What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Amazing "Godinstance " in the New Testament where the Samaritan adultress getting water from the well at an off time so as to avoid other Samaritan women who were pure, meets Jesus the Messiah, who read her heart, soul & mind bringing her to conversion and the SALVATION of her Soul! God never gives up on a sinner. WOW!

  2. Amen! Prayers to all who cannot attend Mass and for those who are able to go! Thank you, Fr. Miguel for such beautiful homily.

  3. What was the answer to the second time Jesus revealed himself explicitly in the Bible? My wife and I think it was the blind man cured when Jesus put mud on his eyes and told him to wash (John 9:1-41). Is that right?

  4. Thank you EWTN and Father Miguel for such a strong, powerful homily. Holy Spirit is truly present when you are speaking. Thank you for being a yielded vessel…to teach God’s children. Stay strong.🙏🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. From the beginning Prayer 🙏🏽 which is powerful to the ending Prayer is truly food for our Spirits and Souls… thank you Father God and Father Miguel🙏🏽

  6. The singing is so beautiful…and the Director Derrick is so awesome… the voices (each one) is amazing . So dedicated.Thank you.

  7. Thank you for sharing us the holy mass daily via internet. God bless always and continue God's blessing through the Holy Mass.

  8. It's people that are sick with flu and colds that need to be told in no uncertain terms to stay home. So many people just go out anyway, to work, to mass, wherever, when they are full of flu germs. They often think they are being stoic or brave by not giving in to the flu, but all they are really doing is passing it on to everyone else. Stay the heck home if you have the flu. You're not proving to anyone how tough you are by just carrying on. You're just making vulnerable people sick and putting their lives in danger. Stay home and don't be so dang self-centered.

  9. Best ever Fr Miguel. 🙏May God keep and guard us all against all evil. Especially away from the coronavirus.🙏 I ask it in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who lives and raign forever and ever. Amen🙏

  10. This is the first time I've needed to watch Mass on television. I pray that this coronavirus situation gets resolved quickly. 🙏✝️🇻🇦

  11. Amen, praying for us to forgive. Let us hug it out. In those grocery lines reach out and bring our brothers and sisters back to the faith.
    Today I did just that, I implored with this frantic mother and wife to go back to the Eucharist. To give it all up for our lord Jesus Christ

  12. Praise all of these wonderful recordings of today's Mass – it's a comfort to know that we are not alone – all the world even from Rome, is doing the same thing – One Sky One World One Heart One Soul – Thank you!

  13. Fr. Miguel always gives such great homilies. Today’s was just what people of America (and around the world) needed to hear. Thank you Father and thanks to everyone from EWTN!

  14. I stayed home from church today, as my husband is 71 with underlying health conditions. I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this Mass from EWTN, it was almost like being there.

  15. Prayers are with Everyone to be Safe from the Corona Virus Lord Jesus an Mother Mary may God Bless You Father an All EWTN

  16. Amen Beautiful Sermon, may God bless us all, protect us, guide us and may he have mercy on us all. May all humanity be restored to our Good Lord. Prayers for all the world, and for a cure to this Corona disease. Prayers also for our Priests, in leading Gods sheep.

  17. "Only in God shall we be satisfied." Praise Our Lord and thank you Fr. Miguel for a beautiful Homily.

  18. love the Mass via EWTN However sadden to see that some of the women do not wear a veil headcover. Fr Miguel has always give some of the most spiritual sermons

  19. God is so merciful that create creatures to eat each other alive… that's how psychopaths is he including those who are convinced to repeat words daily cuz God needs to hear… is so needy what the psychopath luckily such a stupid God does not exist

  20. Our prayer against the virus is: to repent, repent, repent. America needs to fall on its knees and repent.

  21. We must always speak the truth no matter the time. In good times and in bad times. Father and others must let the people of on the left that they are going against God's ways. Not just with abortion and supporting homosexual behavior. But also using progressive taxes to steal from others which is a mortal sin. And regarding how we pray the mass it does matter. If we are not worshiping God through the Latin Mass than we are not worshiping God, which is breaking the third commandment.

  22. Watch the man
    on right/ side
    Sneezed on his open hand like nothing
    Then received
    Our Lord on the same virus hand
    It seems to me his thumb touched Father Miguel's hand
    This man should know better
    Use the inner part of your shirt to sneeze
    open your shirt to sneeze in your body
    Don't be careless
    be charitable towards others specially Father.
    He touched the pew's like nothing

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