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– [Camera Man] I’m filmin’
it whenever you’re ready. – Alright.
(engine starting) (laughing) Oh my god, yeah, that’s the stuff. Hey, what is up, guys? As you guys can probably
tell by the title in this video, I buy a Lamborghini in cash. But for anyone who’s
brand new to the channel, you’ve never heard of
me, my name’s Odiago. I go by Odi at Productions,
I run a YouTube channel which just hit 63,000 subscribers, crazy. And on my channel, I talk
about entrepreneurship. I talk about business and
I teach people how to earn passive income through
an online business model known as affiliate marketing
so right off the bat, I hope that answers a few
of your questions that are gonna be asked in this
video and the reason I’m making this clip, which is
after I just finished editing the video, I just wanna let
you guys know that for any of your questions, I’m gonna
be answering the most common questions at the end of the
video because this originally was just meant to be like a
vlog but it ended up being kind of long and I know that
the questions, the comments are gonna pop up after I upload the video. So I may as well just tackle
those questions or any questions that I can think
of right off the bat. So basically what you’re gonna
see in this video is a vlog that details the day that
I went with my buddy Brian to go pick up the car
but with that being said, I’m gonna answer some
popular questions such as what I do for a living, I’m
gonna explain in full detail. So this car I purchased in
cash, no help from parents. I don’t have rich parents,
I’m not a famous YouTuber. Even though I’m super proud
of my 63,000 subscribers. It’s nowhere close to
YouTube money enough to buy a super car in cash
but with that said, I also answer questions like
why I picked the car I picked. I also answer how you guys
can get started and give you guys tips on how you can
get a super car because I actually own two of them. Aside from the Lamborghini, I
also have a Porsche 911 Turbo. So I’m gonna answer all these questions. And I’m gonna give you guys
value at the end of this video because I’m gonna share with you my tips and some secrets on how you
can get closer to the super car or whatever you want in life so just stay tuned till the end of the video. I might put a time stamp here
if you guys wanna skip to that but basically watch the vlog. There’s some really good bits in it. Honestly, I spent a lot of time editing. So I hope you guys enjoy
it and I’ll see you guys at the end of the vlog, peace. Good morning guys, Odi Productions here. And as you can tell, I’m
not in Chicago anymore. And actually I’m in San
Diego which is my home town, as some of you know, I’m
originally from San Diego, born and raised here,
went to high school here. But I live in Chicago now
and well, this is actually my new place and my second
home, my, I guess you could call it vacation home in San Diego. I got a lot to explain and
I know it’s kinda crazy. I never really announced
that I was gonna be getting a place here in San Diego but
it’s always been the plan, to live in the city, live in
Chicago, just the best city in the world in my opinion
and also to have a place back home in San Diego to
have as like a vacation spot to come home to my friends,
my family, just to hang out in and enjoy some nice weather
during the winter months like right now in December, so yeah. There’s a lot to explain
but basically welcome to my new place, I just
moved in yesterday. There’s no furniture, I don’t
even have my mattress in here. As you guys can see, here’s my bedroom. My mattress came in but I
still have to unwrap it. It’s a memory foam mattress,
it’s a Leesa for anyone who’s interested, I actually,
this is my second Leesa mattress, I have one in
Chicago, now I have one here. Invest in your sleep, guys. You spend a third of your life sleeping. May as well spend a few
extra hundred bucks to get the best night’s sleep but anyways, yeah. I just decided to pull out the camera. I haven’t made a camera in
over, in almost a month. I wanna say so I really
apologize for that. I know you guys have been
waiting for some more content. But I’m comin’ back
heavy with the content. I was just really busy with
moving, getting my new place in San Diego, doing some deals
and just getting situated. And then spending time
with friends and family ’cause it is the holiday season,
Christmas is in two days. And I’m just trying to
spend it with my loved ones. Oops, hold on, my buddy’s calling me. Okay, so the new place is
amazing, San Diego is amazing. Everything but the topic of
this video is not my new place. It’s actually, I got another
surprise for you guys today that’s gonna be a lot bigger,
well maybe not a lot bigger but it’s crazy, so I
don’t even have the words. Look at me, I’m losing
my train of thought. I can’t even speak right now
because I don’t know what’s gonna happen today but I could
be very well making another car purchase and ya know,
I’ll keep it a surprise for you guys, anyways, alright,
walking the parking garage. With my boy B man.
