What is Dropshipping?

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  1. He just pulled $82 billion out of his hat. Fantastic… closing the borders except for everyone's favourite crossing point in Quebec. Free health care is quite the incentive for these new Liberal voters to be.

  2. That’s 2700 per Canadian citizen. Those who made more than 100,000 last year won’t get there’s as it is ultimately your responsibility to provide for yourself and your family, and if you don’t have some sort of disaster fund/ savings than shame on you. For real you should feel like a loser and learn from your mistake. As for everyone who made less than that, these people are also responsible for themselves, but maybe they can be more easily forgiven for not being prepared. They will get this one time pay out (if they opt in, if they don’t, their share will go to a central fund that gets redistributed again once more to those who made less than 50k)

    We do this once and never again do Canadians get it in their head that anyone other than themselves is responsible for paying their rent.

    I do not say this as the son of a rich man or as someone living in his parents basement. I am renting a room in Vancouver and am suddenly aware of the stupidity of not having savings. Shame on me.

  3. Not all women and children want or need to go to a shelter just help with rent if laid off. I live on the coast in BC and giving up your rental could mean long term shelter. This should be avoided.

  4. The seniors which have supported the system their whole lives worked for the best part of it and always paid more than their fair share of taxes are the last to be shown any consideration. What the hell we already screwed them out of their doe now that they are retired or can't work that is their tough luck, give it to all the poor displaced immigrants even though they have not invested one dime. They should understand that we are now in no position to be charitable and so their government cheques will cease to be sent tough measures for tough times which have just begun why should the folks that already paid have to suffer???

  5. If you have not sanitizer then take a empty bottle and take some clean water and mix some alcohol and then wash your hand with this it is ( pure alcohol base sanitizer)

  6. What about the international students living in Canada without their families how are they gonna survive if they don’t have jobs and have no money to pay their rents and groceries ? How are you gonna help them they pay so much to the government?

  7. What! This is rediculouse !! I had a three week long vacation planned now this dufus is telling me I can't go??? What is wrong with him…. Wth is covid?

  8. I know wearing facial mask is not an North American style & preference. However with this critical situation right now, please at least all the workers who are still working/serving us Canadians & customers everywhere daily must wear facial mask to protect themselves and others strongly, besides the people who are sick. Wearing facial mask is really a great help in this virus spread situation. Thank you all.

  9. One thing is for sure….as the conservatives are ear marked for fiscal responsibility….the Liberals spend… spend… spend….. this time may be needed…. nevertheless Liberals shall spend us into hard core socialism….. now they are drooling at what they do best…. spend… spend… spend

  10. Where is the money for renters? Italy passed a law that there can be no evictions or mortgage foreclosure? What are you waiting for Trudeau? Try being proactive and not reactive.

  11. Climate change regardless of the cause will bring famine pestilence and disease. Continuing to elect climate deniers and many plagues will follow.

  12. This guy is s spendthrift, this is why you don't run a huge deficit, it is called preparing for the worst. We need an adult in charge.

  13. I don't wear diapers and have no kids who do but, today, I had to by Natural Care Huggies wipes, because there were no paper towels or tissues of any kind on the shelves of Shoppers Drug Mart and No Frills. This is out of control. Hey CBC, tell us how many people Influenza has killed in the past 3 months, and then contrast it with the number of COVID-19 deaths. This whole thing has been blown WAY out of proportion. On the positive side, it's providing President Trump's administration and military great cover to conduct mass roundups of cartel and gang members, and who knows who else? 🙂

  14. US – $1000 a month
    Canada – $300 in GST rebate every couple of months

    Guess Canadians didn't realize they voted for Conservatives after all

  15. I want people to remember but the federal government took billions out of unemployment many years ago so remember the federal government may not really be doing you a favor for something that you paid into.

  16. This lady is the queen of spreading propaganda in Canada.

    She aught to be ashamed of herself.

    I'd rather scrub toilets.

  17. While fighting over toilet paper…
    I was buying seeds…
    Buy seeds and plant every square foot possible…
    Learn canning and food preservation…
    Winter is coming…
    If nothing comes of this…
    You grew and preserved your own food…

  18. Use part of this resources to make tons of tense kit. And tense everyone. Than test randomly test people. Use mask. Than can reduce the social distance by 70%. Than lots of business can back to normal.

  19. I'm an owner operator, my work told me today I have no work.
    Where do I get my gov't money to pay my rent, & food??

  20. What do I have to do to get money for rent and Bill's? Thanks for any help on that question. Who do I call or what website to visit?

  21. Wow 82billion all of a sudden where did that come from??? It wasn't going to affordable housing um it wasn't going to help vets and it wasn't thrown at the homeless problem. Everyone now wants a hand out be careful people all this money that's miraculously appeared the government is going to get it back later on and boy we are going to be bent over and not in a good way!!

  22. Whole heap a chat and no action. Up until now I don't hear anything about landlords giving us leniency if we are struggling. I guess the legalization of weed made enough money to help in depression/recession

  23. Well I guess the immigrates that are given everything, will soon find out the bullshattt you spew out. Cant wait till they start to starve here in the land of the free.

  24. This money dump is going to spiral out of control and when our economy crashes Tru"duh"eau will blame it on this situation and will hope that people will forget his reckless spending before. Here comes an insurmountable recession and be prepared Canadians to suffer!!!

