What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Taking your medication may make it worse, if you take medication that especially weakens your immune system.
    Like the Medicine you see on TV

  2. I am more scared of Trump being in charge of this, than I am of catching and dieing of the coronavirus,nor a global economic collapse

  3. The goal of this is to keep everyone separated. Not to have all the children gather at the boys and girls club

  4. When you saw China building emergency hospitals in 10 days, (more than 2 months ago) what exactly did you morons think? America is immune to the virus? Stupid.
    Well now (Chuck Schumer) and all of our other fearless, Godless, lawmakers, it's time to reap the whirlwind.
    Does anybody really think that the prophets of the Lord, in the Holy Bible, were just telling campfire stories? Wake your WOKE, selfish asses up man. Period AIRBORNE
    Stupid is as stupid does Forrest!

  5. 8,000 for 3 tickets to leave Europe ,but that is OK !!! Life is GOOD for you People ,7out of 10 Americans have not Sick Days That is The Real America ,the land of bought Freedom for The Elite !!!N.Y. Resident's can board flights for Jew Palm Beach because they ARE Chosen !!!!

  6. This should have happened at least 1 week ago probably 2 weeks ago they waited and now it's in are schools are kids have it spreading it to the older people this is still reactive not proactive proactive is doing this before it happens. There scrambling because they have no clue. non of this is hard to figure out it's all common since.

  7. The media asked him about the presidents comment…. he didn't even bring it up! You guys can't help your selfs can you! This is facts not fear right? Quit making this political you douche bags

  8. My son's superintendent said he will not shut down the school's until at least 1 confirmed case has reached the school

  9. Question: Amidst all of this presumptive virus, All schools have been shut down.
    Given the public school system is the modern day care: What are parents going to do?
    Stop working? Think about it and the chaos that is coming from this….

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