’t really believe in that… Hope never dies. What do you think about that, Nunu?” “I think, that I don’t know :(” “I think, that I don’t know…” “You know, it could be dead until tomorrow… You can’t make a lot of things with it… “So, I have one free controler for drone, powered by bateries, two bateries… So… you know…” “We are ending this video a little bit sad, anyways I hope, that you are doing well, and follow us on our Instagram account, facebook account, visit our streams, and see you soon in the next video…” “Bye!” “Bye, bye!” 🙂

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