What is Dropshipping?

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  1. I hope the Gov has a 14 day police watch on every individual "still" flying into Vancouver from China. Ya, that would be false hope.

  2. Its time to stop putting numbers up..we don't need to.know anymore because so many people can't handle this and are sooo stressed

  3. Socialists love this! They see it as their opportunity to destroy western freedoms and force their will on us all, and they will if we let them.

  4. A huge consideration in determining the threshold for qualifying for emergency response benefits is the thousands of Canadians who' are currently, due to loss of work or illness who's EI benefit amounts are based on 50% of part time minimum wage earnings, where they are receiving benefits well below the poverty line. this NEEDS to be considered.

  5. It seems reporters only need a high school education. Very few reasonable questions not regurgitating the most imaginative negative rumours that exist.

  6. I don't think we're going to do whatever it takes. I'm all for isolation and flattening the curve. But flattening means extending. I don' think we can stay isolated until a vaccine is ready. So what is the plan?

  7. I shall never forget what Manny Montenegrino, LL.B, (President of 'Think Sharp' and former adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper), offered as advice to Justin Trudeau. He said this…..and it is memorialized right here on youtube…….."My advice to Mr. Trudeau would be…….. "When you have an important decision to make, sit quietly and alone and think it through very, very deeply and carefully, go through all the possibilities you can think of …..and then, when you have made that decision……… do the opposite." Good advice for Mr.Trudeau methinks.

  8. Why are you still taking taxes from the people and giving it to 3rd world countries? Carbon tax and give yourself a raise.

  9. The government is a joke on how they are dealing with the crisis. They must not have ever conceived of this type of thing ever happening. Heads up their…. They do not address the issue people actually have of details regarding logistics of isolation and travel conditions. They talk about it in the most easy and convenient general terms possible. The government departments I have called are clueless and you get the run-a-round and pushed off to others who also do not have answers and the websites you are directed towards also are just normal general health or travel information. Again, not informed enough about what people actually need to know. They act too late ans seem ill prepared for governing.

  10. You can get a COVID-19 test if you are a Liberal politician. Nice to know that they consider themselves better than the average citizen.

  11. they keep being vague on this so called emergency EI fund,,first they say all canadians do not need to worry about rent or food,then they say all canadians with no jobs can get EI even if they do not qualify but if you read the site it only talks about parents taking care of kids and those who are sick or unable to work due to corona,,,enough already ,give it to me straight,,,i am unemployed as i recently lost my job (no valid reason given) i do not have enough hours to qualify,,so will i be able to collect EI through the regular benefits or should i wait to apply for the emergency fund in april? am i covered in my situation or what? they still wont give much details and seems to give vague statements that do not reflect what i read ,they have yet to declare how much and for how long,what about those who feel they are unsafe and leave there work? will they have EI access and still have job security when they go back??will the gov fight and guarantee this?,someone please give me some answers or help if you know better about this,which one will pay out more the regular EI or the emergency thing?

  12. We are seniors and have been inside for well over three weeks already, but my husband went early a provision from our grocery stores to shop for food,he maintains social distance then comes straight home and first thing after he brings the groceries up,he lathers his hands and washes his hands in warm to hot water for 30 seconds. Doing all that we can,we are quite healthy. Instead of buying soup I made a big pot of chicken soup with the skinniest chicken I ever saw that he managed to find,lol. Stay inside,I feel for those with children,listen to the professionals. Bless your hearts this is hard I know,I never thought something like this could ever happen. Have courage and try to bear up,this too shall pass. Remember it could be worse …. it could be Zombies. 😉 ;P (just trying to make you smile)

  13. China gifted so much of happiness to the entire world…Word Economy is getting stronger day by day..Millions of jobs being created in every sector..Every person on earth has 3 job offers….Happiness,happiness and happiness all due to China.It's only because they want to consume everything that walks on earth…It does not matter what it is and where it is as long as it moves it becomes food for them…..In history, year 2020 will be remembered as a Wuhan Chinese Year.

  14. Somebody needs to disable these comments. SO many people are just using this as a platform to tear the PM apart. Does he have all the answers? NO. If ANYBODY had all of the answers right now then we could likely at least see a light at the end of the tunnel. If he speaks in terms that are any less general, people will just pick it apart and tell them how they would do it their way, with absolutely no regard for the global community and without any concept of micro and macro economics…

    Allowing hateful comments (like a lot that I am reading) serves absolutely no purpose, and doesn't contribute to anything happening in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Freedom of Speech is not practiced to the same extent in Canada as it is in the US (even though most Canadians like to believe it is, which requires only minimal research). The government does carry the right to enforce reasonable limits and a lot of what I'm reading here is completely unreasonable. I'm not trying to directly defend the PM, but times like these require us to be constructive, not critical/divisive towards one another.

  15. Regarding the militarized border: But doesn't it give more protection to the Canadians also to have our border watched more strictly? It does not sound bad to have extra protection. Why would we not want that in these circumstances?

