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Buying Rare Books: Condition & Value : Where to Purchase Used Books Online

I’m Molly Mackey with Expert Village and
lastly I’m going to talk about where to purchase books and the best places to find
them. I’ve found I’ve had most luck at estate sales which are usually local, listed
in your local newspapers, and estate sales are great and you should always get there
early, because there’s a lot of people in line. Sometimes they even pass out numbers
depending on the area that you live, if you live in a very large metropolitan area so
I suggest getting there as early as possible and estate sales are a fantastic to build
your inventory because you, usually there’s a large collection of books in which you can
buy. For instance recently I came across a really nice Free Mason collection, there were
probably about four different boxes of books, they were all older with very nice condition,
it was a very valuable buy for me and I didn’t pay very much for it either. At estate sales
you can typically get away with pretty good prices, I think I paid a dollar a book. Another
great excellent source are thrift shops, if you have a lot of thrift shops in your area,
perfect places to find books, I’ve found hundred dollar books, I’ve found five hundred
dollar books in thrift shops. It’s a great source and lastly, yard sales, yard sales
can be fantastic but you have to really be careful because a lot of people have stored
their books in garages and that’s a really good time to check the condition. Make sure
that you’ve checked everything really well but you can get things very cheaply, a lot
of people don’t care much about their books, I’ve brought books for as little as ten
cents apiece and you know, again made twenty or thirty dollars off the book. So they are
all excellent places. One last thing for estate sales, generally they have a list and you
can sign up for the list and you can get called back occasionally. Don’t hesitate to get
on the business card, make friends with the estate sales people they’re going to be
your best, best ins.

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