– We out here, ya know. – He’s about to be my
videographer, official photographer and videographer for the day. I’m gonna link his
Instagram here so you guys can follow him, he’s gonna
be coming out with some hot car content very soon so
definitely follow him. – Soon comes.
– Give him a follow. And I promise he’ll be worth your while. But anyways, we’re here
in the garage as you guys can see, we got the Turbo. Maybe we’ll do a little B roll. (intense music) – [Narrator] Odi Productions.
(intense music) (engine starting) (intense music) – [Narrator] Odi Productions.
(intense music) – [GPS] The destination is on your left. Lamborghini Newport Beach.
– Lamborghini. – Got a check in hand.
– He’s got the check. We needed a little approval
because of the amount but oh man.
– But it’s there. – I don’t wanna show.
– Oh yeah. Don’t show the haters,
don’t show the haters ’cause they’re gonna hate.
– Oh god, crazy man. Okay where to park, I
guess I’ll park here. That’s all their cars.
– Dude, crazy. I8, I8, P1 in there, geez. – Okay, wait a minute P1, dude, okay. Okay, okay.
– What up, guys. Just got here to Lamborghini Newport Beach behind me going to check out the car. We just got the check and we’re
gonna go check out the car. I’m gonna go for a little
test drive, just make sure everything’s right
and ya know, if everything looks good, probably be
picking this car up today. So it’s pretty crazy, here’s
a Turbo, not trading that in, keeping that, never selling that thing but yeah, let’s check it out. (intense music) Alright what up, we are here
at Lamborghini Newport Beach as you can see, earlier we
drove the Turbo up here. And now we’re about to walk
in and check out the car, go for a little test drive,
make sure everything’s right and if it’s right, then we’re
gonna pick up the car today and we’re gonna drive
home so really excited. Just lots of emotions, Brian
was in the car with me. He knows I was like feelin’
jittery, feelin’ a little nervous but I’m really excited
now and looking forward to it so see you guys on the inside. (intense music) – [Narrator] Odi Productions.
(intense music) I told ya it’s nice, it’s
clean, as clean as could be. It’s clean.
(mumbling) Yeah, it’s a nice car. – I know orange is your favorite color. It looks good in orange, doesn’t it? – It does, it pulls it off with the black with the carbon fiber.
– Car came out real nice. (intense music) – I love these blade headlights
from the earlier generation. It’s like nice and long. – And then I think I mentioned. – Carbon fiber on the wheel,
I didn’t know they had that. (intense music) Yeah, nice.
– Yeah. Like I said.
– It’s nice, it’s mint. (mumbling)
(intense music) – Well taken care of, excellent condition. – [Camera Man] So initial
reactions, what’s your feeling? – It’s bright, it’s
beautiful, it’s pretty mint. It seems pretty mint condition,
yeah, it’s a head turner. That’s for sure, dang,
look at this orange. (intense music) How you feelin’, Brian? – Dude, this thing is low, carbon fiber. – [Salesman] He’s just
prepping everything for us now. It shouldn’t be too much longer. – Listen to those sounds.
– Yeah. Check the truck space, oh yeah. Let’s check this out, there we go. That’s what we came for, that V10. (intense music) NA, NA is the way to go.
(mumbling) Gosh, oh my gosh, yeah,
the turbo isn’t exactly a screamer.
– So original window sticker, it’s hard to ready 2466. – Dang, sticker.
– You get an indoor car cover.
– Nice, I need that. – [Salesman] And not that
anybody has compact discs anymore but that’s what it came with. – [Opi] Man, okay,
respectable truck space. – [Salesman] Yeah its not great. It’s not like you’re gonna
take this car to Costco or something, yeah.
