What is Dropshipping?

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  1. The Almighty Creator has created us from ejected semen and taught us how to talk and walk, blessed us with hearing, eyesight, and brain, blessed us with provisions, jobs, roof over our heads, plus health and protections to see if we are appreciative of His blessings or not. But, unfortunately we have been creating 4200 fake, false and man-made religions beside His only One Religion and everyday those rabbis, preachers and mullahs have been misleading people to become Idol Worshiper so we would worship and thank those dead prophets beside the Almighty Creator. All because they wanted to buy more mansions and airplanes. We are witnessing so many disasters coming down on us as the consequence of turning away from our Creator like this last one COVID-19 which has His mathematical sign stamped on it. "Nothing Bad happens to you if you follow the rules of our Creator, He is the best protector." The whole world became Godless. No one I mean No One ever said, ""Please God take away this Plague from us we will be return you again."

  2. (sorry if this a bit messy in a hurry – take care !) Read about Putin's tactics you'll be scared Also notice the Dr in Wuhan who took for granted his reporting this virus at least 5-6 Mos before Dec 31 2019 When they did not he actually became alarmed and they forced him to NOT REPORT IT The Chinese were very proud of this facility and others in China so? This was not saving face period Please read about all of this it could be to true You can get sick at home too And the flu bugs are a bigger deal often
    Work in co-op 24/7 if you can Put up bank like plastic shields wear gloves and medical face masks Arrange with people to take turns to clean any areas demand your job do something for you to work Actually it is illegal for work to deny you unless it is truly unreasonable for you to work. Also find someone to sanitize at work regulate everything with a fine tooth comb Do drive thru work always if you can Delivery service with someone you can trust Work for your County with the Covid thing and make money Find venues for work because this sounds from what I've read to fishy

  3. Luckily I can work from home. BUT I work in business immigration, and all our client companies put a freeze on business travel. So I have no work TO DO. So my financial security is definitely at risk.

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