  25. I was recently laid of work, and now laid off from my new job. I just need my tax returns or its game over real quick for me.

  26. The betrayal by CBC news. Taxpayer funded national news fails to tell you the Roxham Road illegal immigrant crossing is still opened. Your tax dollars offering free healthcare AND dental coverage along with housing and financial support to those illegally crossing into Canada. Did they forget to mention there is no Covid testing on them as well?

  27. Why shut down the border? Screening is NON-EXISTENT ……..and to pretend otherwise is being willfully blind. Just ask passengers coming off a flight, it seems that Canada is the only country not screening people entering the country for COVID-19. Not even the “irregular border crossers” as the CBC like to call them, are being screened. The CBC is only talking on behalf of the Government, not doing any real journalism………typical!

  28. the prerequisite of staying home is you dont have people around you who are infected, otherwise you will get infected this way. In china, people getting infected and no infected get separated, that is the basic of everything.

  29. Excellent work by our PM Trudeau in these tough times. People will always complain but you have my vote Trudeau! You are a great leader!

  30. So how much do I get? Or is this for his rich friends? And his "constituents?" Because everyone knows the rich need more money and power.

  31. Who clean your house, Mr Treudou? Do you feel like being hijacked by this country? You should send your kids to somewhere else to get isolated for 14 days and then let them being taken care of by you parent in law or other relatives. And for yourself, you should be relieved from this household and focus on work instead of facing the deteriration of your own health. Let medical people take care of your wife, you are not expert in that.

  32. I think it is only fair that all Canadians get the same income supplements from the Canadian Federal Government. For example: The Hong Kong Government pays a $10,000 HK (approximately $2,000 CAD) to every Hong Kong resident in order to compensate for grocery price gauging due to COVID-19. I believe U.S. is contemplating of doing the same soon.


  34. viral enemy is the fuckers who sent the jobs over seas ,, cant go to war with them too many so you make them leapers ,, who wants to trade with them plus all the gold is gone ,, west just a finace center ,, making money out of thin air ,, using aircraft carriers and the cia deep water projects to back it up.. ask gadafi where his gold went ,,

  35. Hopefully CBC, CTV, and Global will do their part to STOP the Panic-Demic. Our political and medical leaders are setting a great calming example, follow their lead SVP!

  36. liberal party mascot ,, hes not the leader ,, he answers to the families ,, think george carlin ,, party and your not invited

  37. Countries that have been successful in controlling covid19 have required their citizens to wear masks. Can the government of Canada please start supplying the public with masks. We don't know who's sick, and even those who are clearly sick cannot wear a mask because they cannot buy one. Even asymptomatic carriers are highly contagious when they are sneezing on crowded subways due to allergies. Let's marshal our talent and resources to make masks so we can all get back to work.

  38. This could of been avoided if people like me and others would of been listen to. we got called crazy and fear mongers . DETTOL WITH WATER IN A RAG SO YOU CAN WIPE YOUR HANDS ANY WHERE ANY TIME . IF YOU STEAM DETTOL WATER IT MAKES A ANTI SEPTIC MIST . for my fellow canadians that are soooo nice to this SAUER KRAUT .

  39. FAMILY AID TO EVERY AMERICAN???? What a joke.
    No one on any state assistances programs SSI, disability??? That’s not good mayhem is coming.

  40. That's for anyone who wants to listen to the TV and have you guys telling the news! Have people buying into with their live of what your selling as reality! He was telling the news from his house! Anyone could do that!

  41. We must worry about what’s going to happen in U.S more than the virus it self . I think we should arm all reliable Canadians to protect our border from mass invasion of Armed criminal gangs . If things progress the way they have been last 5 days in U.S the supplies are going to be very short and more people would probably end up dying Daily due to public unrest than virus its self . Government must urge local communities to work together and cooperate instead of battling each other over basic supplies.

  42. They keep saying MORTGAGE, how about people who are just renting? Are they going to help us too about that?

  43. 40 different funds with red tape everywhere, just have a temporary UBI …. save 200 million in paperwork srsly

  44. Please encourage the public to wear masks!

    Please encourage the public to wear masks!

    Please encourage the public to wear masks!

    Please encourage the public to wear masks!

  45. Btw… the phone wait time for REVENUE CANADA is gonna be 2 hours I bet! Or crash altogether.

    So those of us who need the help and need to apply for the financial help are going to have a monumentally difficult time of even notifying our country that hey… I'm at thus address… and I need the help.

    Theres gonba be a uprising. Looting. Drama. Chaos
    They are so unorganized and GREEDY and that's why we are here. Not the illness


  46. European countries are devoting between 10% to 15% of GDP to mitigate the fallout from Covid-19, Canada is assigning $82 Billion dollars which is about 4% and USA at $850 Billion dollars is around 3% of GDP.

    Economically, unless Canada and USA gets serious and steps up to the plate there will be massive fallout.

  47. You do realize this is all part of judgement day right you all didn’t believe the mayans back in 2012 you thought the end of the world was a joke
    Cause you’re in denial you think all these viruses are a joke … something is going to wipe all humans out of existence sooner or later and this is it
    I think we’ve been spoiled long enough it’s time

  48. What about us who don't get our Tax Money back because we are paying off Tuition, our the tax money goes right to the loan. Are you getting to hold onto our money in a time like this? or is that money still being taken???

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