– Dang, that’s cool. – And then you’re gonna get two keys and two of the emergency keys. – Awesome.
– So comes with everything. (intense music) – [Opi] It’s all open, it’s
like a transformer, cool. – Here’s the keys.
– Thank you sir. I got the keys, bam.
– Let’s see that logo. What’s that say?
– Volks Wagon. – This is a Volks Wagon.
– Audi. – Yeah, glorified Audi.
– Dang. (laughing) The orange is growing on me,
it’s growing on me, it’s nice. It’s really nice.
(mumbling) So I need to get a second one, alright. I gotta work towards the second one. – [Camera Man] Yes, word
towards the second one. – [Salesman] Hop in, I’ll
show you a couple buttons. – [Camera Man] I’m filmin’
it, whenever you’re ready. – Oh my god, yeah, that’s the stuff. (engine running)
(intense music) – Our buddy Kit, right
there, just pulled up. (mumbling) – What car you bring here?
– Brought the Turbo. (intense music) – [Camera Man] How’d the
parking lot feel right there? – What engine does it got?
– V10. Yeah V10, naturally
aspirated, all natural. – All natural.
– Okay. I need to get some pics of my two babies. (intense music) – [Narrator] Odi Productions.
(intense music) – [Narrator] Odi Productions.
(intense music) – [Narrator] Odi Productions.
(intense music) – [Narrator] Odi Productions.
(intense music) – Welcome back guys, I
hope you enjoyed the vlog. I spent a couple hours editing
that, doing some transitions, putting in some music which
by the way all of those tracks were produced by me. I got my start as a music producer. So that’s actually my
background and basically I’m gonna answer the top six
questions that I can come up with right now that I know
are gonna be coming up again and again in the comments
so I’m gonna go ahead and just answer those
questions for you guys. So let’s start with the
first one which is gonna be what I do for a living, I
mentioned in the beginning of this video, I’m an
entrepreneur and I basically. I run websites in the field
of affiliate marketing which is an online business model. So if you’re brand new to
the world of affiliated marketing, you’ve never
heard of it, basically you just get paid for making referrals and you get commission for sharing links and if people purchase
products or services through your links, you get commission for that. So everyone really in the
real world does affiliate marketing, it’s just that not
everyone gets paid for it. Amazon Associates is the
largest affiliate program on the planet, if you ever
watch a review website or video and they have Amazon
links in the description, bingo, affiliate marketing right there. They’re getting commission
of every single purchase made within 24 hours
after you click that link. So that’s just a little tip for you guys. My first affiliate
marketing website is called recordingnow.com which I
actually have right here. You guys can check it out,
it’s on my headphones. So recordingnow.com, it’s
a home recording website where I review headphones,
I review audio gear and basically earn revenue through the affiliate marketing model. Now I have multiple affiliate
marketing websites that I went on to create
after recordingnow.com. But that’s my first website
and you guys can check it out. That’s an example of what I do. So that’s it in a gist,
as simply as I can put it. If people are wondering
how to get started with affiliate marketing, lucky
for you, my channel is all about entrepreneurship and
helping people to get started and I have videos teaching
people how to get started for free, how to get started
with $100 and how to get started if you have up to $1,000. I have that video right here. I’ll link it so you guys can watch it and if you guys are interested
in learning more about affiliate marketing, online
business passive income, feel free to watch that,
there’s absolutely no cost. It’s a free YouTube video so check it out. But anyways, moving on
to the third question which is gonna be why didn’t
I buy a Horicon or X Car instead, so basically
why didn’t I buy this instead of the Lamborghini
Gallardo Superleggera? So just a little background,
you guys saw in the video. I own a Porsche 911 Turbo,
okay and the 911 Turbo is a super car, it’s a daily super car. It is the epitome of a daily super car. And anyone who says that the
911 Turbo isn’t a super car, correction, it’s not an exotic car. But it is a super car,
it’s got a super car price. It’s got super car looks and
it’s got super car performance. Actually, it kills a lot
of the super cars out there on the road today and you do
a couple mods, that things gone and so that’s what
I plan to do to my turbo. But basically, let me get back on track. The reason why I didn’t
get a Horicon especially is because I have a 911 Turbo
and that to me, is a daily driver super car, now
