What is Dropshipping?

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Friends today in this video I will tell you that how can you buy beds or other things in EMI. Also any kind of beds or Divan and how you can buy also this in EMI. So first fall view all design on my channel “Shanu Furniture House Lucknow” And go to Beds Divan. So firstly we start providing on EMI these beds and Divan The only Divan you get in EMI. After Holi or End of the month we Provide you Beds on EMI. Now some offer is running. So we Giving you Divan on EMI. Firstly, I tell you about the size, one more thing which is material and Interest are not necessary.
The main thing is that if you buy this on EMI, from anywhere you must pay some interests, But we provide you without any interest, You only pay a fixed amount of our products. It only needs to pay some percentage After Advanced Payment, you can take it on EMI. And within one Week your Divan will be delivered. it’s Mean if You order today then you get this within 7 days. your divan will be delivered in your Home, Also you order in online, or come to our shop and ordered it. Besides we talk about Divan & Beds. you can view all the designs of Divan on my Channel, In my Playlists Divan Sections. you can buy from those sections if we talk about size then we have three sizes available,
6/3 Feet
6/4 Feet And 6/6 Feet and all three divan are available in folding or fix only 6/6 Feet Divan In Folding means only in folding not in a fix
Another side 6/4 and 6/3 both are in option for folding and In Fix Friends Another side we talk about using a Material which video already I made it in past time so you view that and design also And sun mica’s a video also available on my channel. So you Can easily choose any sun mica.
Other hands we talk about what kind of material is using. so the first fall
Complete Box is made on 19mm board, so you want in EMI, or in Advance, we provide you only in a 19 mm board. And for the inner side, we use only 12 mm PLY and in this no any fraud we doing, Come to our workshop at any time for checking any material. so that’s why we making a live video of our product, you can also see that.
so now we discuss pricing. so first fall 6/3 Feet divan’s price is 7500/- with plan sun mica. If you want to change sun mica then the price will be increased around 400-500 that’s it. And no other charges. delivery will be free in all over Gomti Nagar and Indra Nagar Lucknow. If any distance is more then 10 km from our Shop then we take a few charges for delivery.And no other charges. delivery is free in Gomti Nagar, Indra Nagar, and its nearest Area. If Distance is increased then pay around
200-250 Rs only for the delivery charge,
And I tell the price of 6/3 Feet Divan is around 7500/- and 6/4 Feet Divan in 9 000/- 6/6 Feet Divan in 14500/- So friends if you take two Divan in 6/3 Sizes its cost is 15000/- and if you
buy 6/6 Feet Divan then its cost is 14500/-
If you buy 6/3 Feet Two Divan then also it will be 14500/- This means you get 500Rs Discount. Now we talk about EMI, For Example, Firstly 7500/- For One Divan, then you make 60% of 7500/- And less 40% you pay us in Every month. You Can Pay In 10-10%, You Can also Decide your EMI’s in how many months you need. the maximum you must pay all EMI’s within 3 months. Less than the first month you Can Pay any time within 3 months or one single time also. And there is no interest, For buying In EMI’s, you also get this in Free Just pay 60% Advanced of the amount
After that you can get your product in EMI’s. From us So friends how the video, now
I only available for Divan And I will definitely try the upcoming time period. to provide you other furniture on EMI including Beds. so friends please subscribe to my channel and share this video. This services only Available in Lucknow, and I also try to provide this service in your city As soon AS possible. so friends how the video please comment on us. Also, subscribe to us for watching this kind of video. and any knowing person in Lucknow or in the nearest
the city then share this video, for they also get, A This Divan you can also contact me, my contact number is the same. And in the description section, you also get a map location and address and all things, to contact us. Thanks friends

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