What is Dropshipping?

Deliver food, not the virus. 22/03/2020

Hello I’m making this appeal to you on
behalf of the Buckfastleigh Covid 19 response team and Buckfastleigh Medical Center, this
is in collaboration also with the town council. Now I’ve heard lots of talk as
I’ve been going around that we’re in a war with this virus that we’re in a place
not dissimilar to where we’ve found ourselves in World War ii with measures
that none of us have ever had to deal with and i don’t think that that
language is particularly inappropriate because we are indeed in a fight. However my reading of history is that during the Blitz people did not stand out in the
street to see where all the bombs were coming from. No, they went to the shelter
and it’s not an exaggeration to say to people, that if you are over 70, that if
you’re in a vulnerable group now is the time to draw up the shutters. Self
isolate now. Now this is such a great community, it’s a great place to be and
the streets are full of personalities and as a great community
there are lots and lots and lots of volunteers all coming forward to help
especially offers of help with shopping and so on and now this is a really
essential thing that we can do for our friends and neighbors but also we need
to be able to do it in the safest way that we can so here are some guidance
some guidelines that we’ve drawn on with the health health center with the
council and in line with government policies. Okay, so here we go: if you’re
collecting food on somebody’s behalf wash your hands with soap and water or hand gel before you’re collecting the goods. If at all possible use the shops
self packing service to avoid going into the shop yourself
and walking around the aisles. Once you arrive at the house
why not ring to let the person know that you’re there rather than have to go and
knock at the door. When you do take the food to the door leave it on the step .If
you have to knock at the door avoid touching the bell, step back at least two
meters or a cars length. If you really really need to speak to the person
otherwise just wave, leave and wash your hands when you get home. Do not
take the food into the house. This is vital so that you can protect the person that you are caring for as much as possible, remember you’re
aiming to be delivering the food and not the virus. So now if you’re isolating,
self isolating and needing food delivered wherever possible use the
supermarket delivery services, use the schemes that are being set up by local
traders and those are things in process so speak to each other tell
each other what’s what’s available because that’s a changing thing. Please
pay for your goods over the phone if at all possible, if you’re not able to do
that then ask a trusted friend or a relative to do it on your behalf. It’s a
good idea to regard everyone who’s bringing food or anything to the door,
regard them as carrying the virus that way you’ll be in the best position to
take steps to keep yourself safe. So once the food’s been ordered and
somebody’s bringing it whether that’s a friend or a relative or a
delivery service, try and tie them down to some kind of time when they
might be coming. Keep an eye out of the front window to see them coming and once
they’re there wave through the window to acknowledge rather
than come to the door if that’s at all possible. Now the food will be left on
your doorstep, the person making the delivery shouldn’t come into the house.
You’re not being rude if you don’t invite them in. Ideally if your house is
not on the roadside you’d leave your delivery outside for at least an hour (minimum, ideally 3+ hours) to reduce the risk of the virus coming into the house. Of course if you doorstep’s not
secure then you will have to bring it in but if you do so just bring it just
inside the front door and leave it there for again at least an hour. As soon as
you’ve touched it though, wash your hands If at all possible wash your shopping in
hot soapy water, if at all possible. If you struggle with heavy bags bring those
items in one by one. So, wash your hands before and after touching bags or food.
Keep your distance at least 2 meters between you, a car’s
length. Pay over the phone. Do not enter people’s houses and do not invite them
in. So thank you for listening, on behalf of the response team, the Town Council
and Buckfastleigh Medical Center, take care of yourselves and those people that you’re

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  1. Rev, great to see you!! We've lived in the town for 45 years and you have never wanted to get in touch with us… so if this continues indefinitely, guess we'll now never meet! We new all the old vicars personally. Cheers.

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