what I wanted for this car is I wanted it to be
the complete opposite. I want it to be a complete animal. I want it to be rough,
I want it to be raw. I want it to be aggressive,
I want it to look aggressive. And personally, I just feel
that the Horicon is a little too soft in terms of the body lines. It’s gone a little too
round and the car is, it’s basically been
civilized a little too much for my liking and you know,
Lamborghini, it’s the Bolt, right and for me, this car
literally is like a Bolt. It is so rough with that
single clutch e gear and it’s just so loud and
it’s just so rock ess. And I just love it because
I think it’s everything that a Lamborghini should
be, I think it’s just the epitome of what
Lamborghini is and I feel that over time, the changes
that Audi’s made, I feel that they’ve gradually
made it a lot softer. And that is actually good,
if I were to have one super car, I’d probably get
something like a Horicon or maybe a 458 Spider
but since I have two, I can have one be the
civilized daily driver and then I can have the second one just be a raw weekend car that you
only drive every once in a while and it’s a complete
event, you know what I mean. It’s real dramatic, it’s real rough. It’s like an Italian so
yeah, that basically answers it in a gist and it’s just preference. Personally, I love the look
of the Gallardo Superleggera. I think it’s so aggressive,
it’s got carbon fiber everywhere, for the money,
you’re actually getting a lot, a bang for your buck in this
car because it’s literally half the carbon fiber, you got the wing. You got the door panels,
you got the side skirts. You got the front lip and
you go the entire diffuser in the back so I love carbon fiber. Any car guy, carbon
fiber’s like gold to us. I remember my E92 M3 which
I had before my turbo. It had a carbon fiber roof
and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world so yeah. My love for carbon fiber
and just looking for raw experience and just loving
the exterior body lines, the sharp, aggressive styling
of the Gallardo Superleggera. That did it for me, so
anyways, hope that answers that question, next question,
how much did it cost? Okay so I’m not really
comfortable with answering this question but I know it’s gonna get asked. And I was actually asked that
in person by a couple friends after I picked up the car
and basically my answer that I’m gonna give you guys is
out the door, I paid over $150,000 in order to get
this car, no payments on it, nothing, just out the door,
paid in full right up front. Over $150,000, under 200,000
so I’ll give you guys that rage, you guys can go
search on Auto Trader. Go look for Superleggera’s
and see how much they’re going for and you can get a basic idea, alright. Next one, so the last two questions. So I said in the beginning
of this video I was gonna give you guys some
tips, some advice on how you guys can get to this
level where you have the financial freedom to purchase
a super car or whatever you’re really looking for,
you can replace super car with whatever you want,
whether it’s a vacation, whether it’s a house, whatever you want. So I think in my experience,
having purchased two super cars now and living
in two homes and basically a life of financial freedom,
I think I’m qualified to speak on this so I’m gonna
break it down real simple for you guys, this video’s
getting really long so I’m just gonna get to,
I’m gonna cut straight to the chase, you need to play
offense and defense. So you need to play offense
which is your income. You need to increase your
income potential and your earnings and your income streams. You need to diversify them
and then if you can do investments, then do that
as well and then defense, on the other hand is stuff
like credit, budgeting, saving your money and not
blowing it all so the first thing is offense and I think
most people should focus on offense even though
most people these days focus on defense, people
are way too focused on penny pinching and budgeting and this and that which really is important
because if you don’t know how to do those things, you
could make $100,000 a month and still be broke because
you upgrade your lifestyle. You buy five super cars, three
houses, before you know it, that $100,000 a month is
turning into a negative 10,000 per month because of your expenses. So offense, increasing
your income potential. How do you do this, you start a business. Okay, so I’m 25 years
old, I can’t really think of another way other than
creating an online business on how to really increase your income. Because before this I was working a job. I was working the nine to
five and I was getting paid $45,000 a year which I thought
was really great at the time and I was really happy
