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APEX Legends – Hidden Story

Apex Legends is the latest Battle Royale game
to join the genre however it has a number of unique twists that set it apart from the
crowd, and one of the most interesting is that the characters and the Apex Games themselves
have stories and lore behind them. Apex Games The Apex Games are a bloodsport where talented
warriors from all corners of the Frontier join together in 3 person squads to compete
for money, fame and glory. The arena’s used for the games are on a
remote cluster of planets on the fringes of the Frontier called the Outlands. These isolated planets were one of the few
places in the region that were left untouched by the Frontier War, so when the battles finally
ended they became somewhat of an oasis of opportunity and resources in an otherwise
barren area. However this attracted countless pioneers,
explorers and outlaws who all found themselves locked in an endless and bloody power struggle,
and so the Apex Games were born. They were created as a way for these groups
and individuals to settle their differences, however over time they have grown and now
the Games attract millions of viewers and combatants with incredible skills and powers. Some of them fight for the fame and wealth,
while others seek to uncover hidden truths or simply test their skills, so let’s meet
the Legends! Wraith [CLIP] Wraith’s real name, age and even her home
world are unknown, however this swift and deadly fighter is making her name for herself
in the Apex Games thanks to her incredible powers. Years ago she woke up in an Detention Facility
for the Mentally Ill, with no memory of her past life, and to make matters worse a distant
voice began whispering into her mind, keeping her awake for days on end. The voice nearly drove her insane, however
eventually she began to listen to it, and it helped her to harness her newfound powers
of void manipulation. [CLIP] These portals let her escape the facility,
and now she is determined to uncover her true identity and find out the source of her newfound
abilities. Many old research facilities are now buried
beneath the heavily guarded arenas used for the Apex Games, and as a competitor she’s
able to get closer to the truth with every match! The voice in her mind gives her constant warnings
of incoming danger, allowing her to avoid attacks that would catch others by surprise,
while her control over the Void lets her turn invulnerable and even open a tear in reality
to teleport her entire team to new locations. Mirage Elliott Witt, otherwise known as Mirage is
the kind of guy who wants to stand out. Born the youngest of 4 brothers he’s perfected
the art of getting attention and fooling around, however there has always been one thing he
takes seriously. His mother was the engineer who invented the
Holo-Pilot technology that could create illusions to trick the enemy on the battlefield. Elliott was fascinated by the invention and
poured over the mechanisms and learned all he could about how it worked. However over the years of the Frontier War
all 3 of his brothers went missing leaving Elliot an only child. He divided his time between working with his
mother to develop the devices and serving as a bartender to make ends meet. It was during this time at the bar that he
heard all the amazing stories from his patrons about the Apex Games and the wealth and glory
that came with victory. However he knew the games were dangerous and
he decided he couldn’t risk leaving his mother childless – until the day she gave his a set
of customized holo devices and told him to follow his dream. Mirage is now the life of the games and one
of its most beloved combatants. His tech allows him to use holographic decoys
to confuse the enemy and even become invisible when knocked down. His ultimate combines both of these features
by deploying a team of decoys as a distraction while Mirage himself vanishes
from sight. Pathfinder Pathfinder is a Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity,
more commonly known as a Marvin. However this model has been modified to specialize
in location scouting and surveillance. [CLIP] He booted up decades ago in an abandoned laboratory
with no idea who created him or why, so he set out into the world in search of his creator. He’s traveled far and wide and learnt many
things, but even after many years of searching he’s come no closer to uncovering who created
him. So he came up with a new plan. By competing in the Apex Games he can gain
fame and a large following, which he hopes will be enough to catch the attention of his
maker. [CLIP] His modifications make him particularly adept
at traversing the arena with his Grappling hook or gaining insider knowledge on where
the rings next location will be, allowing his team to reposition before anyone else. Then his ultimate ability lets his whole team
move quickly along a zipline to gain a tactical advantage. Bloodhound [CLIP] Bloodhound is known across the Outlands as
one of the greatest game hunter’s the Frontier has ever seen, but their real identity remains
a complete mystery. Rumors say they are fabulously wealthy, a
bloodthirsty murder, a Goliath Whisper, a former slave or even a half bat monstrocity,
but all anyone truly knows about Bloodhound is that they are one of the most deadly warriors
in the Apex Games. Their tracking skills are unmatched, allowing
them to root out hidden targets or track enemy movements. Bloodhound believes their abilities are a
gift from the Old Norse Gods, and that they guide everyone along the path of destiny,
and eventually to their death. But with that knowledge Bloodhound draws strength,
knowing that until the day the gods decide it’s time for them to die they cannot be stopped
by any mere mortal. These gifts from the gods allow Bloodhound
to see hidden enemies, traps and even where his foes have recently been making him a deadly
hunter, however his ultimate goes beyond this by turning him into the Beast of the Hunt
itself, enhancing his senses to highlight enemies and allowing him to move much faster. [CLIP] Bangalore Sergeant First Class Anita Williams – Call
Sign Bangalore – is an IMC Soldier of exceptional skill. [CLIP] 3 years ago Anita and her brother Jackson
