What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Quarantine talk shows are so much better than late night TV.. Stephen and Jimmy should keep doing these forever. TV is overrated.

  2. In my mind he is filthy rich so I'm surprised he lives in what appears to be a normal house and not a fantastic mansion.

  3. Setting a good example …..great idea. Perhaps ask your fans to call a friend or two in an effort to convince more people to stay home .STAY HOME . Or the feds should close the gas stations. If people had to walk to Costco they wouldn’t go.😷

  4. 37% of Americans believe the president? Did they grow up in a barn? BTW Purell causes thyroid cancer.

  5. That piano solo was off the hook! I'm so curious now whether those gold rings on Jon's hands are to help him play or just for style.

  6. So, how long does your quarantine last? Until the working class poor people have all gotten it? But that's not your problem… Anyway, this attack has every characteristic of a bad James Bond story. Biological warfare…. Think about that. A virus is not political.

  7. Who is that same woman in the back beside Pence? His wife? Anyway, she’s in all the press conferences back there. So who is she?

  8. This one was so funny! I mean all of them are, but this one of stephen being such a dad chilling in his backyard with his dad clothes 😂😂😂❤

  9. You are a real idiot making stupid jocks while the entire WORLD FIGTH AGAINST a deadly virus.Its time to support one to each other. Make alert mesages about protection or at least encourage your people in stead of disrespect your own president

  10. Thank you so much Stephen. You're a public servant! God has moved through you to help many of us understand (critical think) AND to action with Love and Humor. Basically being a balm and an alarm. Can't imagine these last few years without this show or your perspective.

    You and your staff will have a lot to do when you get back.
    Try to rest. Take care of yourself and your family 💖🙏🏽💖. #ThoughtfulJester

  11. Who needs studio audiences!!! I LOVE THE QUARANTINE SHOWS!! I didn't realize how AWESOME Jon is on the piano!! WOW!!!

  12. I cant never tell if this one is ever genuine.
    Constantly picking at trump is so blah. Get some quality content douche!

  13. 'cash for Americans" yeah right! I will believe it when I see it. Also, from what I've read and heard, poor people will get far less than the middle class even though it's poor people on the front lines of this, mainly women. From nurses, teachers, child care, social workers, MT's, etc. They are mainly female dominated fields, and get paid a pittance! My starting wage as a board certified MT(ASCP) was only $12.89/hr and it was 5 years to complete the degree! Scammed. My small "claim to fame" was that I verified the HIV-2 test when it was developed, but now, I've lost everything b.c of our subpar healthcare! The system has basically deemed it's not worth testing and treating me, even though I was an excellent MT.
    Can we start respecting and paying medical personnel as well as actors, athletes, and other "famous" people? The youth are so brainwashed by fads, social media and other nonsense, that it's hurting this nation. I hope this brings this nation back to when people knew their neighbors and stayed closer to home. You know, a community?

  14. MIND THE GAP! When we talk about sexual interest, expressive men have the "crotch display" – sitting with the legs wide apart to signal virility and availability. These men usually signal that they feel dominant, strong and even a little smug – this position takes a lot of space and exposes their groin for the whole world to see. Needless to say it can easily offend others (or on the contrary – entice them) So while it's good to show confidence, if you don't want to annoy anyone – mind the distance between your knees.

  15. Stephen thank you for all your effort for keeping us sane, I'm from Mexico and our situation is really similar, we have a Mexican Trump, the irony, so we are all watching us by our selves, again thanks for the show you are helping me far better than my therapist right now haha thanks

  16. I get the idea of what Stephen is saying, but his man spread and junk isn’t anything I want to see. Thankfully he crossed his legs!

  17. This was great! As always, Stephen and co give a great video even in the harder times, and he and his music maestro Jon Baptiste give a wonderful musical duet in the spirit of preventing virus spread, AND saint Patrick's day!

    Also, that poker Stephen was holding SOooo looks like a burnt pimp cane, amazing.

    Great video!

  18. Considering he prolly makes a couple 3 million bucks a month that seems like a pretty modest house. Just another reason to love the guy. Stay healthy Stephen.

  19. OK, So when are we getting this money? No social service office has this yet or knows ANYTHING about it. trump has failed horribly as a leader. McDonald's and Burger King have been treating their workers the worst during this crisis, surprise surprise. Notice that admid all the chaos, the media is attacking Bernie, but Bernie is the only candidate selflessly fighting to protect the American people and support the during covid19. #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #feeltheBern

  20. Kids- don't blow through a fireplace poker. Most pipes have imprinted warnings about that: Hot if heated. Trump wants to do away with the warning. We should put him in a rubber room and let him do just that

  21. Everyone should jump up at one time, so Trump can claim that American soil is "Virus free!" and cinch the election so he can get back to training for the 2022 Japan Olympics at the Fukushima Quadruple disaster

  22. I always knew John Baptiste was super talented and it’s great to see more of him. Even if I’m very jealous of that lovely piano.

  23. Hey, even when this is over the show should still do something like this once a month. "Stayin' Home with Stephen". Not necessarily at his house, just doing or sharing something pedestrian.

  24. Thank you more than you ever can know. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it coming. This helps keeps us all sane, Stephen.

  25. Mph. Young enough to be my first-born, but I could just eat Jon up. Even his playing is sexy. Thank you Steve and Jon for getting dressed and keeping us entertained thru these days and weeks.

  26. This is a perfect time to showcase the shows' musicians. Solo numbers, or varying small ensembles if the whole band can't get together at once.

  27. I have mentioned many times before, when that idiot trump purses his lips, inhales deeply through his nose , the next words from him , are total lies factually,
    not including all of the other thousands of lies he has told.

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