to accept that job offer. Now a year after that, a
year after I got fired, I worked at that job for seven months, I was running my online
business ever since I got fired and I was just working on it,
working on it, working on it, building it, building it,
month over month over month, seeing amazing growth and
one year later, after getting fired from that job, I made
$45,000 in a seven day period. And I have a video right
here which I’ll link to which you guys can watch
where I share the profits, the revenues, the expenses, everything. And that right there is
an example of why a job is a losing battle in my
opinion because the company, as much as they invest into
HR, as much as they give you guys gifts and have
meetings with you guys, make sure everything’s cool,
the company at the end of the day, they don’t really
care about you as much as you care about you and
they’re not gonna value you what your true worth
is because the company was telling me I was worth $45,000 a year. A year later I made 45,00 a week, ya know. So a company’s never gonna
pay me what I’m truly worth, only I can go out there
and get it for myself and that’s what I did and I’m
so glad that I made that leap, well actually, I was forced
to ’cause they fired me. But either way, you got to
create an online business in my opinion, if you wanna
do it when you’re young, you have to create some
sort of online business. Here are the top online business models. One, affiliate marketing
which I’ve already discussed. Two, Amazon FBA which if
fulfillment by Amazon. Basically you get products
from a supplier in China. You use something like
Alibaba and you have them sent to Amazon’s warehouse and
they distribute it for you. You list those products on
Amazon and people buy them through Amazon which is the
market place, the platform that you’re gonna use so that’s
Amazon FBA in a real quick gist, there’s drop shipping
which is a similar process where you basically are
selling products that you find cheap through China and
you’re selling it through eCommerce, you’re selling it online. There’s that, there’s trading stocks. There’s all sorts of stuff,
you probably heard about Forex and all that stuff, I
don’t believe in any of that. The only thing I believe
in is trading options. I think that’s the best
way in order to make money with trading stocks online. I’m not experienced in this
so I just, that’s just my thoughts based on talking
to my friends who are very successful with stocks,
trading options seems to be the way to go but don’t quote me on that. So there’s that, you
can go into real estate. There’s so many things but
I prefer online business because it has extremely low overhead and you don’t have to spend that much. You don’t need capital to start. Affiliate marketing, you
can get it started for free. You can get started with $100 and you can get started on
a really good foot with just about six or $700 so
again, that video, watch it if you’re interested in that but yeah. Online business, there’s no,
there’s very, very little overhead compared to a
brick and mortar, let’s say like a restaurant where you
have to pay the rent of the office space, you have to
buy all those ingredients. They perish, then you
have to re up on them, restock, you have to
pay employees full time. There’s just way too
much stuff involved with traditional businesses, online
business is the way to go especially when you’re young,
you’re broke, you’re hungry. Online business, yeah,
that’s all I’m gonna say. So last but not least, what’s
the best way to contact me? Right off the bat, if you
comment on this video, you comment below, I try to
respond to all my YouTube comments and I’m usually
on it so please comment your questions or whatever below. Second way is if you wanna
contact me in private, follow me on Instagram
@Odi_Productions and DM me on there but my messages are pretty backed up. So please don’t expect
a response instantly. Give it some time and
then last but not least, if you do want to send me an email, you can email me a
[email protected] But yeah, so that’s basically it. For anyone for who’s curious
more about affiliate marketing, about my course and stuff,
I’m gonna put the link in the description, you guys
can check it out if you want. But with that said,
that’s it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope I was able to provide
value, a little entertainment and some motivation and
inspiration for you guys. I really appreciate you
guys who support me, all my subscribers, everyone
who sends me the heart warming thoughtful messages
on Instagram and on YouTube, on YouTube comments, thank
you, thank you so much. I appreciate you and I’ll catch you guys on the next one, peace.

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