What is Dropshipping?

Amazon hiring 100,000 workers amid coronavirus outbreak

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  1. so now americans will have more slave jobs available than careers? amazon is already under investigation for human rights abuse!

  2. You know that a lot of the places that are closing are left-leaning and they are doing it on purpose to help fuel the panic. It doesn't matter what happens, Trump will definitely be reelected in 2020 without a doubt.

  3. To bad they'll fire you if you get sick. This actually happened to me while i worked at amazon; despite following all of their rules.

  4. The coronavirus patient is own by Bill Gates… we know who's behind the NWO Depopulation Agenda, the Elite, and it's too late to apologize

  5. How about instead of bailing out the finance industry a second time, we get 6 months of no payroll tax? They take my tax money and keep the profits. The little guy gets the shaft again.

  6. Maybe Uber lyft drivers can move over to amazon now that their are fewer rides well just heard they are 15 an hour maybe 17 if lucky maybe not…

  7. South Park gives you a Reality Check about working at Amazon. Modern day slavery mixed with complete totalitarian leadership that PROHIBITS their slaves from intellectually forming a UNION.

  8. Great! Now the jewz can spread the virus through door to door delivery. The way the u.s. post office spread the spanish influenza

  9. Amazon = A is Massachusetts and Washington State and Washington DC letter Z on is doing what? What a TRIAD. No wonder they are so successful. A is 1 backwards A is also Z still a 1. Go figure. Learn the hidden numerology that they use. The truth you will find. Oh I forgot AZ is Arizona State. Backwards Amazon is spelled NO Z a MA and WA State A. Always remember to turn that M to a W and to an Egyptian 3 and E. Gives words a whole new meaning.

  10. Cooperation with big businesses seems legit. Biden doesnt have charisma nor leadership to run a country in chaos.

  11. Knucklehead running Fox Business

  12. Amazon shares are too expensive for me. Therefore, I am investing some money on toilet papers companies.

  13. ATTENTION:  People in the land of the living
    “Resistance & Fear Mongers & Lovers of Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam, China
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  14. Why can CNN say anything they want and get away with it, but anyone on the left in media had better watch their steps or end up off air like Trish?

  15. I'm at Amazon final sortation, it is an absolute madhouse, I'm doing 4 to 5 jobs a shift. This is the beauty of (CAPITALISM!).

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