What is Dropshipping?

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  1. I'm curious if they are counting the cases that get called in and self quarantined. So that 768 number of positive cases should be alot higher.

  2. A sobering reminder that this is not just a "flu". Well done, Governor Inslee. You have shown more leadership than the entire Trump Administration.

  3. If we can test patients like South Korea, we do no need to do this draconic measures. All our government are working hard on expending test capacity. I am sure banning on gethering people won't last long. Cheer up! Washingtonians!!!

  4. ☆ So last year 2500 left handed people died using right handed implements, no stores closed, no grocery runs, no schools closed. But 41 die in Washington state and 61 total nation wide and we shut the whole thing down? Tyrants doing tyrannical acts. Charge them with Treason. This is going to tank the US economy, people are living paycheck to paycheck and you think that is a great idea? You can't fix stupid. PS what you going to do after the grocery stores run out of food because the border is closed? Good luck meat bag. Peace

  5. About 100 million of us don't have healthcare insurance, we don't have a primary doctor kitten, you keep leaving that out, who do we call ?

  6. Very soon, if you have an underlying condition, which includes obesity, they won't need to bother asking for assistance, because health services wouldn't waste resource on them.

  7. Marcus Mclucas: MM=33đŸ¤”
    1.3 million people visit the space needle… my how they love to put out their LUCkY# (13)
    If you've taken the RED pill you know exactly what I'm talking about!

  8. 9:00 – Yea you really do not want to be around people who do not speak English in a country where everyone speaks English. They would be 10x's more likely to be infected.

  9. McDonalds and Starbucks only place I have to go inside and get to sit down and use internet. Homeless people now harder hit especially in very cold weather.

  10. WTF let's shut down the whole economic system and see who suffers. Meanwhile politicians sit easy knowing bills are paid and housing is secure.

  11. The doctors and nurses said "money is good, but running away from coronavirus is better". That was doctors in America, that's sad.

  12. Cvirus coming to get ya booga booga booga. Lol what a joke. Tyrants screwing the world and then theres the news agencies putting the fear in to people who are blind. Wake up people this virus is propaganda. They make the problem the people react then they are the hero with the solution which is TYRANNY!

  13. What? Your employer isn't providing you with masks at work? What? Your employer isn't forcing every employee to wear a mask at work? What? Your sick coworkers are coughing and sneezing without wearing a mask or covering the mouth properly, and your employer isn't doing anything about it? If so, then sue your employer for reckless endangerment!!!

  14. You guys aired that girls personal information. As a professional news cast, I would think your editing staff would be more aware of these details. Please at the least, respect the people you interview. Edit it out or take it down.

  15. Will those not able to work because of this get immediate unemployment benefits? That's what happened in Ohio today. Anyone who won't be able to work because of the bar/restaurant shutdown gets unemployment with the week wait period waived.

  16. Yep, she delivered the story in a fearful, Seattle kind of upset the gays kind of way… no disrespect to gays

  17. This is pointless . As soon as everything opens again the risk is still the same especially when you consider this is a worldwide virus . I'm more curious what our traitors in government are attempting to accomplish against the people within this supposed quarantine timeline.

  18. Maybe some of these small businesses can get some of that 1.5 trillion the goverment gave wall street for this. O wait never mind.

  19. Well how do the ppl get access to the stimulus funds to pay bills? The bill as been passed but no one saying how we can access those funds

  20. Meanwhile back in reality, those of us awake to the illusion people call "making a living" living to work not working to live, we see they're killing the economy with a hyped up scare.

    WHY are people allowing this? If I were a Buisness owner I'd be the most hopping place in town.

    Your no more at risk of spreading this ALLEGED virus than you would be running around with the FLU.


    Stop being SHEEPLE and complying with this Corrupted Fascist Gov that only has the authority YOU consent to.


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