What is Dropshipping?

Delivering a dead body – Odd Package

hey Byron hey Are you about to head out for delivery? I am Do you mind if I add one more package? Is that okay? of course awesome
Thank You Man appreciate Awesome. here it is thank you so much man I appreciate this ah… what is that? computer parts It says right there adresses is there as well it’s just everything you need is right on the package um… Alan I’m not sure that I can
do this what do you mean? what do I mean that – I’m not gonna deliver that Byron that’s literally what you do that’s your job yeah I deliver but I I’ve never
delivered anything like that before Oh Byron are you telling me that
you’re not gonna deliver this? Cause ohhh I don’t know what I’d do if it’s what
you’re telling me Alan I can’t be part of this Byron I not asking you to deliver this I’m telling you okay yeah okay okay awesome dude thank
you so much I really appreciate this great Oh before I forget um what was it I was gonna say?
oh yeah Don’t Open it don’t open it okay okay Yep cool yep Great Cool Thank you! Oh f**k just send it. Send it. Send it Okay. Okay just send it Okay… okay F**k f**k f*k what the… Byron what are you doing I told you not to
open this do you know how long this took me to pack and action!

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