  16. Can we learn from India before its too late? ,They are even using drones to ensure that nobody steps out of the house. If anybody does they are being arrested and punished….There is a total lockdown for 21 day's over there .The are feeding poor people in a systematic way as they cannot step out of the house to earn money on a daily basis….Canada do whatever u can to save people before it gets too late ..Take action and do less talks.

  17. The issue with the militarized borders is not what people say it is. The US needs to step up to the border not to protect themselves from us but the other way around: to keep their virulent citizens out of our territory.

  18. DO you even understand what happened two days ago? Libs tried to get unlimited power to raise taxes. I quote: “The Liberals shamefully tried to use a public health crisis to give themselves the powers to raise taxes, debt and spending without parliamentary approval"

  19. This makes no sense. She says she was doing social distancing and all other recommended acts, is a germaphobe so it very cognizant of washing hands etc and is a doctor and an MP so knows all about the risk – yet she still gets it? and then spends the interview spouting the talking points of the Trudeau government.

  20. All of this was foreseeable. The people at the wheel have seen the same films the rest of us have seen (Outbreak, Contagion, etc). Can't tell me our political leaders couldn't imagine this scenario. They could have acted sooner, and the fact that they didn't is nothing short of bipartisan negligence.

  21. President Trump is getting impatient with Canada. Trudeau refuses to stop flights from China refuses to stop the plague ships.
    Trump does not want that trying to get into his country. That's why there are going to see the USMC on the border

  22. I don't have faith in Trudeau to recognize when the cure is worse than the virus. He and other leaders are so focused on doing the opposite of Trump that they will screw the people to make a stand.

  23. Hey everybody, if you want to find out all about the VIRUS, head on down to your major airport.

    They've giving out pamphlets.


  24. How is the 50 million dollars that liberals just gave government approved midia under this Virus emergency justified. Midia are not losing money its government buying influence. 50 million on top of 1.7 billion for CBC .that would pay a lot of peoples rent or put food on tables

  25. Some of the comments here are insane, listen everyone the entire world dropped the ball on this the only Country doing it right is S Korea, even the WHO issued a statement in January that said the virus was under control and not transferable between humans, so lets stop all the hate and work together as Canadians to get ourselves out of this, "THEN" we can hold them accountable, but right now the hate accomplishes nothing.

  26. 27:10 The funniest part.I will translate it from Chinese for you:
    A citizen: Dear PM, why did you want to gain unlimited taxation power till 2021?
    Trudeau: We want to help Canadians by raising taxes.

  27. you say the emergency fund is for ppl affected by covid19 and cannot work,,so does that cover ppl who are unemployed and do not have the hours to qualify or are you asking these ppl to go back to or find non essential work during this crisis? you say the reason should be covid19 for those who got sick or were sent home because there place of work either sent them home or decided to shut down do to the virus so are you not in contradicting yourself by not granting access for those that are unemployed through no fault of there own? are these ppl not entitled to the same help or you forcing them contrary to your claims to go back to work?? if you want me to stay at home then pay me ,my situation is no different than anyone else ,all canadians should be covered as you stated be it they lost work through no fault of there own or they chose to stay at home away from the risk,,both and all cases should be covered

  28. Can the scientists and engineers get together and build the "DRY SHOWER ROOM" so that our Health Care Workers and any Emergency workers can "DISINFECT"? We may already have such equipment?

  29. Great announcements from PM Trudeau regarding temp benefits to each citizens.
    PM Trudeau spokes very clear about the objectiveness. Great measures with well friendly tones regarding US borders. Also, self quarantine mandates. Excellent decisions to providing and protecting peoples lives.

  30. When Russia mobilizes troops along their border it necessitates a NATO response. How are we supposed to interpret this and do different rules apply? Pandemic refugees would likely be heading north to Canada as opposed to south to the epicentre.

  31. Police can check up on quarantine ppl by video chatting with them. Make them walk around their house. Can't lie 🤥, what technology?

  32. Hey CBC hear about the Sexual Assault allegations against Joe Biden? I'm sure you have, so wheres the video?

  33. How many times do you need to say it. Trust me I was out walking my dog this afternoon, I have been self distancing for over a week. Yes i saw many many retirees with TANS walking out side. Don't tell me they are following self Quarantine, Why do you keep saying to people we are "looking at other countries blah blah blah, " ? Obviously our Government and Health Advisors are NOT listening to these countries either. We will become an Italy. Goes Canadians are not as nice and honest as the World says we are. LOL

  34. I never voted for Trudeau

    But I'm very happy hes leading the country right now…I cant imagine Scheer in his place…good job Justin

  35. OHHHHHH really really we are relying on peoples honest at the border answers. WHAT THE #$#((D. People lie about everything all the time. on those questions about how much they spent. etc etc

  36. You can't even get PPE to people handing out toilet paper pamphlets to people coming in from other countries at airports. Then you give tax money to criminals in the UN and the EU. Go live in africa.

  37. I'm appalled at the amount of ignorance and negativity in this thread. I hope those who are so disgruntled with our government don't even bother applying for the the Emergency Benefit. right?

