What is Dropshipping?

Deliver Us The Moon – The Blackout

Assembling section 3C now. Copy that. Do you think we’ll finish construction anytime soon? With the Council claiming more supplies each week? I doubt it. I’m surprised we got this past McArthur in the first place. Yeah Listen,
I’m getting strange readings here from the lunar surface. Are you seeing anything? Just wrapping up What the hell?! All the lights, they’re shutting down..! Are you alright, Rolf!? What just happened? I can’t see a thing, everything is dark out here! We lost power from the MPT, the whole station is down.
Can you find your way back to the airlock? Negative, I don’t have a visual. I’m sending ALEX to block the airlock doors. Do you see him?! I see its flashlight! Heading back to the airlock. What’s going on..?
Everything on the surface is dark… Rolf, not now! What’s your ETA? Ten seconds! Make it faster! Once the airlock seals you’ll be locked out.
ALEX is blocking the door for you but he can’t hold it much longer! Noooooooooooo [XBOX SOUND]

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