What is Dropshipping?

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  1. You are incorrect about purchasing from third party sellers. This only affect inbound FBA shipments to warehouses from Sellers. Customers can buy anything on the website as per usual.

  2. Funny how price gouging is a crime. But way over charging for medical care/insurance is just fine. Good job America!

  3. These "News" people have the story all wrong. You can still purchase anything from Amazon that is in stock (in a warehouse)…sometimes Amazon sells these things directly, sometimes a (3rd party) business sells them by shipping them off to a warehouse where robots and humans pull and pack your order, then – off it goes on on a truck to you.

    You can also still purchase things directly on the Amazon website from the sellers called (3rdparty) that are not in an Amazon warehouse, these things are located in the offices and warehouses of small business owners. These sellers ship your purchase directly to you.

    On Wednesday Amazon started to prioritize what sellers could send into the warehouses. These items were referred to as household staples and included Grocery, Health and Beauty, and Pet Supplies. Demand for these has skyrocked and Amazon decided it wanted to use it's labor force to receive and rapidly ship these necessities out to customers.
    As of now sellers cannot send toys, books, some candy, etc to warehouses. Shoppers can still purchase these items. If they are in a warehouse you might get them "Prime". If the warehouse is sold out you may have the option of having the seller ship it to you directly.

    I hope that helps. Bad reporter – totally wrong.

  4. So Amazon drivers should risk getting the coronavirus or bringing it home to their families for an extra $2 per hour? Talk about abuse and not caring about employees. Let Bezos deliver the packages during this pandemic. Please don't order from amazon.

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