  38. World leaders need to solve the Trump issue. The states is about to make things so much worse … For everyone

  39. Why do you translate in English when the Prime Minister speaks in French. He had just said the same thing in English. So please, let people listen to the French part too. That's more logical. Thank you.

  40. glad to see him taking a more drastic stand and he should have done this long ago shutting the borders ,,he should collect all those who already came to canada and put them in confinement for 14 days and not just those still coming,,but how does he expect ppl who just arrived to get food unless they go shopping??

  41. Our government is still 3-4 weeks behind. And by the way, 1 person with this should have told you NOT TO GO!!!!

  42. Don't trust Canada gouvernements sites for travel Look also at the travel advisory board of the country you are going too, Look at the recent national news of the country you are going too. Canada did not post an advisory for China until February 28th. CHECK IT OUT!!!

  43. CONFINEMENT DOES NOT WORK! Are you blind? South Korea, China, Malaysia , Germany are testing hundredth of thousands, isolating the sick and treating them with professors Didier Raoult treatment which cost 10 cents a 💊 for 5 days. Those countries economy is doing fine. Instead, France, Canada etc…chose the scare tactic and paralyzed the economy, stranding the sick with the healthy people. The majority of victims are 78 and older in Italy , in Germany, no deaths under 35 years old registered. In France, it is the government incompetent that has killed people. NO MASKS, NO GLOVES in hospitals since January, the French people were told that they didn’t need them. Many French doctors, nurses have died because of that. And now this two and a half dollars treatment has become a multi million one. Yes, this chloroquine has now become a prescription drug after being available over the counter for over 70 years ! WTF!

  44. They encourage people to report on people who are not isolating after travel and gathering in large crowds. And airlines should be allowed to report on people who get in to a flight when they are sick.

  45. 17:10 For those of you that make were making less than $2000/mth working full or part time before the new "CERB" payment was announced, don't assume that you'll qualify for the full $2000 payment. Just like EI, the payment amount will be determined by how much you paid into EI while working over the past 12 month, and will be calculated accordingly to how many hours of work was done during that time.

  46. when will the world hold China accountable?..not the first serious bug from there and I'm sure it won't be the last

  47. america no longer sees Canada as an ally. Send as many troops as they send and target their positions. murica invaded Canada once.

  48. "Canadians would begin to receive their CERB payments within 10 days of application. The CERB would be paid every four weeks and be available from March 15, 2020 until October 3, 2020." does that make any sense? so what happened to waiving the 1 week waiting period? and what is this every 4 week pay?? its every two weeks no? and why are they saying march 15 when non of this is happening till april?

  49. You mean the joke of Canada,stop giving our respect as the people need a competent leader in these times, not giving away canadians money to 3rd world warlords.

  50. "wage earners and self-employed individuals, including contract workers, who would not otherwise be eligible for Employment Insurance." does this mean you can keep working and collect EI?

  51. It seems to be assumed that everybody has friends, family or neighbours to help them. It's also assumed that everybody has a back yard to exercise in. Yesterday I helped a blind man outside the grocery store. He had been inside for three weeks. He had no food, and all his neighbours had done for him was tell him to stay inside. He finally felt his way to the store where he couldn't see what was going on. I got him some help from store staff, but what happened to him after I left? I don't know and I'm worried about other people in his sort of situation.

  52. Globalization is in full effect. Surrender your freedoms? Hell, we just gave it all away. Barely put up a fight.

    Resistance is futile. We will all be assimilated 🤪

  53. CBC I really appreciate your coverage during this crisis. I find your interviewing of average Canadians and their situations very valuable.

  54. 27:31 – Q: Can you explain the logic of your power grab? A: Well, you know, democracy is complicated and I don't want to deal with it.

  55. 9:28 she has covid19, 'it feels like mild flu like symptoms that come and go, some days good some days worse"then why are we shutting down the economy!

  56. This is by far one of the worst government officials of all time in any position. Our rights and freedom to go outside are being stripped over a virus. The mortality rate is so low it's almost laughable why they're enforcing new laws for it. Where was this same energy with the previous viruses? Just a coverup for the elites to make more dollars. The economy literally wont be worth coming back to when this all blows over and I dont think a lot of people are grasping this reality

  57. Maybe liberal cabinet ministers can take a salary reduction since they’re not doing much and use the money to buy medical gear for real heros our medical teams..

  58. To late again JT , this should have been done right away , people can’t be trusted, many don’t take this seriously, travellers returning should have been checked and tested and told to go home and quarantine or face charges

  59. big backyard – fires, food, beers and family time. Quarantine is going to be sweet! I feel bad for you people that overpaid for a shoe box 500sq' condo. Good luck and stay safe out there people.

  60. So proud of our government right now!! Financially helping those Canadians who need it most in this difficult time! 👏🏼 👍🏼 👌🏽 Great work from Prime Minister Trudeau, the rest of the current administration, and the opposition to come to a bipartisan solution to temper the panic of this situation. Go Canada!! 🇨🇦 ❤️

  61. Fear mongering over the US troops .
    It couldn't possibly be that we have mutual interests and they are assisting in securing that region as it is something needed.

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