were part of a unit sent to retrieve a mercenary fleet from the Outlands. However their unit lost contact with their
headquarters and were ambushed by Milita forces upon their arrival. The squad scattered but her brother stayed
behind to give Anita time to escape. Now she’s alone and stranded on these isolated
planets with no way home. However the Apex Games have provided her with
a way to raise enough money to pay for passage back to the IMC home base where she hopes
to reunite with what remains of her family. [CLIP] He extensive training has made her a deadly
force in the Games. Her quick reactions mean that she can sprint
faster while taking fire from the enemy or use a smoke launcher to obscure her teams
movements. Her Ultimate ability allows her to call in
an artillery strike to decimate a wide area. [CLIP] Lifeline [CLIP] Ajay, otherwise known as
Lifeline isn’t someone you would normally expect to find in the Apex Games. She was born into a family of wealth war profiteers
but left home when she realised the damage her family had caused. To try and make amends she enlisted in the
Frontier Corps, a humanitarian organization that aids communities in need. However the Corps needs more funding so Lifeline
has enlisted in the Games so that she can pass on her winnings to the organization. [CLIP] Everyone of her victories means more help
for those in need, but that means that she has to compete in this brutal bloodsport,
and while she’s convinced herself she doesn’t mind, she prefers to focus on healing and
supporting her team rather than slaughtering their foes. She might seem sarcastic and callous, but
deep down she wants to help people and make the world a better place, and if that means
taking down a few people in the arena, then so be it. [CLIP] She’s a talented medic with experience in
the field meaning she can revive knocked down teammates faster while under the protection
of a shield. She can also use healing items quicker or
provide support with her healing drone. Her ultimate lets her call in a Care Package
of high quality defensive gear. Gibraltar Weighing in at 265lbs and standing at 6 foot
4, Makoa Gibraltar is a giant of a man with a heroic reputation. [CLIP] The son of 2 SARAS volunteers he has always
been skilled at getting others out of dangerous situations. However he only began to fully understand
the value of protecting others when he and his boyfriend stole his father’s motorcycle
for a joyride and got trapped in a deadly mudslide. His parents saved them, however his father
lost an arm in the process. Gibraltar has never forgotten the sacrifice
his father made for him, and so has devoted his life to helping those in need. Over the years since many of his friends and
colleagues have competed in the Apex Games for extra money, fame or glory, however some
never came back. This prompted Gibraltar to join himself to
try and keep the safe, and in a fortunate turn of events the games offered him the opportunity
to combine his skills as a rescuer and his rebellious nature together for the first time. [CLIP] He’s become an icon of the games and one
of the most beloved combatants. He specialises in being on the front lines
with his Gun shield blocking incoming fire or the Dome of protection guarding his team. However when things get too tense he can call
in a bombardment do deal massive damage. [CLIP] Caustic Not every Legend is a hero, and that’s truly
evident with Caustic. Before he became this sociopath he was known
as Alexander Nox, a scientist who worked for the Frontiers leading manufacture of pesticide
gases. Business was good but the need for stronger
and stronger chemicals was growing, and he worked night and day to develop them, however
to make sure they worked he needed to test them on more than inert tissue, he needed
something living. While others would view his work as monstrous
he could see the beauty in his creations and their ability to destroy everything they touched. However the head of the Lab soon discovered
his gruesome experiments and confronted Nox, a confrontation that ended with the lab in
flames and the chief dead. Today he’s missing and presumed dead, however
secretly under the alias Caustic he has joined the Apex Games where he can experiment in
the arena and put his gaseous creations to work. His abilities allow him to lay traps to surprise
his enemies and thanks to his mask and goggles Caustic is unaffected by the chemicals and
can even see through the gas. His ultimate blankets the area in a explosion
of gas allowing him to ambush and pick off his foes. [CLIP] So those are the stories behind each of the
Apex Legends, but which is your favourite character and do you hope we will learn more
lore about the Outlands and these characters? Let me know in the comments below! As always this is James for curse saying thanks
for watching, and enjoy the game!

Reader Comments

  1. I wish the shield was a bit stronger because the shield easily gets ruined (life lines shield while helping knocked teammates )

  2. I was thinking what couples i could get from apex…
    Lets see…
    Caustic- Bangalore
    Gibraltar-… idk blodhound!??!

  3. They and their is plural. I was so confused when you were talking about bloodhound. Like are you talking about a race of people are there multiple bloodhounds like TF?

  4. Pathfinder was a type of worker during Titanfall who build things usually mechs
    He also was useful for combat as he could murder people quick

  5. Wraith

    Name: Renee Blasey
    Age: 32
    Planet: Typhon

    Come on dude, I didn't even have to do anything to find that, it was right there

  6. I see people unsure here, but yes.. for those that didnt know, Apex really is basically Titanfall 3. EA bought into Respawn after TF2 started struggling (however unlike TF1 which struggled way worse), and they really wanted to fit into the Battle Royale concept instead.

  7. If you played Titanfall 2 the main character was named Cooper and I'm just saying Cooper sounds exactly like mirage they even look a like

  8. Puck blouth hunter aka blood hound if u get a caustic or Bangalore and grab al least 3 ultimate accelerants then hunt them down in the smoke

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