What is Dropshipping?

Calling Bell – Hindi Thriller Short Film | This delivery boy crossed the limits

Hello Good Morning Neha Mam
When are you coming?? I am about to leave,
All the options are ready right? Yes mam they are ready Transfer all the data to my laptop
We have to finalize by today itself okay? Clients are sitting on our head. Ok mam Fine, Then I will see you in the office.
Bye Yes Madam,your parcel I did not order for anything 301, joshi villa, yari road, versova, near vetal mandir…
This is the place right? Yes it is the same address but there must be some confusion in the flate number.
Please call and confirm. Madam , I am not carrying a mobile
can I make a call from your phone?? Okay wait Quickly tell me, whats the number 7666981056 Whats ? Repeat it 7666981056 Is this kind some kind of a joke? Number is mine, address is mine but this parcel isn’t mine,
I haven’t ordered anything Madam ,you are cracking a jok now, address is yours, numbers is yours but you are saying parcel isn’t yours. But. when I have not orderd anything then why should I take this? Madam please take it, or else my boss will deduct the money Listen I don’t have time for all this Madam madam.. listen, just a minute Madam…please madam Madam Madam Madam Cannot you understand? How many times do I have to tell you
That the parcel isn’t mine? Hey, keep quite Don’t act smart
Or I will start the action. Get inside, and don’t make nay noise Lets have a chat now Get inside Get inside or their will be bloodshed Oh Listen! you don’t know me I am a very influential person, Don’t think you will get away with this Lets me go You are trying to scare me?..huh..
That too with petty people? Have you ever seen a demon..huh?
Who kills people and eats them..huh? Have you seen??
Say…have you seen? Say..say..have you seen? I want to become a demon When I kill people and see them wriggling
I feel happy I feel relieved ……at peace.. Help…help…help.. Hey..shut up Help me please Hey keep shut..shut your mouth.. Help me… Shhhhhhhhhhhh Help No one will come..no one.. I have given dose to everybody Help ..
hey..shut up.. Please help This is the problem with you people I am taking peacefully with you, But you have started your drama. Every time I think off not hurting anybody. But every time people like you compel me… And then somebody gets killed by me What was I doing huh? I just peacefully talking with you…huh..? I got Biryani for you. If you would have taken it, then this whole thing
Wouldn’t have started at the first place..huh Yes Yes ..this is my order.. I made a mistake.. I will go inside and get the money Hey..hey.. you ..sit Please I am a very bad guy madam I…I made you cry Please forgive me madam… I lied to you madam Please forgive me madam This …this order isn’t yours madam Do you know one thing??..I don’t want to kill anybody I am helpless.. I become mad and scream throughout the night,
And think what do I do to get some sleep But I don’t understand I seriously don’t understand See these dark circles…see I have sleep in my eyes but..still I don’t get sleep I shout and scream and do insane things Sometime I see dreams…..with my eyes wide open That I am killing people Chopping them in to pieces And then throwing them away….eating them raw… Then I strain my mind and think… That why did god made me a demon? And then I realized I think that god has created me…. To liberate people like you… Please ….no Please forgive me..
I will have to kill you….. But what I will do is…..I will finish you off with one move In one go…
You won’t feel the pain… Please Please…Please Please Let me go Please let me go…please What wrong did I do to you? Please let me go…please I am begging you.. I want you to scream…wriggle…. Please let me go …please See, I will do whatever you will ask me to do… I am of your sister’s age…please…. Sister’s age??? You are not doing the right thing… And that night, I get a peaceful sleep..restful sleep When I see people wriggling, I feel at rest….. And that night, I get a peaceful sleep….a restful sleep…. Today also I will sleep.. Please please ,let me go.. Listen..I will do whatever you will ask me to do.. Anything… Tell me ..what do you you want? You..you want money? I have a lot of money… I will give you as much money as you want … Whatever you say… Wha..whatever… Hey…hey…. Help.. help..please help.. Madam madam One minute madam…
Help me ..help Listen to me once…
Help..please help.. I will not do anything…
Help …someone help me please Madam madam
I seriously won’t do anything Madam..madam..listen to me
Help me please..help..help Madam.. see I have kept the knife
Help me please… I won’t do anything
see I have kept the knife… Help..help..please help.
I will not do anything madam…listen..madam Madam..madam
I was giving an audition Madam..madam
I was auditioning for you.. You wanted an actor for a psycho..
Help.. Madam..please don’t shout Listen You wanted an actor for a psycho film… You wanted a theatre actor for that.. I read that in a whatsapp
Group Yesterday I practised the entire night for this audition I am an artist madam, I can’t even kill a fly, how can I kill you? I go to your office every day, several times a day.. Your assistant says there is no requirement… Ask your assistant about sooraj singh Every day I go. Forgive me madam But ..I had no other choice..I just wanted to give an audition I know I can do this role very well Madam you have made so many actors life… If you give me one chance…then I can also become somebody I am doing theater for 7 years now..these kinds of roles are nothing for me.. I can do this very well.. But if I get a chance then only I can do… Just give me one chance…please… I know the way that I did this is wrong..
But what to do.. I was left with no other option Please ..please forgive me madam for what I did But It was just an audition… I..I am an artist..I can not harm any body.. Forgive me please ..I am leaving now.. Do not disturb, Play rehersal going on. Hello Neha mam, Director and producer, both are here.. Whatever short listed artists we showed them, all have been rejected… They are asking for more options… What time are you coming?? Leave all this..tell me…
Did any actor with the name of suraj singh ever came? Yes madam,he comes here every day asking for work Why, what happened?? No ..nothing..I am coming…
Okay mam. Hello

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