What is Dropshipping?

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  1. The governor is happy how the people are handling the first (oh n, wait!) the current restrictions…. ummhummmm. More to come. Get ready y’all

  2. Are they saying 65 and over needs to hunker down like Biden and Bernie and half of the White House give me a break I swear I've heard some of the dumbest stuff in the last two days and conflicting stories and incorrect stories and information that boggles the mind

  3. I keep seeing old people out in seattle wa stay at home you aint helping the spreading virus if we die blame the old people.

  4. Many people are likely infected. Just isolate at home as much as possible. That is what I am doing. I have flu symptoms very consistent with COVID19. Don't feel well but not on deaths door either.

  5. Seeing the field is preparing to build hospital, now I am wondering why the digging going on next my apartment complex , small kids playing area

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