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COVID-19 update: Statement from CEO

Hello I’m Cheryl Giovannoni, CEO of the GDST. As we all know we are living through a period of great uncertainty and
turbulence but I wanted to reassure you that the GDST is ready. Each of our schools has been preparing for weeks for the transition to guided
home learning. I am incredibly proud of how they have led the way with creative
and innovative responses to this challenge and I hope you will agree that
they have done a remarkable job getting set up for the coming weeks leading to
the Easter holidays and into next term. There is an enormous amount of effort
going into creating an alternative way of learning which we are confident will
set pupils up for success in the future, without losing momentum, whatever stage they are at. The next few months will be an opportunity to deliver on our promise
that GDST schools are places where girls learn without limits and to show
the fighting spirit that sees all of our heads and our staff committed to doing
whatever it takes to realise that ambition – for nursery, through junior and
prep years, for years eleven and thirteen importantly, and every other
year of senior school. This will be proof of the GDST family we are so proud of –
showing how much we care for each other and how we support each other in
delivering an outstanding education. We are so grateful to all of our staff who
are working tirelessly to put the pupils first in such unprecedented
circumstances. Our schools will also be supporting the national effort by caring
for the children of key workers and vulnerable children through the next few
weeks and into the Easter holidays. And we will be freezing any increase in
school fees for September, to help families as much as we possibly can, whilst keeping our staff employed and the offer as robust as possible in the
face of such turbulence. For now though, I want to wish you and
your families well over the coming weeks and months, and I ask for your support
through this time believing that better times do lie ahead for us all as we work
together. Thank you.

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